8 Ways to Decorate Cupcakes with Tip 127

May 25th, 2016 by Desiree Smith

Bold blue, orange and pink icing make these cupcakes a treat for all the senses! Commonly known as the rose tip, decorating tip 127 can also be used to create several other flowers. Mix and match these common icing techniques to put together a garden of edible flowers that are great for any celebration.

1. Party Flower Cupcake. With narrow end of tip up and wide end touching edge of cupcake, use loose zigzag technique to pipe icing towards center. Repeat six times around cupcake.

1 Party Flower

2. Petunia Cupcake. Using the petunia technique, position bag at 45-degree angle with wide end of tip touching surface. Squeeze bag, moving tip to outer edge. Turn cupcake and jiggle to form ruffle, releasing pressure as you bring tip back towards center to starting point. Stop squeezing and pull away. Repeat for five more petals around cupcake.


3. Scroll Cupcake. Position bag so tip is parallel to surface, with tip facing towards center of cupcake. Starting 1/4 inch from edge of cupcake, pipe out and away from edge, then up and over towards center of cupcake, overlapping icing as you come to center. Continue around entire cupcake.


4. Precious Rose Cupcake. Using the rose technique, pipe rose on cupcake. Use tip #127 to pipe center cone of rose.


5. Orange Blossom Cupcake. Using the apple blossom technique, pipe five petals around entire cupcake.


6. Blue Daisy Cupcake. Using the daisy technique, pipe petals around entire cupcake.


7. Spiral Cupcake. With bag at 45-degree angle and narrow end of tip at edge of cupcake and wide end touching surface, pipe swirl on cupcake to cover.


8. Flat Petal Cupcake. Hold bag at 90-degree angle with narrow end of tip facing center of cupcake and wide end on edge of cupcake. Squeeze bag, applying steady, even pressure. Stop squeezing and pull tip straight up. Repeat around edge of cupcake. Pipe second row of petals flat in center.

8 Flat Petal


Tell us! Which design is your favorite?

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  1. Ruth Adelman says:

    help please. Do you make a large flower nail to make a big rose? if not, is there a good video to show how to make rose directly onto a cupcake instead of on nail with wax paper on it.

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