4 Things Your Wedding Cake Vendor Wishes You Knew

June 1st, 2016 by Tracey Wurzinger
4 Things Your

All cakes above made by Tracey

Wedding season is upon us! It’s always an exciting time.  The venue, the dress, the food and the best part of all… the cake! There are a lot to consider when choosing your cake.  Here are some things you may want to keep in mind.

  1. The great outdoors. Your summer backyard wedding is a wonderful idea, but let’s remember that your cake may not think so. Buttercream icing tends to get soft when exposed to long periods of heat, and fondant can droop and struggle in humidity.  Consider having the cake displayed indoors where it will be much cooler than the outdoors. Have a small table ready outside, and bring the cake out just before you’re ready to cut it. This will help ensure the cake looks and tastes its best!
  2. Use Pinterest for inspiration…not reality. Pinterest is a great tool when it comes to gathering ideas for your cake design, color scheme and cake toppers. Showing your cake decorator a picture and saying “I want my cake to look exactly like this” isn’t always as easy as you think. Every decorator has their own style of piping, they may have used products that aren’t readily available and overall, some cake designs can be difficult to duplicate. Know that we can get close to the design, but it may not look exactly like it. Also, Pinterest photos are often all about the lighting and propping of the photos. The dream cake you’ve fallen in love with may look completely different at your venue.
  3. Let everyone eat cake. The number of cake tiers is dependent on how many guests are at your wedding. If you show your cake designer a picture of a cute little two-tiered cake on a petite pedestal, that cake typically serves about 40 people. If your guest count is 200, your cake will be at least a five-tier cake. Visually, the cake will look completely different from the small cake you see and you will either need a larger pedestal to hold the weight of the cake, or no pedestal at all.
  4. Dollars and cents. On a budget? An elaborate fondant covered cake and gum paste flowers may not be the way to go.  Making gum paste flowers by hand can be quite time consuming and labor intensive. However, most cakes that are covered in fondant can be easily be iced in buttercream, fresh flowers can be added in place of gum paste flowers, and simple piping can be done if a budget is a concern. If there are certain features you really want your cake to have, talk through all the different options with your cake vendor.
Wedding Cake

One of many beautiful wedding cakes made by Tracey.


Overall, nearly every cake vendor wants you to be happy and in love with your cake. There are endless designs and color combinations out there, and you’re bound to find one that works for your budget and your style.

4 Things Your Wedding Cake Vendor Wishes You Knew

Tracey Wurzinger Tracey is a cake decorator in the Wilton Creative Department, decorating various projects created for the photos in our publications and social media. After taking the Wilton Master Class in 1998 she discovered her love for wedding cakes, and 1 year later she decorated her first wedding cake. She runs her own business, Sweet Creations by Tracey and is the exclusive wedding cake decorator for both White Eagle Golf Club in Naperville, IL and The Monte Bello Estate in Lemont, IL. She‘s a volunteer for Icing Smiles, a charitable organization that donates dream birthday cakes to children with critical illness and their siblings. In her free time Tracey enjoys running and participating in 5K’s.

4 Replies

  1. Pat Fee says:

    Tracey, you are the best!! You always will be remembered by our family for Sarah’s beautiful wedding cake!! I have watched you decorate cakes for years now and you are so wonderful!! I love watching for your creations on Wilton, Pinterest and Facebook!!

  2. My first cake from Tracey came in 2011, she has been my exclusive cake decorator ever since for various parties, gatherings and friends. When I do get married, she will also be my wedding cake decorator – she is amazing and very easy to work with…

  3. Barbara Mo $ says:

    Beautiful cakes. Can you give me an idea of how much you would charge for them. I get people who want your type cakes at Walmart prices.

    • Tracey Wurzinger says:

      Thank you Barbara! I understand what you mean, I used to run into that when I first started doing cakes. There is a big difference between a cake you pick up at the grocery store and a custom cake decorated by someone who is making most everything from scratch, and your prices should reflect that. I would check out bakeries in your area that have your style of decorating and skill level to see what they are charging and base your prices from that.

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