A Gingerbread World

December 4th, 2009 by Giulia Taraszkiewicz

It’s the holidays! It’s time for gumdrops, pinwheels and colorful candy. It’s time to spend afternoons with our families and build a sweet, colorful and fun world together; a world made of gingerbread, a charming place where gingerbread boys, reindeer and snowmen live. Plan for the project or make a mess with the kids; either way, take your time and enjoy every moment!

There are 2 ways of creating your own gingerbread world. The fastest is to use a kit. All Wilton Gingerbread House kits include pre-baked gingerbread cookie house panels, icing to assemble, candies, bag and tip to decorate. You would want to use a kit if you are tight on time; all instructions are included and there are design suggestions you can follow.

The other way is to bake the gingerbread from scratch. You would want to go this route if you want your home to smell wonderfully sweet, and if you want to customize your gingerbread house. You can bake and assemble the gingerbread while the kids are at school, and then decorate it with them. You will need the following basic items if you choose to go this route:

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Before you assemble your house, prepare the icing, place it in the decorating bag with tip, and cover any extra icing with a damp cloth, as it will dry hard otherwise. When I remember, I also like to place a glass or a bowl nearby to use to hold the house panels together as they dry. This time I did not remember to do so, and I used a calculator which just so happen to be on the table. The house will only need support for a few minutes, and then it will stand on its own as the icing dries. I recommend you let the house dry for at least an hour before you start decorating.

Assembling the Pieces

Start by decorating small beads of icing on the roof to and on the seams of the panels. This will cover any imperfection that might have occurred during assembly and it will make the house look prettier. If you have a specific design in mind and if you are precise in nature, this is the time to measure the distance between candies and icing lines. I simply eyeballed it, but I know that the great folks in the Wilton decorating room measure everything to perfection!

Decorating the Roof

This is also the right time to think house accessories. The Wilton Gingerbread House Accents Kit contains pre-baked cookies that allow you to add dormers, a chimney, eaves, and even a sign post. You can also add pretty royal icing decorations.

Gingerbread Accessories

I want my little house to be a small cottage in a snowy winter forest. I used 2 kits to create my forest. The large pre-baked Gingerbread Tree Kit, and the Mini Trees Kit. Assembling the trees is so easy and fast: simply stack each star shaped cookie with icing, alternating the points of each star in different directions. Then use green icing, white icing, and candy to decorate it.

Gingerbread Tree Kit

Finally, here is my little gingerbread cottage. This is not the end, I want to add more trees around, I think it will look even prettier that way. Once you are done decorating, let your house and trees dry before transferring them on a tray or cookie sheet. Once you have decided what the final position is going to be, sprinkle powdered sugar or shredded coconut all around to create a snowy look. You can also add White Cake Sparkles™ and achieve a shiny and sugary effect.

Gingerbread Cottage

If your kids want to bring their decorated house to grandma and grandpa, use this handy gingerbread house carrier. Place your house on the open display, then close it up and bring it with you.

Gingerbread House Carrier

Be sure to browse all our gingerbread decorating ideas and projects. Have loads of fun decorating and happy holidays to all !!

Giulia Taraszkiewicz Giulia is the Associate Product Manager for Gingerbread. Born a crafter, Giulia moved from Italy to the U.S. where she enthusiastically joined Wilton. She LOVES baking, decorating, crafting, cooking, family and friend gatherings, shopping, and pretty things.

7 Replies

  1. Sandy Whittley says:

    Great new products. As chairman of a large Gingerbread House Contest, I will be giving out this information to this year’s participants so they will have the opportunity to purchase them early next year. These products will really help the moms who are under a time crunch to help the kids – or themselves – come up with a great finished house.
    Sandy in Texas

  2. DONNA says:

    The gingerbread house carrier is a terrific idea to use. We often gather several families together to make the houses with the grandkids and then they can transport their finished houses without worry and it makes a great storage box for cookie cutters afterwards.

  3. AK says:

    Is the Wilton Gingerbread mix edible? I’d like to make some cute (edible!) ginger boys and girls with it.

  4. Hi and help! I’m one of the leader of Girl Scout troop 42/43. All of our daughters were adopted from China.Next Saturday we’re all getting together to make a Gingerbread Great Wall of China to enter into the Connor Prairie Gingerbread House Competition.CP is a fairly well known museum with historical reenactments,but that doesn’t stop them from letting us enter our Gingerbread Great Wall of China in their annual competition.

    So we have the design and we’re trying to keep the costs down. I’m trying to calculate how many boxes of Wilton’s #BKo527 Gingerbread House mix we’d need if we used it to make our Great Wall bricks which would totally cover the sides of the foam core. The entire structure is on a 24 inch by 24 inch piece of plywood. Only the sides of the Great Wood would be gingerbread; the rest would be candy, some cookies from the local Asian mart, etc. I realize I’m going on and you may never see this. And we need to start baking on MONDAY NOVEMBER 15th so I don’t know if you will even see this in time!! I sure hope you do. I tried and tried to find the answer to this on google by I couldn’t. If you need a picture, I have many. Also the interior is about 46 inches long and 50 inches high if you add up every single foam block which are all different widths and heights. I just measured them and added them up hoping that would help me figure out something.
    Thank you so much. I sure hope I hear from you. To make everything just ducky, I have jury duty Monday so I couldn’t get back to you Monday but I would just be so thrilled if you could answer~ I know my civic duty is clear. But the Gingerbread Great Wall of China is huge for our girls! Thank you again. Grazie tanto!

  5. Marge Sawalski says:

    I have been making your gingerbread houses for about 13 years and they have always come with the plastic tray that you fill with icing and insert the walls, but this year (2013) I cannot find any that have this tray, just a piece of cardboard for the base – did you stop making the trays?

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