‘Tis the season for a few festive gingerbread house designs! Cozy up by the fire with your family this holiday season to partake in the classic Christmas tradition of decorating gingerbread houses. Whether you’re looking for a classic look or a unique design, we have all the gingerbread houses of your dreams.

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1. Written on the Walls Gingerbread House

Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with this beautiful gingerbread house, featuring the lovely words of Christmas written on the walls. Make your words crisp and perfect using the FoodWriter Extra Fine Tip Edible Markers.

2. Rosy Red Color Mist Gingerbread House

The beautiful red hues of this gingerbread house contrast with the white details to give this house a festive feel.

3. Estate-Sized Gingerbread Manor

Deck the hall this season with this adorable gingerbread manner!

4. Sprinkles of Fun Gingerbread House

Sprinkle a little goodness into your home with this colorful gingerbread house!

5. Christmas Color Swirl Gingerbread House

Enjoy the colors of Christmas with this beautiful piped gingerbread house. Make the multi-color magic with the Color Swirl 3-Color Coupler.

6. Gingerbread Dog House

Celebrate your furry best friends with this adorable Gingerbread Dog House! Make this adorable dog house using the Build-It-Yourself Gingerbread Doghouse Decorating Kit.

7. Mini Gingerbread Village with Sweet Tidings

One gingerbread house is never enough. Make a village of colorful gingerbread houses with Candy Melts candy.

8. Winter Wonderland Princess Castle

This gingerbread castle is perfect for all the princesses in your life. Add a shimmery finish to your castle with Pearl Color Mist food color spray!

9. Knit Me A Cozy Gingerbread House

Spend a cozy winter day by the fire decorating this incredibly cozy gingerbread house.

10. Nintendo Super Mario Gingerbread Castle

No matter what your favorite Super Mario Brothers game is, you’re sure to love this gingerbread castle!

11. Painted Christmas Gingerbread House

This gingerbread cottage is sure to wow all your guests. Paint the most impressive gingerbread cottage with FoodWriter Edible Markers!

12. Gingerbread Pickup Truck

Beep beep! Park this adorable gingerbread pick-up truck in front of your favorite gingerbread house.

13. More Bling at The Holidays House

Frosted like a fresh snowfall, this shimmery gingerbread house is a winterific sight!

14. Welcome Home to the Most Amazing Cereal Gingerbread Manor

Take a trip to your pantry to find the decorations for this house! Your favorite breakfast cereals make for the cutest decorations you’ve ever seen.

15. Shimmer and Sparkle Gingerbread Castle

Take a break from the traditional gingerbread house with this lovely gingerbread castle!

16. Christmas Gingerbread House Cottage

This timeless treat takes on a classic look with a traditional frosting roof and peppermint pillars! Make all the beautiful details with White Decorator Icing.

17. Shimmer-Sparkle Gingerbread House

Go metallic this holiday season with this sparkling masterpiece of a gingerbread house.

Which of these gingerbread creations are you excited to build with your family this year? Let us know in the comments below, or take a picture of your gingerbread house and tag us on Instagram @wiltoncakes.

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