2010 WMI of the Year – It’s a 4-Peat!!

March 8th, 2011 by Shawn Broda

I am pleased to announce that the 2010 Wilton Method Instructor of the Year is none other than Stephanie De La Cerda – her fourth consecutive win!

2010 WMI of the Year Stephanie has been a WMI at the Michaels store in Brownsville, Texas for over eight years, and she taught 2,615 students last year. With a lifetime teaching total of over 7,000 students, she just keeps getting better!

Rather than me going on and on about her achievements, I thought you’d enjoy hearing directly from our winner. Here’s some insight from Stephanie on how she keeps up the Wilton magic:

Wilton: How did you become a WMI?
Stephanie: I took Wilton classes in the summer of 2002 and became a Wilton Method Instructor in November of that year. After completing Course 1, my WMI insisted that I fill out the on screen application. Upon completing my Course 3, I decided to take her advice and applied. Three weeks later, I submitted my portfolio to a Wilton Supervisor and became a WMI.

Wilton: What do you do to fill classes?
Stephanie: My monthly schedule, for the most part, remains the same from month to month. I utilize in-store promotions as well as demonstrations. I keep project classes current and up-to-date and also offer them for different holidays and occasions. Being so close to the Mexican border affords us many opportunities to “celebrate” and have “Fiestas.”

Wilton: What do you love about being a WMI?
Stephanie: My most memorable experience of being a WMI is being part of “making memories happen.” I love watching students accomplish something they never imagined creating. Past students have called me their “Wilton cheerleader!” I encourage every student (and no two students are the same) to excel and do their very best.

Wilton: What inspires you to be the WMI you are? What keeps you going?
Stephanie: The passion and dedication for my job is what inspires me to be the best instructor. My motivation and drive comes from not settling for less. Witnessing the delight in my students’ faces when they create that cake, cupcake or cookie is quite rewarding to me. I want my students to be the best they can be. I want to know I have made a difference in their lives!

Wilton: Advice to those WMIs wanting to increase their enrollment?
Stephanie: If an instructor is having a difficult time filling classes, I suggest they have a self-assessment: What would I like to do? How can I become a better instructor? Evaluate your teaching abilities. Make teaching FUN! DO IT THE WILTON WAY!

Wilton: Is there anything else you would like to add?
Stephanie: Since the age of three, I remember being mesmerized by the art of cake decorating. I can recall asking for an Easy-Bake Mini Oven because I loved baking and decorating mini cakes for my grandfather. I loved making people smile by the gift of giving. Who would have imagined that I would have my career destined for me at such a young age? Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I would be such a great example to all Wilton Method Instructors. I consider it such a great honor.

I hope you found Stephanie’s words as inspiring as I did! Stephanie’s award for this achievement is a two-week Master Course at the Wilton School of Confectionery Art in Darien, IL. We look forward to her continued success in 2011!

For more information on The Wilton School or Wilton Method Classes in your area, please visit the Wilton Classes page. Learn more about becoming a Wilton Method Instructor!

Shawn Broda Shawn is a Senior Class Marketing Manager for the Wilton Educational Marketing Department. She joined Wilton 15 years ago as a Product Development Coordinator, and learning how to decorate the Wilton Way was the best part of her training! In addition to working with customers in North America, Shawn also works with the International Sales team to expand Wilton Method classes around the world. Celebrations provide a common thread between cultures, and she is amazed and inspired by the excitement people have for Wilton products and programs, no matter where they live. Shawn loves cooking, baking and decorating, especially when she can share her creations with others.

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  1. Congratulations Stephanie! It sounds like you have really found your calling and love what you do, which is the best anyone could ask for.

  2. Congrats! Your cake in the photo is stunning!

  3. Stephanie De La Cerda says:

    Thanks you Ladies, I stive for excellence. Happy Decorating!!!

    • Maribel says:

      Hola Stephanie, felicitaciones muy lindo tu arte, esta llleno de amor e inspiración. Soy latina de Venezuela, conozco los productos Wilton , pero acá no hay nada de esculeas ni cursos, me guataría ponerme en contacto contigo para que me orientes sobre el tema. Como puedo hacer contacto? Gracias. Una vez más mil éxitos!

  4. Congratulations Stephanie! You really are amazing. 🙂

  5. Karlene says:

    Wow! Stephanie. Your cake looks absolutely magnificent!!!
    Congratulations on your 4-peat! A job well done. Keep up the good work.

    God bless you.

  6. Tracy says:


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