7 Ways to Decorate a Lamb Cake for Easter

April 7th, 2014 by Desiree Smith

Lamb CakeMaybe you grew up with a lamb cake as the centerpiece of the Easter dessert table. Or, maybe you’ve seen pictures of the little lambies on blogs, Pinterest or Instagram, and your curiosity got the better of you. Either way, let us make the baking and decorating of the lamb cake a little easier for you, with hints and decorating ideas to help you succeed.

1. The Lamb Cake Recipe: Which One?
It’s best to make the lamb cake with a pound cake recipe or another firm-textured cake recipe. If you’re looking for suggestions, check out the blog post from Beth Somers to learn how to make your cake mix denser for 3-D cakes and how to bake it perfect every time.

2. Small Gathering or Cake for a Crowd?
The lamb cake serves 12, but some of our cake versions serve more, thanks to a second cake base or additional treats, like cupcakes or cookies.

3. How Do I Decorate a Lamb?
Don’t worry, we’ve addressed that, too! Choose from one of our fun ideas, or mix and match — who says you can’t cover your lamb cake with candy curls AND serve it with iced cookies all around?

Fluffy Marshmallow Lamb Cake Fluffy Marshmallow Lamb Cake Make a lamb cake that the kids can decorate! Mini-marshmallows are cut in half and attached to the head and body of a simply buttercream-iced lamb cake. Add a few simple piped details and some jellybeans surrounding the base, and your sweet dessert is complete.
 Candy Melt Candy Curls Decorate a Lamb Cake in a Bed of Tinted Coconut Wearing His Spring Coat Cake Add even more dimension to this stand-up lamb cake by adding white Candy Melts candy curls for the lamb’s curly coat. For a nice presentation, tint some coconut with green icing color to look like grass, and add Jordan almonds or egg-shaped candy scattered in the coconut grass.
Lamb Bread with Butter Eggs Bread and Butter Lamb Turning away from the traditional, bake bread for your Easter meal in the stand-up lamb pan. Use the Wilton Silicone Petite Easter Egg Mold or the Non-Stick Mini Decorated Egg Pan to make butter eggs to surround your bread lamb.
 Buttercream Iced Lamb Cake with Royal Iced Easter Egg Cookies Fanciful Lamb Cake and Easter Egg Cookies This lamb dessert is two treats in one! The stand-up lamb cake is surrounded by cookies topped with royal icing, the perfect complement to the buttercream-iced cake. Ice the lamb’s face and ears smooth, then cover the rest with icing rosettes for the look of curly fleece.
Cake for a Crowd Buttercream Iced Lamb Cake on a Cake Base with Cookies Leisurely Lamb Cake If you need Easter cake for a crowd, bake a cake to act as a base, then top with the 3-D resting lamb. This 2-layer cake serves more than 40 guests. Tulip and flower cookies complete the look. Ice the flower-shaped roll-out cookies in royal icing or dip them in melted Candy Melts candy to add color.
 Buttercream Rosette Iced Lamb Cake surrounded by cupcakes topped with Candy Melt candy flowers Lounging Lamb Cake Sweet treats for all! Candy Melts candy flower pops bloom from cupcakes baked in pastel silicone baking cups. The cupcakes, topped with buttercream “grass,” surround a stand-up lamb cake decorated with piped icing rosettes.
Strawberry Chardonnay Lamb Cake with Confectioners' Sugar Dusting Strawberry Chardonnay Lamb Cake Transform the flavor of your lamb cake. Strawberries add a sweet, fruity flavor, while chardonnay melds with the fruity flavor while adding a buttery, toasty note. Rather than icing the cake, brush it with an easy-to-make chardonnay syrup, then dust with a mixture of ground strawberries and confectioners’ sugar.



Desiree Smith Desiree is the Public Relations Manager at Wilton. She spends her days monitoring media opportunities, working with newspaper, magazine and television contacts, collaborating with bloggers and handling a variety of other odds and ends. Desiree has a degree in journalism and experience writing for newspapers and television. Outside of Wilton, she enjoys running and planning outings with friends.

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  1. aremu atinuke bukola says:

    Wilton has a lovely concept for cake decor and baking.I love. Wilton!!!!!

  2. Greet says:

    Hello to the people of Wilton,

    The pictures of the lambs are very beautiful, really. Wilton is for me the best, I’am from Bruges/Belguim but al already new it for such a long long time. I have a very very lot of the Wilton backings forms, and they are the best! I have a lot of pictures of the cakes I maked in these forms, but I was backing especially in the 80 years! And then I had not a computen, and took a picture with my camera, and put them in a picture book, with glue! Now for the last years I have my pictures on my I Phone and computer. I have all the new tools of Wilton, I buy them in the Netherlands because in Belgium you don’t find very much. And I was 2 time in the USA (20 years ago!!!) and then I bought a lot of from the online shop or my cousin who was married with an American boy, (maybe you find her name still in your computer Carole Baeckelandt) but they are divorced now, she lives again near with me, but she doesn’t speak to me anymore because she lies to me! Some times, I feels bad because you don’t delivers in Belgium/Europe. After a whole long time of waiting, more then a year(s), I can finally buy the new tool set, with the inox tips instead of plastic! The Leukste Taartenshop in the Netherlands do have them! So now I’am ordered them, I have all the new things in purple corralled now. I worked 32 years for the company of my man and his 3 brother, we do demolition work of big and small buildings, and I did the paperwork for 32 years, all alone! I was always at home, with 4 children (4daughters!! had sword for 3 cancer patients. And I backed a lot of, won several prices with my cakes, and one day they came to my house of the Belgium television to film when I was making bread and also whole wheat very lightly cakes, it is more a sponge cake. They never saw that before ! I have also a lot of pictures of that to… baking is my hobby! After my parents died and a girl friend of mine who lives here for 18 months, then I became very sick, and I had 3 surgery’s of my back! And I became more and more ill, until I ask the doctor, because I was all the time very very tiered, And yes I had the Chroniquel Fatigue Syndrome and also Fibromyalgia and the illness of Addison = an illness of the little kidneys, whole are as empty as they could be! That I had from the many many stress of the company, I had now one to help me! Now I live on morphine for the extremely pain that I have in my whole body, and use hydrocortisone for my kidneys, because my body don’t make it on by them delve, and I could die very quickly if I have not enough of it! I’am very very depressed because when you are ill, then you can see who your friends are! Nobody is over, nobody! I’am some one who helps every one, since I was a little girl, and as long that I give to anybody around me, who are not having much, even now food to eat, they now that they always could come to me! But when I went some where, just a cup of coffee, and never ever a little cookie of the shop….. not by them selves because their is nobody who likes to bake! But when I baked, they all liked my cakes! and they where nice and beautiful, but when they asked me to baked something for them, everything I asked from money was to much!!! I followed all the Wiltons courses, I have one of PME, have to do the 2 others, I learn’t in evening school for baker!!! And in 2012 I make a 5 high wedding cake, with the fontain of Wilton under my cakes with blue collared water (some one brought that for me from the big event of cakes in Birmingham every year it cost me 100 euro, it is almost the same of $100 ! At the underside I maked a round with white fresh roses, and dark blue roses in silk, because the bride was in that dark blue and the groom in white, then I put 5 cakes filled with fresh strawberry’s jam, and make even a strawberry bavarois from fresh strawberry’s and put in very thin plaques pieces of strawberry’s. One by one I put the Belgium Callebout fondant over it, put dowels in it, and on the top I had that beautiful piece of that couple you have who are dancing it is just like it is in glass but it is plastic, I ordered that and payed 30 euro (almost the same in $) And then I put some blue roses and butterflies on the sponge cake, and I asked for everything 430 euro, but there was 30 euro for the plastic dancing couple. They where very glad, the cake was good, so they say, the people liked them all…… But 9 months ago, she came to me, and I did not heard her for a very long time, and asked her are you mad at me? Yes she says, oh may I ask you why? She said, everyone tells me that I payed to much for the wedding cake, and I started to cry!!! I worked 2 nights and days on it, is was so extremely warm that week, we had that summer only 1 or 2 weeks suns, but the day of the wedding it was really hot, I have an airco, but it wasn’t even enough, I have to put them so fast as I can in the regrifigator. I try to tell her how much work their was on it, that I followed all these lessons, much more then the Wiltons and for baker, that this costs me all a lot of money, or the ingrediënts that I jused….. Some one of my friends told me if she ordered that to me for 100 persons, it was minimum!!!! 2000 $ = 2000 euro, and mine was only 400 euro!!! She also get a present in a envelop with 50 euro, is 350 euro for her wedding cake! My men had classics cars, all Americans, he had a very big red Cadillac from 1958, she wanted that car to drive her to the church, he filled that car with engine and payed 125 euro for it, but when he drives her to the church, and the restaurant, the car was empty !!! So 350 euro and put 125 euro off, she still has payed 225 euro of dollars!!!! And I asked to much…… As long as you gave to anyone, you’re the best, but from the moment you asked for once money, then you see nobody again!!!! I don’t really understand some people. And I knew that I was so sick that first night from the pain that I have and the hot weather … I was really almost not to do for me, but I told them YES I’am going to make it, so I did it, and that was my thanks for it! No the last year I just baked one cake, it was the second time for that person, and it was for her daughter 21 birthday I made a sute case for her, with lime green and grey she was very very glad, and told on FB, so everyone of my friends told me, but you are crazy for such a price!!! I know, but I did it also because she was my neighbor for 32 years and my best friend, she had nobody of friends, because she was very big and fat, and she had an operation 2 times to make a little stomach, and she louses 50 kg! And then she met her men, and after to years he asked her to mary him. She moved away here, and I saw her maybe 3 times, but she send me an email, and I did not answering it, and no she understand that I’am angry but not for what…. What do you think about that story, my teacher says he looks very good your cakes many many people told me, and the biggest cake was the biggest backing round form that I heave, of 40 ! And then the next one 37 of 35 and so all the time a bit less! Was my price of 400 euro (almost same as the *!) to much? She told me that she wants the couple of 30 euro for her self as a souvenir!!! I feel quilty about the whole situation!!! (sorry if I’am writing mistakes, but I just learned one year of English when I was just 15 years old and ow I’am 55 years) How do you have to do to make a price for a wedding cake? I did a few, not more then 10 cakes !!! that the people have payed! But I also have to buy my things, and really I have a lot of backing stuff!!! I don’t think that anyone had so much who is not doing this as a hobby! So that was my whole story. My excuses because it is so long! But Wilton is my favorite for always and ever! Friendly regards from Greet De Smet from Belgium!

    • Maria says:

      Hello Greet,
      I think you are a very courageous, kind, talented and hardworking woman. I congratulate you on your talent for baking. I can see that you have learned a lot on your own.
      Asking for the right price for something as a wedding cake is not very easy. In general, it’s not easy to put a price into something that has taken you years to learn, plus you have to have the right tools and pans etc., People here–I’m writing from Colombia, South America–don’t like to pay either. They love to eat delicious things for free. But when you say the price, they think it is too expensive.
      To use a very simple method, you may add the cost of all your ingredients, every single one of them, (including gas or electricity) and then multiply that for 4 or even 5. That will take care of all your expenses plus will pay you your time and other hidden expenses –like the depreciation of your utensils, etc.
      If it is possible, i will give you my email mcbustillo@gmail.com since I would like to gieve you some advice as to your fybromalgia.
      I hope your days are nice and everything is well with you, Take care


    great reading your concerned and candid ideas especially for beginners

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