Cake Decorating Tips: Tip 105 Used 8 Different Ways

May 16th, 2016 by Desiree Smith

Who knew that one decorating tip could offer you so many options? With some bright and bold icing and decorating tip 105, you can create 8 amazing cupcake designs that are far and above ordinary. Add texture and style to your treats with these brilliant tip 105 cupcake designs.


1. Orange Pull-Out Star Cupcake: Using the pull-out star technique, hold the bag at 45° angle, squeezing hard and letting icing fan out as the tip is forced upwards. Gradually relax pressure as you lower tip, at the same time pulling the bag toward you. Stop squeezing and pull tip along surface to form tail. Repeat around entire cupcake.

Cupcake A

2. Pink Rope Cupcake: Using the rope technique, pipe rope down center of cupcake. Repeat on each side of center rope.

Cupcake B

3. Orange C-Motion Cupcake: Using the c-motion technique, hold bag at 45° angle with tip slightly above center of cupcake. Squeeze out icing with even pressure, curing tip down and around to the right as if writing a “c”. Relax pressure at bottom of “c”, forming a tail. Stop squeezing and pull tip away. Reposition tip at same height as previous “c” and repeat to complete pattern, covering cupcake.

Cupcake C

4. Yellow Rose Cupcake: Using the rope technique, pipe rope around cupcake edge.

Cupcake D

5. Pink Rosette Cupcake: Using rosette technique, pipe a small rosette in center of cupcake. Pipe six small rosettes surrounding the first.

Cupcake E

6. Yellow Shell Cupcake: Using the shell technique, pipe shell border down middle of cupcake. Turn cupcake 180° and pipe shell border on each side of middle border. Turn cupcake 180° one more time and pipe shell border on both ends of cupcake.

Cupcake F

7. Orange Rosette Cupcake. Using the rosette technique, pipe one large rosette around entire top of cupcake.

Cupcake G

8. Pink Zig-Zag Cupcake. Using zig-zag technique, pipe small circle in center of cupcake. Pipe second zig-zag circle around the first, covering top of cupcake.

Cupcake H


Need more than the pictures above? Watch how to make all of these cupcakes here:

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