Two-Toned Cupcakes Made Easy!

January 28th, 2013 by Emily Tatak

One of my favorite “traditions” during the chilly winter months is “Monday Funday.” Once a month my close girlfriends and I get together to cook, drink wine and watch bad TV. January is my month to bring dessert so I thought what could be better than cupcakes?

But it couldn’t just be any old boring chocolate cupcakes. I grabbed the Wilton Two-Tone Cupcake Pan Set and decided to impress my girlfriends. What would a Monday Funday be without everything pink? So I grabbed a package of pink Wilton Colorburst Batter Bits, the Pink Doily Baking Cup Kit, and some pink Icing Color too.

I began by mixing up two of my favorite boxed cake mixes – chocolate and white cake. I thought the contrast between the two mixes would look great and this way everyone gets the best of both worlds in one cupcake. I carefully folded in the Colorburst Batter Bits into the white cake mix and poured both mixes into two separate disposable decorating bags fitted with No. 10 Round Decorating Tips.

Adding Batter Bits

From there I got to work. I lined the Two-Tone Baking Pan with pink baking cups and began filling. I carefully piped the center ring of the plastic insert 2/3 full with the white cake mix. I then piped the outside ring 2/3 full of chocolate cake mix.

Adding Batter Bits

After carefully removing the insert I continued onto another row, and before I knew it I was done. How easy was that? The cupcakes baked for 20-22 minutes in a 350°F oven.

Adding Batter Bits

While the cupcakes were baking I prepared the icing by adding pink icing color to Wilton Decorator Icing and put it in a disposable decorating bag fitted with a 1M decorating tip.

Once the cupcakes were cool I was able to pipe a swirl atop the cupcake and place them in the doily baking cup.

Adding Batter Bits

They looked so amazing I could not wait to see how the inside turned out. I cut one open and voilà! Two-tone cupcakes!

Adding Batter Bits

I know my cupcakes are going to be a huge hit at “Monday Funday” tonight, but little do my girlfriends know how easy it was to create this cupcake surprise. Maybe I’ll change the colors and surprise my friends and family at our upcoming football party. The possibilities are endless! For more fun two-tone cupcake ideas, browse the Wilton Cupcake Shop before your next celebration.

Emily Tatak Emily is an Assistant Culinary Specialist in the Wilton Test Kitchen and is a Certified Wilton Method® Instructor. Some of her responsibilities include evaluating new and innovative products before they go to market, quality control testing of current products and creating delicious recipes for packaging, public relations, and She has also appeared in numerous instructional videos for the Wilton YouTube channel and With all these responsibilities there is never a “normal day” in the Wilton Test Kitchen. When she isn’t baking in the test kitchen, she’s at home testing new recipes on her family and friends.

15 Replies

  1. Brenda Bloom says:

    where do you buy the insert for the two tone cupcake

  2. Angela Rundell says:

    I have the pan set. It moves rather slowly washing the insert before using in the next row. I know you “don’t have to wash it”, put it turns out better. Do you sell the inserts separately for a reasonable price?
    Thank you.

  3. florencia says:

    muy bueno este instrumento de insecion de magdalena es maravilloso

  4. Safeera says:

    Hi, I’m looking for the marsielles cookie mould.

    Many thanks

  5. Jan says:

    does anyone know how to get the mold of the two-tone cupcake out without lifting everything including the papers or does someone have a recipe for a thinner cupcake batter?


    • Emily Tatak says:

      Hello Jan,

      When I use the two toned insert I’m normally using a boxed cake mix, which is semi-thick. A trick when using thick batters is to lift the insert slowly and jiggle it slightly. Hope this helps with your sticking problems. If not we have a bunch of cupcake recipes on the website you can try with the cupcake insert.


    • Natalie says:

      Bulk barn has these or Avon.

      Jan, I’m a baker and never use box mixes. Box mixed are already runny to begin with, but if you wanted to thin your batter a little bit, you can increase your liquid a few tbsps at a time. If your batter is too runny at the time of baking, you risk your cakes or cupcakes not rising properly or cooking too fast then burning them. I would do a test run first to see how it all comes together

  6. Linda LIndenberger says:

    I used the two-tone insert for the first time as a trial run prior to my daughter’s baby shower. I was disappointed by the results, as the middle portion of the cupcake either went completely to the bottom or divided between top and bottom. After all the work, I was not happy.

  7. Karen says:

    It might work with pound cake batter, but it didn’t work with regular cake batter….it bled into the other batter. I feel it was a waste of money!

    • Emily Tatak says:

      I’m sorry to hear you had issues with the cake mix. When I made this cupcakes I just used normal yellow and chocolate cake mix. I also have the cupcake pan a tap on the counter to make sure the batter got into the baking cup. Sometimes is the batter on the outside is thinner than the batter on the inside the cake will run together. A tip would be to make sure the batters are a similar consistency to help with the bleeding.

  8. lisa hedrick says:

    I, too bought the two tone for cupcakes. I was really disappointed. The batter stuck, wouldn’t drip into the papers correctly, and pulled the papers out of the pan. I even tried non stick spray on the mold to no avail. I gave up and made regular cupcakes for the grandkids for easter.

    • Emily Tatak says:

      Again I’m sorry to hear you had a hard time with the two-tone insert. Like I mentioned above sometimes if the batter too thick/too thin it’ll run together. It’s best to fill the insert using a piping bag and giving the pan a little tap on the counter. This could help the batter set in the baking cups. I noticed when I was removing the insert the baking cups did lift out of the muffin pan a little but if you carefully lift they should just fall back into the pan.

  9. For those having great difficulty, I have a suggestion for you that works great.

    Grab the smallest Dixie disposable cups and take off the bottoms (creating a tube)… Lightly spray them with pan-spray or lightly coat the in and outside with vegetable oil and place the TOP part of the cup – in the middle of your cupcake molds….

    Fill the center first, then the outside layers….

    Works great every time

  10. Ivette says:

    Hi, I to have tried the insert. I think it is a Great invention. But the down fall, is that the batters don’t come easy enough. There has to be better tips, for the batter to slide smoothly. I have read what has been written. But the taste kitchen needs to advice on a better way. I love all your products Wilton. P.S I tried Sprays, Wilton release and so on. Please help me fine an easy way for the batter to come out smoothly. Thank you

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