A Few of My Favorite Things

September 17th, 2010 by Fran Tripp

I was once asked, “what is your favorite decorating tool?” Hummm…now that was a tough one. I immediately opened my box of Wilton treasures and began to search for that perfect tool. You know, the one you can’t live without and that makes you very happy.

There it was. In all its glory. My favorite decorating tool is Decorating Tip #96. The swirled star cut of tip #96 makes a beautiful swirled tight zigzag on the side of a 2-inch single layer cake, while making the top and bottom border at the same time.

Decorating Tools Begin by icing the top of the cake. Once the buttercream icing has crusted slightly, continue by smoothing the surface with a parchment triangle. Scrape away the buttercream icing that hangs over the edge of the cake with a large angled spatula. Now – you guessed it – there is no need to ice the sides of the cake. Hold the decorating bag at a 45% angle to the side of the cake. Pipe a tight zigzag on the side of the cake hesitating at the top. The icing will lay over the top edge of the iced cake. Also hesitate at the bottom of the cake as you pipe the tight zigzag where the cake meets the board. You have just iced the side, put a top and bottom border of your cake with tip #96. My Favorite!

Oh wait… then I spied the Tip Cleaner Brush tucked neatly away in the top little compartment of my Tool Caddy. The Tip Cleaner Brush is the handiest tool, with which I cannot live without. For those quick little cleanups, scoop the icing out of the tip with a toothpick and use the Tip Cleaner Brush as you would a baby bottle brush. It perfectly cleans every tip including the small tip family numbers 1 to 401, the large tip family 1A to 789 and the flat tips 233 to tip 2010. But did you know I have also used the Tip Cleaner Brush to clean garlic presses, small places in my sewing machine & serger, computer & printer, the hummingbird feeder, even those hard to clean corners in my Tool Caddy. This little Tip Cleaner Brush can clean the tiniest of places. It’s My Favorite!

Maybe not..…there they are. My favorite tool sits right in the top tray of the Wilton Tool Caddy; Icing Bag Ties. Icing Bag Ties Yes, those purple miniature scrunchies that my granddaughter showed me how to use (she now has a Bag Tie in her baby doll’s hair). Her instructions were Wrap-it & Hook-it. Wrap the Bag Tie around the twisted top section of a disposable or parchment bag to lock in the icing and prevent the icing from oozing out of the top of the bag. Slide the Bag Tie down the decorating bag as the icing is used. Bag Ties are the handiest gadgets when adults or kids are playing with icing. There is no mess. The icing goes only where they want it to go; on their cakes, cookies and fingers.

But don’t stop there! Icing Bag Ties are perfect when using melted chocolate, color flow, piping gel or any liquid to prevent leakage from the top of the decorating bag. I never use things for just what they are supposed to be used for. I put Bag Ties on my dusting puffs to tightly close them. Now I have a little handle to hold on to when using my dusting puff…my Bag Tie. My Favorite!

Guess I will look for more of my favorite decorating tools another day. I closed my Decorating Tool Caddy to put it away and gently rubbed the top of it thinking this blue baby is My Favorite!

With a smile on my face I go off singing, “These are a few of my favorite things!” I may not be able to sing as well as others (hee hee), but I am my happiest when I am playing with my favorite Wilton treasures!

Remember there is nothing you can’t fix! And what you can’t fix, you eat! Enjoy your mistakes!

Fran Tripp Fran Tripp has been on the Wilton Training Team over 4 years, a Wilton Instructor over 25 years, a Sugar Artist over 30 years, has been baking since she received her Easy Bake Oven, and kisses the grandchildren daily as she feeds them cakes, candies and cookies….shhh, don’t tell their Moms & Dads. Remember--There is nothing you can’t fix and what you can’t fix, you eat! Enjoy your mistakes!!!!

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  1. Susan J. Sias says:

    Hello Fran! I love the Icing Bag Ties as well! Love to have you out here in Colorado for Wilton Training School again!! Any chances? Hope to see you soon! Take care and Happy Icing!


    Susan J. Sias
    Louisville Hobby Lobby
    Broomfield Hobby Lobby

  2. Shelley Nix says:

    I love he stitching wheel! Use it for everything.

    Thanks Wilton

  3. Chris says:

    Hi Fran,

    Your idea of icing the side of a cake with tip 96 sounds interesting. However, I’m having a hard time visualizing what it will look like when finished. A 2 inch cake is fairly high to ice the entire side with that tip. Is there any chance you could post a picture (closeup) of the side of the cake.


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  5. Louie Moore says:

    Does Wilton publish a catalog or cake decorating manuel that list the different tips (and their numbers) with examples of how the icing appears from that tip. It would seem that a 28 or 56 piece tip kit would provide such info, but none found in the box.

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