A Harvest of Autumn Sweets

October 25th, 2013 by Ella Buitrago

Celebrate the crisp, fresh air and colorful leaves of Autumn with cupcakes! These chocolate buttercream cupcakes are a perfect Autumn or Halloween treat.

Decorated Autumn Cupcakes

You will need:


Start the day before you need the cupcakes ready. Divide your white fondant in 3 sections. Using the icing colors, tint one section yellow (use a mix of golden and lemon icing colors), the second section orange and the final section medium juniper green.

Roll out the orange fondant until it is 1/16 inches thick. Using the small blossom ejector, cut-out and shape about 2 small blossoms per cupcake. Repeat the process with the large blossoms and the pink fondant. If you don’t have the ejectors you can also use fondant cutters or cookie cutters. Use 2 different size cutters – small for the orange fondant and large for the pink – and mark them using the veining tool.

Cutting Out Fondant Flowers

Roll out the green and yellow fondant. Using the maple and oak leaf cutters from the Halloween Mini Metal Cutter Set, cut out one of each in green and yellow, using the small veining tool mark the leaf veins.

Using the remaining orange fondant, roll a 3/4 inch ball. Use your index finger and your thumb to press the ball into an oval shape, then use the veining tool to mark the sides of the ball to give the effect of the pumpkin skin. With a little piece of brown fondant, shape the pumpkin stem. Attach the stem to the top of the pumpkin with a brush and a little water.

Making Fondant Cut-Outs

You can also cut out cats and bats in black fondant to give a more halloween-like feel to your cupcakes.

Let everything dry overnight in flower forming cups. The next day you can use the pearl and color dusts and a decorator brush to dust the leaves to give them a bit of a shimmer effect.

Painting Fondant Cut-Outs

Bake your cupcakes and let them cool completely. Prepare the chocolate buttercream or save time by using the Wilton Ready-to-Use Decorator Icing in Chocolate. Prepare your decorator bag with decorating tip 125 or 124 and the buttercream. Pipe petals covering the surface of the cupcake but leaving a space between the buttercream and the cupcake edge. Once you complete the first layer, pipe a small flower on top of the one you already piped. For more information on this technique go to Piping A Flower on a Cupcake. You’ll want to pipe just 2 petal rows. If you want a bow instead of a flower effect, use the tip in a less than 45° angle and use a smaller tip like a 104.

Piping Buttercream Icing

To decorate the cupcakes, attach leaves, flowers and the pumpkins to the cupcake tops and of course the cats and bats if you have them.

Adding Cupcake Decorations

Decorate all your cupcakes with different sets and enjoy!

Need more decorating ideas? Please browse our website for cupcake or Halloween inspiration.

Ella Buitrago Ella is a former freelance cake decorator in Wilton's Decorating Room, and former Wilton Method Instructor. Originally from Colombia, Ella is pursuing her Master's in Information Technology at Harvard University. She loves to travel, dogs, photography, food and beautiful cakes.

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