Add Color or Flavor to Fondant

March 10th, 2010 by Susan Matusiak

Fondant is a flexible, easy-to-shape icing that enables you to add excitement to cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and other desserts. You can roll it out and cut it, imprint designs, color it, flavor it, create amazing color effects and form it into just about any shape (some describe it as kid’s modeling clay for cake decorators). There is so much that you can do with fondant – the possibilities are virtually limitless – and it’s easy for anyone to use. If you haven’t tried using fondant yet, you really should give it a try.Fondant Packs

Two of the most frequent questions we get about fondant are how to flavor it and how to color it, so here are some suggestions and tips.

Flavoring Rolled Fondant

Flavoring rolled fondant is strictly a personal preference, but if you are using buttercream to ice the cake before applying a fondant covering, the buttercream flavor and rolled fondant flavor should always complement each other.

Last week I did a fondant taste test in the decorating room. I baked a yellow cake and then iced the cake with buttercream icing. I flavored three strips of fondant, each with a different flavor: vanilla extract, orange extract and cherry oil-based flavoring.

For 24 ounces of rolled fondant use about 1 teaspoon to 1 1/2 teaspoons of any extract flavoring. For 24 ounces of rolled fondant use 1/4 teaspoon of any oil-based flavoring. Make a well in the fondant and place the flavoring and knead it into the fondant. Remember it is all about personal preferences and tastes.

  • The cherry flavoring won over the vanilla and orange. It was much stronger in flavor.
  • The vanilla and orange were too mild, but most people agreed it depends on the flavor of the cake and icing that determines the fondant flavor.
  • Most agreed that the cherry oil-based flavor would be great with a chocolate fondant, and that the vanilla and orange extract amounts needed to be increased.

Most people prefer using a clear vanilla extract, but others prefer lemon, almond or orange extracts for flavor. You can also use candy oil-based flavorings that are used for chocolate, but the oils have very strong flavors and you can use only small amounts. For both extracts and oil-based flavors you would knead the desired amounts into the fondant.

Tinting Rolled Fondant

Tinting Fondant

To tint rolled fondant, use icing colors and a clean toothpick, adding small amounts of color until you reach the desired color. Some colors like pink and violet do fade a bit from sunlight and fluorescent lights so you may want to deepen the shade a bit from what you originally need. After you knead the color into the fondant, wrap the fondant very well in plastic wrap and place in an air-tight plastic bag, then place it into a small box or plastic container to keep out the light.

Tinting Fondant

You can also tint fondant by using pre-tinted fondant multi-packs. Just take a tiny amount of tinted fondant and knead into white fondant for your desired shade. Our fondant color blending chart lists several custom color combinations.

Marbelizing Fondant

For marbleizing fondant, add icing color to the fondant and only knead slightly until the color begins to blend in, creating marbleized streaks. You can also use 2 or 3 different colors for marbleizing the fondant and get wonderful results. For black fondant, you can make chocolate fondant and add a bit of black icing color to the fondant.

See more fondant decorating tips on our website! For more inspiration, browse our fondant project ideas.

Susan Matusiak Susan is the Senior Cake Decorator with over 20 years of decorating experience in the Decorating Room. She is also an instructor at the Wilton School of Cake Decorating and Confectionery Arts. Susan enjoys her job because each day is new and different — from baking cookies, decorating gingerbread houses or decorating multi-tiered wedding cakes all created for the photos in our publications. There is never a dull moment in the Decorating Room…always a lot of excitement here! Susan is a member of ICES (International Cake Exploration Societe) and the State Representative for Illinois.

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  1. Jessie Young says:

    Hi! What do you think about adding Raspberry extract to the rolled fondant?! I think it would be exceptionally delicious with a Lemon cake with buttercream underneath! Thanks for the great tips!

  2. Olugbodi, Elizabeth Olubukola says:

    Please how do I make edible pictures on cake? I’m currently using a method whereby I scan the picture and ice it with the cake but I’ve been seeing edible live pictures on cakes resently and I will like to know how it is made and the instument I will use in making it.
    Thank you.

    • mimi says:

      There are special printing machines for this. They start at about $400. You use rice paper (edible) as the paper. Instead of ink, it comes with edible ink. You print to it just like you would a normal printer.

      • erica says:

        You can also go to Wal-Mart and they will do it for you for less than 10.00 each!

        • shamicka says:

          Erica, what dept in Wal-Mart?

          • Lindsey says:

            Can you put the rice paper pictures on fondant? If so, is there any special things you have to do to either the fondant or the rice paper?

            • Susan Matusiak says:

              Lindsey, if you are placing the rice paper on fondant you can just lay it on the fondant and pipe a buttercream border around the paper. If you add buttercream under the rice paper it may cause the colors to bleed.

            • Charlene says:

              I use “glue” to attach the rice paper to fondant. My “glue” is equal parts water and clear corn syrup. Very lightly paint the back of the rice paper and stick it to the fondant. Don’t use to much “glue” because the moisture will dissolve the paper.

  3. Suzi Bowers says:

    Hi Sue!
    I just took your fondant class and learned so much… so, when I got home I decided to try to make my own chocolate fondant from the recipe you gave us in class. I also made chocolate buttercream to ice the cake with first. I added a 1/4 teaspoon chocolate (oil-based) flavoring to the buttercream icing, I didn’t feel the chocolate fondant needed any additional flavoring, the candy melts flavored it enough. The result: the cake lasted less than 24 hours, my family ate every last crumb!
    Thanks so much!
    P.S. I’ve also tried strawberry oil-based flavoring in white fondant with a strawberry cake for the Course 3 week two present cake… tasted pretty good!

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      I am glad you enjoyed the fondant class and your family is enjoying the benefits of your classes! There are lots of different flavor combinations you can use for flavorings…so enjoy!

  4. -MARY H SNYDER says:



    • Susan Matusiak says:

      If your cake is covered with fondant we do not recommend to freeze the cakes. If your cake is iced in buttercream you can freeze the cake, make sure it is carefully covered, if you have a lot of dark colored decorations you may want to place them on after you thaw your cake. Dark colors may bleed onto the icing once they thaw.

  5. -MARY H SNYDER says:

    i am looking forward to using your product.

  6. mary says:

    por favor me podrian mandar recetas en español

  7. mary says:

    por favor recetas en español

  8. mary says:

    por favor mandame recetas en español si responde

  9. i am looking for set of gumpaste molds.
    i had a set years ago.moving got lost. blue molds packed in a white gumpaste mold box H E L P

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      The molds you are talking about are the Baroque Gum Paste Molds that we carried in the 1970’s, sorry but we no longer carry this product. You may be able to look on ebay and see if someone is selling these molds.

  10. christie says:


  11. steph says:

    Hello I would like to know how can I make my rolled wilton fondant from the box to make it to look like chocolate, I need it asap please I am trying to make my husband a cake for his birthday.

    Thank you.

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      The chocolate fondant recipe is as follows:
      1 pk (14oz) Dark Cocoa Candy Melts
      1/2 cup light corn syrup
      24 oz White Ready to Use Rolled Fondant
      Brown or Black Icing Color
      Melt Candy Melts following package directions. Add corn syrup; stir to blend. Turn out mixture onto waxed paper; let stand at room temperature to dry and harden several hours. Wrap well and store at room temperature until ready to continue with recipe.
      Knead small portions of candy mixture until soft and pliable. Knead softened mixture into fondant until smooth and evenly colored. If darker color is desired, knead in icing color.

  12. Sue Palmer says:

    I’m just a beginner, and don’t know much…but here’s my question: Can I use the sugar sprinkles on a buttercream frosting? I’m afraid they will get lost in the frosting.

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      Yes you can just sprinkle the sugar sprinkles or any of our other sprinkles or sugars on your cake after it is iced.

  13. wendy normington says:

    I am doing a wedding cake in May in ivory, I am a little worried that the icing may crack. The large cake is a 12″ then 10″ then 8 have you any tips on keeping it moist while rolling and also how do I store my ivory sugar paste until needed?Please help Regards Wendy

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      I would suggest to tint the fondant the color you need and immediately roll the fondant and place it on the buttercream iced cake. If you are in a very dry area you may want to add some solid vegetable shortening on the surface you are rolling your fondant. If you need to store the fondant I would suggest to cover with plastic wrap and place in an air tight zip bag. Any time you have areas on the fondant covered cake that may crack just smooth solid vegetable shortening in a circular motion and this will blend the area together.

  14. Dear Wilton,
    I want to make some sugar coookies for Easter.I plan to glaze the tops. I am looking for dry(powered) food coloring. I see you carry a line of gel food coloring. Will that work with a glaze made of powdered sugar? I would appreciate any tips you can offer.

    Dalena Miller

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      The gel colors work very well with the glaze of powdered sugar and milk or water. Just add a dot of color with a clean toothpick in the glaze and mix well.

  15. Sandra Ferguson says:

    What colors do I mix together to get a flesh color. I’m making a Bride and Groom cake for my niece’s bridal shower tomorrow and was hoping you could help me out. Thanks a bunch, Sandra Ferguson

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      We have Copper icing color, if you use very little this makes a nice flesh. Another idea in case you don’t have Copper is Peach or Pink, just use a little because it will darken as the icing or fondant air dries.

  16. LSolomon says:

    I am making a sweet sixteen birthday cake. The girl wants bettyboop on the cake. because of the details I am at a lost if I should use colorflo or fondant for the figure. Or maybe just use royal icing and fill in an outline. Help

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      If you have a picture of Betty than I would suggest do a color flow plaque. Outline and flow in the basics and then add the details in full strength color flow. Do allow several days to dry. Using the color flow the girl may want to save the plaque.

  17. Sarah says:

    I’m making a cake with a large bow on the top, do i use just fondant or do I need to mix it with something. Also how long untill the fondant loops will set up to where they don’t collapse in on themselves. Thanks

    • Kali says:

      I have used fondant before, but it takes up to a week for the loops to harden. Gum paste is usually a better option for me. It hardens in a few hours, and looks better in my opinion.

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      To make the fondant bow loops you would need to add some gum tex to the rolled fondant. We recommend 2 teaspoons of gum tex for 24 oz of fondant, just sprinkle the gum tex into the fondant and knead. You can add color to the fondant and the gum tex will not affect the color. Depending on how humid it is in your area it can take 1 to 3 days to dry.

  18. Kali says:

    When I have to add a lot of color, It always ends up tearing really easily,and not acting right. How can I correct this?

    • Kali says:

      sorry.. i’m taking about fondant!

      • Susan Matusiak says:

        Sometimes excessive kneading causes the fondant to dry and tear but if you add a few tablespoons of solid vegetable shortening and knead this into the fondant it make it smoother and not as dry.

  19. Becky Addy says:

    Sometimes my buttercream icing bulges between my layers. What should I do?

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      This problem occurs when you might use too much buttercream, or you can fill your cake about 1/2 inch in from the edge so when the top layer is placed the buttercream has somewhere to spread out. Also make sure your cakes are thawed (if frozen), sometimes frozen cakes thawed settle down and push the buttercream out the sides.

  20. Kelly says:

    I have never made fondant and I want to make my fiance a good birthday cake. However, he likes chocolate icing, should I just put chocolate buttercream under it and put fondant on the top, or can you dye chocolate fondant? Probably an odd question but I like playing around with baking.

  21. kelly says:

    I’m making a present cake covered in fondant. How far in advance can i cover the cake in fondant. like if i’m taking it on wed. when should i cover it.

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      If your fiance loves chocolate than you should ice the cake in chocolate icing and then cover it in chocolate fondant. You can cover the cake about 2 days ahead and the fondant will seal the cake and keep it fresh. Here is the recipe for chocolate fondant.
      1 pk (14oz) Dark Cocoa candy melts
      1/2 cup lite corn syrup
      24 oz white ready to use Rolled Fondant
      Brown or Black Icing Color

      Melt Candy Melts following package directions. Add corn syrup; stir to blend. Turn out mixture onto waxed paper; let stand at room temperature to dry and harden several hours. Wrap well and store at room temperature.
      Knead small portions of candy mixture until soft and pliable. Knead softened mixture into fondant until smooth and evenly colored. If darker color is desired, knead in icing color.

    • Nelda says:

      Intelligence and simplicity – easy to unedrasntd how you think.

  22. I am excited,I really want to learn more about cake decorating,sugar paste fondant etc. you are a great company!

  23. Debbie B says:

    Hi! I am using fondant for the first time this weekend and was thinking of tinting it pink so thanks for the tip!
    I do have some questions that are making me lose sleep though…
    -Can I cover an ice cream cake with fondant? I want to make it so that I have 3 layers of cake and two of ice cream..thin ones.
    -I also want to decorate it with some shimmer dust and fondant cut outs.
    So, if I can cover it with fondant and decorate it can I freeze it for about 4 hours? I am worried about the shimmery dust melting if the cakes “sweats” when I take it out of the freezer.

    Please help!!!!

    Thank you!!!

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      I don’t think fondant on a ice cream cake will work. The fondant may get very soft and have condensation forming on the cake because of the freezer. We don’t recommend freezing fondant. I believe the shimmer dust will melt. For ice cream cakes buttercream works the best.

  24. Debbie B says:

    Ok! Thank you so much!!!

  25. KCG says:

    I am attempting to make my son a Chick Hicks (from the animated movie CARS) cake for his 4th birthday. The car has a “mustache” like grill in the front that is black. What would you suggest I do? I don’t need a ton of fondant….is there a way to SUPER scale down the recipe to get a small amount of black fondant? Also, said car has tons of stickers on him. How do I paint the fondant to be brilliant colors?? Thanks! Here’s a link to a picture of the car if it helps at all:–diecast–chick-hicks.jpg

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      For the black fondant we have the Natural Colors Multi pack that contains 4 oz of black in a foil packet, plus Pink, Light Brown and Dark Brown in sealed packets for later use. The small packet should be enough for the grill. For the stickers you can paint the fondant with paste colors and add a tiny amount of clear vanilla to the paste color to thin down and paint with a brush, the vanilla contains some alchol which will dry the color on the fondant after a while. you can paint with this mixture also. If you want you can also use our Pearl dust powders with the clear vanilla and paint with this mixer also and it will dry.

  26. Mel says:

    How long does the big tub of Wilton frosting last?

  27. Melissa C. says:

    I am attempting to make a fondant covered cake for my daughters birthday. I have a lot on my list so could you help me to understand what I would need to do,step by step, to preserve the cake? Her birthday party is this Saturday and I would like to make the cake as early as possible. How many days before can I make the cake? Can I make the entire cake including the fondant and refrigerate? Also, when would I take it out to be able to serve it at room temperature? I would cover the cake in the fridge so that the colors do not bleed. I am very nervous about this 🙂 Sorry for the million questions. Your help is greatly appreciated!

    Thank you

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      You can bake the cake Wednesday and cover the cake with fondant and decorate the cake Thurs or Friday. If it is neccessary to refrigerate the cake due to a filling that needs refrigeration that will be fine, but make sure if you are using very dark colors for your decorations that you may want to place them on the cake on Saturday. Once the cake is covered in fondant it does keep the cake fresh for several days. For serving you may want ot bring the cake out of the refrigertor a couple hours before.

  28. Paula says:

    Wierd question, can anyone give me a really good reciepe for a white cake that carves well and takes stacking many layers??? I have been experimenting with different ones and can’t find one I like. I am making two wedding cakes this summer for the first time and worried about not having a cake that can take the stacking.

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      When stacking the cakes your dowels rods will support the cakes not the cake itself. No matter how many tiers you stack it is the supports that are the most important in holding the cake together. As far as recipes a lot of people use box cake mixes with excellent results, and everyone has their favorites.

      • Paula says:

        Thank you so much for the advice. I am in an area that does not offer cake coarses so am trying to self teach myself everything. Thankfully I have four kids to make cakes for and they don’t mind eating the experiments! (Even when they don’t work)

  29. Lauren says:

    I need help on figuring out how to make a strawberry flavored butter cream icing that is a hot pink color? The girl wants a yellow cake with strawberry flavored icing but she wants it a hot pink color. Will the coloring change the flavor of the strawberry? she wants bright daisys on her cake too that I plan on doing in fondant/gum paste. Thanks so much for the help. Could I just pre-buy the ready make strawberry icing (duncan hines) and add hot pink coloring?

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      I have seen strawberry concentrated flavorings and oils that you can flavor your icing. Country Kitchen in Fort Wayne, IN has a great collection. But you can use the Duncan Hines strawberry icing and add color, just make sure you don’t add a large amount of Rose color because as the icing sits it will get very deep. Rose gel color makes a beautiful hot pink.

  30. Corinne says:

    Is it possible to stickle regular sprinkles to fondant rather than sugar sprinkles? If so, what do I use to get the sprinkles to stick to the fondant?

  31. Susan Matusiak says:

    Attaching sprinkles to fondant is not like sprinkling them on buttercream. First we are working with a dry surface and you need to attach them with piping gel. I would not suggest to do a whole cake with sprinkles, if you pipe an outline you can pipe gel and sprinkle them over the gel. If you want them on the bottom border you can pipe a buttercream border and sprinkle them on the icing. Do not attach with water the sprinkles will bleed when they get wet.

  32. Cortney says:

    okay so im using fondant for the first time ever!
    and i had a quick question….
    can i ice my cakes in buttercream then freeze them overnight
    then add the fondant?
    or is it better to freeze the cakes them add the buttercream and fondant the next day?
    i just dont want my cake to sweat and affect the fondant! (:
    any additional advice is welcomed!!!

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      If you freeze your buttercream iced cake then the fondant may not attach to the cake, it needs the stickiness of the icing to attach. Freezing the cake ahead will not stop the fondant from sweating, it is when the fondant covered cake is in the cool refrigerator which has moisture into an area that is warmer and sometimes more humid. If you fill your and ice your cake with buttercream and your cake doesn’t need refrigeration than let the cake sit in a cool room and the fondant should be fine. If you feel the cake needs refrigeration than you might get some condensation on the fondant, don’t touch it and let the moisture absorb back into the fondant, it will not damage the fondant.

  33. Paula says:

    Help, I am having issues with covering my tiered cakes smoothly with the fondant. I am making two wedding cakes this summer for my cousins and have been practicing but keep having wrinkles on the sides of the cakes. I can’t seem to get them smooth and flat with out any folds or wrinkles in one part or two, any suggestions on what I may be doing wrong or any tips on smoothing it out correctly. I really want these cakes to look good for my families.

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      When rolling out the fondant try and roll only the needed amount (8 inch x 4 inches high needs a 16 inch circle). If you roll out a larger than needed piece than when you place the fondant over the cake you get these folds and creases that form. Less is best because fondant does stretch when you lift it to place on the cake. Once the fondant is on the cake carefully smooth downward, lightly lifting the fondant at the bottom of the cake and smoothing. If you have a lot at the bottom edge trim off with a knife. I have to admit that practice does help and try and make a few cakes and place the fondant on the cake and you will get the feel of the fondant each try you work on your cakes.

  34. kerri says:

    I’m making a Graduation cake for a relative this weekend , using some frosting and fondant! I ‘d like to make some fondant cut outs and place them on a wire so they stick out of the cake..Is this possible or will they not harden enough? And if so can I place them in the fridge or leave them out ahead of time?

  35. Susan Matusiak says:

    When making fondant cutouts and placing them on wire or cookie sticks, the fondant needs to dry hard. You would need to add Gum-Tex to the fondant and this will dry the fondant hard. Fondant normally dries on the outside but not on the inside and once you try and stand the fondant cut-out it will fall off the stick. The Gum-Tex dries the inside of the fondant piece, it is edible. You must use Gum-Tex any time you want the fondant to stand up, don’t use it if you are placing it on the side of a cake. You can add 2 teaspoons for each 24 oz of fondant, knead it into the fondant and roll out and cut, let dry on a cornstarch dusted board, and allow 1-2 days to dry depending how humid your area is. You can attach the fondant piece to the wire or cookie stick with melted candy. Do not place the cut outs in the refrigerator, moisture from the refrigerator will soften the fondant

  36. Dominique says:

    Hi I am a beginner at using fondant. I have a question. If you are making a really big rectangle cake can you apply the fondant on by pieces or do u have to apply the fondant on in one piece. Thanks

  37. Susan Matusiak says:

    It actually looks better to place one piece of fondant than two. If the cake is that large you can go to a fabric store and purchase medium vinyl tablecloth (it may be clear or a color) and roll out the fondant on the vinyl and lift the vinyl and fondant together over the cake. The fondant will be flipped over onto the cake, remove the vinyl and smooth the fondant on the cake.

    If you prefer to cut 2 pieces of fondant and place them separately just try and smooth the seams together so they blend together. Larger cake are always a challenge, but the more you work with fondant the easier it gets.

  38. Brittany says:

    Hi, I am going to use fondant again since it looks so good but my family hates the texture and taste even though I added flavoring. How thick is it supposed to be rolled? And does the chocolate fondant actually taste chocolate? Thanks!

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      You should roll the fondant thin about 1/8 inch thick. The more you work with fondant the easier it is to roll the fondant thinner, also larger cakes made need the fondant thicker than 1/8 inch usually 1/4 inch. Yes if you add chocolate to the fondant it will have a nice chocolate flavor.

  39. Angie Rowland says:

    hi, Can you please help me figure out how to make a pink and black zebra fondant. I would like the stripes to be smooth in the fondant and not on top. Also, where can I get hot pink fondant? Or how can I make it? And I also need enough black fondant to cover a second tier(9in round) how much should I buy? Thank you

  40. Susan Matusiak says:

    You can make hot Pink with Rose Icing color, it is a very hot pink, just knead it into the fondant. You can also knead in Black Icing color into the white fondant for the 9 inch tier, which takes about 30 oz. Please were plastic gloves to keep the color off your hands. For the stripes, you would cut strips of pink and black and lay them side by side and roll your rolling pin over them a couple times to blend them together. Or you can cut the strips (if you have a pattern) and lay each one on the cake separately and smooth with the fondant smoother.

  41. Tracy says:

    I am wondering why after I stack a 4 tiered filled wedding cake it looks like there is a slight bulge in the fondant. What can I do? And when you use support rods do you put them in before or after you cover the cake with fondant? Making a big wedding cake this weekend and really need advice. It is a cake that they sit right on top of one another. Thank you

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      Sometimes the bulge comes from too much filling between the layers. Also if your cakes are frozen this can cause it to bulge as it thaws. You place the dowels rods into the cake after the fondant is on the cake. I always try and place them a tad taller than the fondant so when you place the top cake it doesn’t push down on the bottom cake and sometimes causes the bulge. Just make sure your bottom border covers the separation between the tiers.

  42. Cynthia(: says:

    Hello, Susan Matusiak!
    I’m 14, I love baking!
    Well my question is do I use gel food coloring because when I looked up the recipe for fondant it said gel food coloring..Is that true or do i just use wilton coloring?
    My other question is whats a easy recipe for fondant?
    And for flavoring I am going to use Wilton vanilla extract but since it is liquid won’t it make the fondant soggy?
    But that’s the reason why I was asking about the food coloring?
    Won’t liquid food coloring and liquid vanilla extract???

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      The Wilton icing colors are a gel food coloring and they all work just as well. You are not using a lot of color or flavoring to change the texture of the fondant. If the fondant gets that soft you could add more powdered sugar.
      Above is the recipe for fondant and it is fairly easy. If you don’t have the glucose you can use corn syrup. We also have the Ready-To-Use rolled fondant that is very easy to use , just open the package and knead the fondant and roll it out…..this is my favorite!

      • Nicole says:

        I used 2 tablespoon of water and a pkg of Marshmellows and put them in the microwave for 30 secs then stir them and do that 3 times til it is all melted. I let it cool for a lil bit then add half a 250g bag of icing sugar and mix that and take the rest of the sugar and put it on the table and knead it in making sure I have icing sugar on my hands. That is how I make Fondant. I so love making cakes.I am trying to find ideas for my sons Phineas and Ferb party.:)

  43. Starla Erickson says:

    I am making a wedding cake in a few weeks and they requested red gum paste roses. My question is, how do I get the gumpaste to stay a bright, but slightly darker red? (not brownish looking after it dries, like I am experiencing) Any help would be much appreciated!

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      I am just working on some red gum paste roses and they do have a dull look. I would suggest that you dust the dried gum paste roses with pearl dust in a red shade that may be a bit brighter, otherwise gum paste has more of a dull finish.

  44. Andrea Diaz says:

    Hello! I’m just wondering how to keep my cake moist after i cover it with fondant, I live in Colorado with High Altitude??? I’ve heard adding applesauce to the batter or powder sugar to the dry ingredients? What do you suggest?! Thank you!

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      Usually the butter cream and fondant keeps the cake moist, if it is totally covered and you have a bottom border. I really don’t have an answer about adding applesauce to the batter.

  45. Meghan Jordan says:

    Do you have any suggestions for coloring rolled buttercream fondant a raspberry-pink color? I am really hoping for a rich deep color that doesnt look too “hot-pinky.” Thanks!

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      That is a tough color to get… suggestion is to color small pieces of fondant until you get the combination correct. One suggestion is Pink + Red-Red. ANother may be Christmas Red is more pinky and maybe a dot of Black to muddy the color. Plus the fondant will change colors as it sits, so that is why I suggest to color a small amount and let it sit for a few hours.

  46. Tina Gallas says:

    I’m trying to color buttercream frosting dark chocolate brown but i can’t get it dark enough. And I tried to make dark black i used the whole container of black gel. It’s just not dark enough. I want a dark chocolate brown color and dark black. I also tried to color fondant and couldn’t get it dark enough can you help me? Thank you!!!

  47. Nicole says:

    Someone mention MMF what is that. My sons party is on Friday and today is Tuesday.he is having a phineas and Ferb cake and I use Fondant but not sure what I should do for it and the flesh color as I don’t have peach or copper just have your 8 pk of icing colors.

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      For the flesh color you can use pink or even a touch of red can make a lite pink. Orange can make a flesh color. MMF may be the Marshmallow fondant. Peach is lite orange and a dot of pink.

  48. Paige Shields says:

    How do you make BLACK fondant? I need black fondant for a birthday cake but i don’t know how to colour it black

  49. Kate says:

    What a wonderful website!! I am planning on unsing fondant for the first time and came across this wonderful resource 🙂 I plan on making and decorating the cake on a Saturday for a Sunday party, and am slightly confused about something……
    I have read all the posts above and am just a bit confused about if I need to put my completed cake in the fridge if made the day before? If buttercream is being used between layers and under the fondant, wouldn’t that need to be refridgerated if the cake was being made the day before? Thanks!

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      If your cake is filled and iced in buttercream you do not need to refrigerate the fondant covered cake. As long as your kitchen is cool and not very hot and humid the cake should be fine. The fondant will keep the cake fresh for about 3 days. I make a buttercream with 1/2 butter and 1/2 shorteneing and it is fine unrefrigerated for a couple days, long term I would refrigerate the icing.

  50. Dana says:

    If you use extract to flavor fondant won’t it make the fondant sticky?

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      The small amount of flavoring will not change the fondant texture. You would only add about 1 teaspoon of flavoring and knead this into the fondant.

  51. Susan says:

    The amount of flavoring you are using is small about 1/2 to 1 teaspoon for about 24 ounces of fondant. This amount will not make your fondant sticky.

  52. Billie Gibson says:

    1st time to use colored fondant. I colored it myself (black), should I expect it to bleed onto the white buttercream I’m applying it to???
    Appreciate someone’s comment who has done this before.

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      When applying the black fondant piece to the cake, use piping gel or a light coating of buttercream instead of water this may keep the black from bleeding. ALso don’t put the cake into the refrigerator, this also causes moisture to the fondant and it will bleed when you remove it from the refrigerator.

  53. lauren says:

    is it compulsory to put buttercream down before fondant?

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      If you are covering a 1 layer cake and the coating on the cake is smooth than you don’t need buttercream, but you need a “glue” of some sort to attach the fondant. You can use strained apricot glaze(recipe below) or piping gel, fondant will not stick to just cake.

      If you have a 2-layer filled cake than you need some sort of icing to cover the cake, otherwise the space between the layers will show thru the fondant.

      • Sonya says:

        I am making my second two layer cake with fondant. The first one I made I did not flavor the fondant but would like to the second time around. I will use buttercream icing under the fondant, what is a good flavor to use on the fondant the compliments the icing. I am make wilton’s butter cake recipe with vanilla and almond extract.

        Thank you

  54. Deborah says:

    How nuch time ahead can I colored the fondant and which is the best form to stored it after colored?


    • Susan Matusiak says:

      You can color the fondant at any time and just wrap the fondant in plastic wrap and store in an air tight container or zip plastic bag. Keep the colored fondant away from light some colors do fade slightly.

  55. vigilon says:

    Thanks for the very useful tips. Hope to try them soon.

  56. Heather says:

    I need help….. Everytime i try to get red fondant i get pink… What do i do.

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      For tinting fondant red you need to use Red-Red or combine Red-Red with Christmas Red. Depending how much fondant you need will depend on the amount of color needed. As the fondant sits it will get deeper. If you need a small amount we do have the Multi Packs in Primary Colors and it has 4 oz of red.

  57. Lydia says:

    This was my first time making fondant and I had a hard time rolling to put on cake I put powdered sugar on surface but still it did not work .so what to do for next time.

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      You need to knead the fondant before you roll it out. If the powdered sugar did not work, use solid vegatable shortening on your surface and then roll out. Also roll about 3 times and then lift and turn the fondant about 1/4 turn. If you don’t turn the fondant and just roll it out it will stick to the surface and making getting the correct size difficult.

      • Tammie says:

        I have bought me a mat to roll my fondant out,its very easy and it comes great,never the bottom part of the mat will let you pick it up and lay on your cake .you can watch a video showing you how to use it,Go to search for mats..I love mine it make everything so much easy and quiter..

  58. Susan says:

    I am making a wedding cake for the first time with fondant and would like to know if anyone can help me, which paste color would I use to make it sand color.

    Thanking you in advance

  59. Stephanie says:

    I’m having a few issues with coloring my fondant. I made a cake this weekend and used pink wilton coloring on my fondant and it almost immediately turned to a coral type color. I tried again with new fondant and same thing happened. I then tried using my Rose color and it did the same thing. What could be going wrong?

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      Was the rolled fondant the ready to use package or did you make a recipe? I know the pink tends to fade in sunlight or if in bright lights for long period of time but I have not seen it turn coral. Plus it doesn’t lightly fade that quickly. Rose color never fade into coral. COuld you please send the code on the jar of both colors and I will send it to the test kitchen to see if there is a reason for the color change.

    • lena says:

      I’m having the exact same issue with my Wilton Pink paste. It turns coral…and the more I add the worse it gets!!
      The code on my bottle is 10215247.

      • Susan Matusiak says:

        Using the Wilton Pink paste color does fade when left in the sunlight or indoor lights. If you wrap the fondant very well with plastic wrap and place the pink fondant in a dark colored container (even a box will do) this will help with the pink lightening up. WHen you cover your cake with fondant, store the fondant cake in a box which will keep the light away from it.

  60. crystal says:

    I want to make a cake for someone. I am wanting to make a one layer cake with half black and have metallic gold. How do I make the metallic gold fondant?

    • crystal says:

      Do you also think that it would be difficult to do the cake half one color and the other side the other color. Do you think that it would come out tacky.

      • Susan Matusiak says:

        If you are dividing the cake in half for the 2 colors it should work. Cut a strip to fit the one half of the cake and place it on and do the same for the second half. Smooth the seam together. For the gold I would suggest to paint with gold pearl dust mixed with lemon extract . You can test a piece of fondant and see if that is what shade you want or maybe just pearl dust, depending on how intense of a gold color you want. You will paint the fondant after it is on the cake.

  61. Erika says:

    Hello, I have a few questions..
    how can i get a turquoise, coral and brown color on Fondant? Can I find fondant already in those colors?

    After putting the fondant on the cake, is it safe to put on the fridge if I make it days in advance?

    Thank you in advance for your answers..

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      For the turquoise use Teal Paste Color. Coral use Creamy Peach and Pink (or Rose). Brown use our Brown Paste Color. We do have Multi packs Natural Colors pre-colored (contains Light Brown, Dark Brown, Pink and Black 4 oz each.) Neon COlors ( contain Purple, Orange, Yellow, Pink 4 oz each) .

      If the fondant is colored it can be refrigerated.

  62. Araceli says:

    I made a Fondant cake for the first Time and it came out cut, but I had a real problem with the black I added the black tint to my fondant but it got very sticky so I had to add more sugar powder to be able to work with it but when I did my Minnie mouse shapes the had a lot of sugar strikes on them I tried dusting it off but to success.who can I avoid this

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      You can tint your fondant black and let it dry a bit overnight in a airtight bag. If you have streaks of sugar try smoothing the pieces with the palm of your hand, the heat of your hand will melt the sugar. ALso you can try a little solid vegetable shortening and smooth on the fondant.

  63. Sandyl Ackert says:

    Hello, I’m going to make a stagette cake and use fondant for the first time. I’ve heard that it doesn’t taste very good so i’m wondering if i can add flavored extract to it. And what color or colors would i use to get skin color, or as close to it as possible? Also, where can i purchase coloring for fondant.

    Thank you very much.

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      You can add any flavor extract to fondant and knead it into the fondant. Use about 1/2 to 1 teaspoon per 24 oz depending how strong of a flavor you would like. The fondant also takes on the flavor of the buttercream which is under the fondant, so be careful in mixing too many different flavors.

      Colors for skin tones could be light orange, copper (which is what we use most often for skin tone), Pink for babies skin tone or light brown. You are using paste food colors to tint the fondant. You can purchase these at Michael’s Craft stores, Walmart, cake decorating shops or order online at

  64. Cathy Gilbert says:

    I am a hobby wedding cake decorator-I have a request for a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting 3 tier largest 14″.
    My problem is finding a cream cheese frosting recipe that I can pipe decorative trim with.
    Do you know of a recipe for a stable cream cheese frosting?
    Also what is best for a filling on a carrot cake if any?

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      Cream chesse frosting is alway very soft and not the best for piping. You may want to add some of the cream cheese frosting to buttercream for just the taste and then be able to pipe.
      The filling for carrot cake can be what ever you or your customer is asking for. I would prefer cream chesse frosting, but that is a personal preference.

  65. Mannu khan says:

    Hi….I have been requested a 2kg fondant cake n i want to know how do i go weighing it?????just the sponge or the sponge along with the fondant n decoration ???

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      I am sorry but I have not heard of requesting a cake by weight, so I cannot answer the question. I would ask other decorators in your area.

  66. Len Chieffo says:

    Hi Susan, I have learned so much from you, thank you.

    I am doing my first 12x18x2 fondant cake, and considering applying a edible cake image, 1st, will this apply to the fondant securely and 2nd will the image compromise the taste of the cake to a level for concern.

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      You can apply the edible image with piping gel on the fondant and then if you would like a buttercream border around the image. I do not think the image will do anything to the taste of the cake.

  67. sara says:

    i want to know i bought a bucket of plain fondant i kept it in fridge, is it ok?

  68. Ang says:


    I do not want to use alchohol when using pearl dust. Could I use Almond Essence instead?


    • Susan Matusiak says:

      Any type of extract for flavoring will work. The higher the volume of alcohol the quicker it dries, but using any type of extract works very well.

  69. Ang says:


    Sorry, just one more question.

    I want to make cupcakes with fondant. However, not sure were to store them once they have been completed. Some say not in fridge, some say in fridge. It will have buttercream underneath.

    We have a few wilton products here in Australia 🙂

  70. Rae-Rae says:

    I am making a “FarmVille” themed cake for my mom and I am attempting a wood grain on the sides of the cake. I was wondering if the alcohol will make it unsuitable for children to eat as I have 4 younger siblings. I use it cooking all the time but am unsure using it in such a raw state on the sides of the cake. Also, any suggestions for making a smaller cake shaped like a standing barn would be appreciated. I have never made a cake like this before and i have 2 weeks to do it in!!! Not much for planning as you can tell! 🙂 Thanks so much 🙂

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      If you are painting the wood grain you can use clear Vanilla or Lemon extract to paint, it does contain alcohol but you don’t taste it and it is not as high of a content than vodka or gin has. The stand up house # 2105-2070 can work for a barn. Use a firm cake batter for the house and it stands up very nicely.

  71. maria says:

    I’m trying to make a hot pink fondant but I’m getting all sorts of soft pinks, orangy pinks, burgundy and reds but no hot pink. Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      Have you tried the icing color Rose? You get a nice hot pink in both icing and fondant. But fondant may fade if left out in the light or exposed to sunlight, so keep it covered in a box after you decorate the cake.

  72. Barbara says:

    I am making a buttercream (white) cake with a red fondant bow. How do I keep the red from bleeding onto the cake? I used wilton gel food color and wilton rolled fondant to make the bow.

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      If the buttercream you are using crust over a bit this will help from the red bleeding. Also after you place the bow on the cake do not refrigerator the cake, maybe place the bow just before serving.

  73. Jim DeGregorio says:

    How would you suggest flavoring the fondant to taste like cookie dough or a choc chip cookie? Is that possible?

  74. tina says:

    to color fondant does it have to be gel color? can i use regular food coloring (liquid)

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      You can use any type of colors. If you use liquid color you will need more color to tint darker shades and the liquid may make the fondant sticky. Gel and Paste colors work best.

  75. Tasha says:

    I am thinking about making a cake for my husband and its going to be a woman’s torso and I was wondering what color would I add to the fondant for a lightly tanned looking skin? And I want to make sure …I would need a buttercream frosting for underneath the fondant, Correct?

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      You can use the Copper for the skin tone. Make sure you tint the fondant lighter than you want the skin color to be, the copper will deepen as it sits. Yes you would need butter cream under the fondant as a glue.

  76. Mihaela says:

    I`m new at making fondant cakes. 🙂 I have a “problem”. When I tint fondant I always use the whole bottle of color, and sometimes the color isn`t as I expected it to be. What am I doing wrong? Does the fondant have to be worm or the color? Help me pls

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      If you are looking for a dark color tint a small portion and let it sit a while it may darken, plus you can see if this is the color or shade you would like. SOme colors like reds you could mix red-red with Christmas red, it depends what shade you need. If you need a dark color you may want to use the Ready to Use Primary COlors which are dark and add this to a small portion of white fondant, less paste color to add to your fondant. The fondant doesn’t have to be warm to add color.

  77. Michelle says:

    Your knowledge is amazing! I am going to be making my daughters first birthday cake it will be a 3 layer in pastel colors and homemade fondant. Do I need to take precautions for the colors bleeding? For the cut out shapes added do I make them and dry them prior to applying? And once it is complete what time period and how do I store until the party?

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      If you attach the decorations with piping gel instead of water you will have less bleeding. ALso when you store the cake in the refrigerator sometimes the moisture in the refrigerator will cause bleeding, if you have a cool place to put your cakes you can do them 2 or 3 days ahead. If it is possible to place the decorations on the day of the party this will help, or make them the day before and store them on a waxed paper covered board in a ziptop plastic bag, they will stay soft overnight and easily conform to the cake.

  78. Anu says:

    I m making a 2 tier cake for my friends 16th and it’s going to be the first time I use fondant. My plan is to have the bottom layer pink and top layer white. I have bought buttercream fondant, it’s white in colour so I’ll need to colour it pink for the bottom layer. How do I colour it pink? And will it affect the top layer white cake? For white I am just going to roll out the fondant as it is?

    Thanks for your help in advance 🙂

    • Anu says:

      Oh and the bottom cake is going to be chocolate cake with chocolate icing an top cake vanilla cake.. Would the fondant suit it? Would it taste good?

      • Susan Matusiak says:

        Just tint the fondant with pink or rose color, knead into the fondant. It should not bleed into the white fondant above. I would not ice the chocolate cake with chocolate icing it may make the fondant have a dark shadow under the pink fondant. I would ice a small cake board with chocolate icing and place a small piece of pink fondant over the icing and see if the pink fondant looks dark. Good luck and enjoy working on your friends cake!

  79. Tina says:

    I have some prepared fondant that has never been opened. I have never worked with this before and now have a Mario cake to do for my grandson. My question is…. does this fondant ever expire ? I cannot find a date on it but don’t want to take chances on any one getting sick. Someone gave it to me and I have no idea how old it is. I had two boxes and opened 1 of them and it was still white and had no discoloring @ all, so I’m not sure whether I can use it or not. Thank you very much !

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      Usually we recommend one year shelf life for fondant, but if it was not open and is workable, it should be fine. Fondant is just sugar and other ingredients and I have had some at home unopened for over a year and it was fine. If it was discolored I would not use it. Once it is open just place the leftovers in a ziptop bag and it does not need refrigeration, just wrap tightly.

  80. Michelle says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for all the advice . I’m new to this and am making a three tiered wedding cake for my step daughter. I really appreciate being able to read all this tips . Thank you so much 🙂

  81. Amy says:

    Hello. Thank you for all of your helpful tips. I always seem to have an issue when it comes to deciding how to fill my fondant cakes. We are not fond of buttercream and prefer custards and cream cheese fillings. However, all the fillings we like require refridgeration. I know you should not refrigerate fondant, so I’m wondering how long can I keep those types of cakes out? I always get stuck using buttercream because I am afraid the other fillings will go bad. Please give me advice! I greatly appreciate it!!

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      If the area you live in is not extremely humid you may be able to refrigerate your fondant covered cake and bring it out to serve about an hour ahead. If your house has air conditioning that also will help in the humidity. Try this with a small 6 inch cake if possible. As long as your decorations do not very dark colors this should work. Dark colors tend to bleed with the humidity. When you remove the cake from the refrigerator it may have condensation on the fondant, do not touch the condensation it should re-absord into the fondant.

  82. Amy says:

    Thank you for the suggestion. I will try that with some light colors. Thanks again & for the quick response!

  83. Faith says:

    Hi, I am making a fondant cake for the first time. I am using a butter cream icing underneath but the filling has been requested as cool whip and strawberries. Can I refrigerate this? My house is at 68 degrees and not humid.

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      Yes you could refrigerate the fondant covered cake, if possible place it in a cake box. When you remove the cake from the refrigerator if there is any condensation don’t touch it and the moisture should seep back into the cake. Yes refrigerate a cake with cool whip and fresh strawberries.

  84. Pam Lockwood says:

    Having a really hard time getting my fondant the color I need for a wedding cake in June! Never had ths problem. I need coral pink. Can you help?

  85. Pam Lockwood says:

    Sorry, one more question, can you google Blissfullysweet ombré anniversary cake and tell me if you think the ruffles are made thin with a circle or flower cutter. And when I apply them to the cake do I just leave a stem and stick them in the cake,will they stay? I asked them a few questions and they came back with there are tons of video’s on how to make ruffles and that was all. I would purchase the cake from them if I could! Any help would be wonderful….getting nervous!

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      The coral pink is a tough question, because if you are matching a fabric swatch it can be a mix of colors. The pink we use is Rose icing color a stronger pink, and you may add some creamy peach or orange. If you are using buttercream it may deepen a lot as it sits, so tint a small amount and let it sit overnight. Pink tends to fade out as it sits. If you are using royal icing that deepens slightly.

      It looks like on the ombre ruffle cake they are using small ribbon roses and pushing them into the cake.The ribbon rose is made with a strip about 1 inch wide and 5 or 8 inches long depending how large you want them. Thin the edge of strip, which is your top of the petal. Roll the strip, opening the edge slightly. You can make small and large flowers and as you roll the fondant you can pull a stem from the bottom.

      You can use a circle cutter and hold onto the center and gather the outer edges. Use 2 sizes of circles to fill in the areas.

      If you need to travel with this cake you may need to add the ruffles when you arrive at the reception. If you have any more questions please feel free to email.

      • Pamela Lockwood says:

        Thank you so much for your reply. As for the color, I would just like to get as close as possible,starting with Wilton rolled fondant. I have purchased white and red cause the color chart said three parts red to one part white? I have not tried it yet and it can still be returned if you have a better idea?

        Putting the ruffles on the cake at the reception is a great idea. I haven’t tried the ribbon rose with the edges (petals) thinned, but will and see if they look better than the circle cutters. Again, thank you.

        • Susan Matusiak says:

          I would try the red and white combination, make a small amount and let a portion sit out overnight and see if the color changes. Almost everytime you mix a color combination it will lighten slightly or one color will fade more than another. The fondant will not be wasted, wrap very well and place in a ziptop bag and fondant will last for months.

  86. Lisa says:

    Hi How do you get pink buttercream frosting my buttercream frosting is turning peach . Think its the yellow butter in the mix . Thanks it would help a great deal.

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      Yes the butter in your icing can make the pink look peachy. If you have Rose paste color that is a bit more intense and can give you a nice pink color, just don’t use too much.

  87. Rachel says:


    I am making a Minnie mouse smash cake. The party is over the weekend (Saturday) and I have to work. I planned on making it tonight (Thursday). It’s going to be a strawberry flavored cake with pink buttercream frosting. I want to put white fondant circles all over it with a black Minnie mouse ear on top. If I put it in the fridge, will it ruin the fondant and bleed?

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      The black fondant may bleed, I would place the black on the cake before serving. The white fondant circles if placed against the cake should be fine.

  88. lorraine says:

    I need to make lime green fondant, what colour flavoring should I use.

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      For lime green fondant it is lemon Yellow and leaf green icing color. More yellow in the green. For flavoring the choice is yours any flavor is fine.

  89. Jacqui says:

    I want to flavour store bought fondant with lemon. What is the best product to use?

  90. Jacqui says:

    Also how do I stick fondant letters on to fondant icing? Can I moisten them a little or will this start to dissolve them?

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      You can use a damp brush on the back side of the letters, just lightly brush them. Or you can use dots of piping gel, which sometimes is better because it won’t run like water.

  91. carole lambert says:

    I need to decorate a wedding cake with metallic gold icing. I do not know how to get the metallic look. The decorations are small and intricate so I cannot paint it on. Is there a way to color royal icing or buttercream metallic gold?

  92. Susan Matusiak says:

    We have color Mist Food Color Spray in Gold. It works very well on icing, molded candy, gum paste and fondant.

  93. Diana says:

    Hi I need make copper fondant, What color should I mix??? Please is urgent because is for toninght.

    Thanks Diana

  94. Susan Matusiak says:

    We do have Copper paste color. Not sure what you are using it for, but if it is flesh color you can use Creamy Peach or pink.

  95. Laura Goffin says:

    Hi, I’m very new to all this! But wanting to make my little girls first birthday cake.. I want it 2 layers with jam& buttercream in the centre.. How would I apply to fondant over it? Would I use apricot glaze or buttercream to apply it and how can I apply the fondant decorations on the fondant icing?

    Thanks! Xx

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      To apply the fondant I would suggest to use buttercream, it does cover all the imperfections of the 2 layers. You add the fondant decorations to the fondant covered cake with a damp brush or piping gel.

  96. Amanda says:

    i just have a quick question? i’m making my daughters birthday cake for her birthday an im using fondant for the first time just wondering how long in advance should i make the fondant today is sunday september first an her party is on saturday the seventh. i dont plan on making the cake till friday. so how long in advance can i make it an how do i store it without it fading its color, till i put it on the cake friday?

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      If you are tinting the fondant to cover the cake I would not do this until I am ready to cover the cake, after it is iced. If you are making decorations or flowers than you could tint and make the decorations days in advance and place them on a waxed paper covered board and place in a cake box and keep away from light. They will dry, if you want them soft than place them in a zip plastic bag and they should stay soft. If you need your fondant pieces curved than you might not want to make them until you are ready to place them on the cake.

  97. I used 1 1/2 red gel containers and it still looks orange. What can I do, cause my hands hurt now? 🙂

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      If you used the 1 ounce icing colors jars and you used 1 1/2 jars, it depends how much fondant you are using. Usually you can knead the color and let it sit for a few hours or over night and the color will deepen. Take a small piece of fondant and and let it sit out. Also did you use Red- Red color?

  98. Virginia Lozano says:

    My fondant is a bit hard after being stored. Is it still good? What can I put in it to soften it?

  99. Mel says:

    Hi I have a large chocolate cake to do with choc flavour icing. I know it’s expensive to get the amount of choc icing I need so I was wondering if I can make my own? Can I do it from ready to roll white fondant? And can I add the choc flavour to white fondant and just add more colour flavour to make it a little less costly thanks mel

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      To make chocolate fondant one way is add brown paste color and you may add a small amount of red-red paste color to warm the brown. This would not give the chocolate taste.
      Another way to make chocolate fondant is in out yearbook and website, it is done by making chocolate candy clay and after the candy clay is set (overnight) than add the chocolate candy clay to the white rolled fondant. This does taste good.

  100. precious says:

    Hi, i added vallina flavour into my homemade mashmallow Fondant, but when i added the colours to the Fondant ,it became very soft.pls i need your help on how to make it stif/hard for flowers &ribbons.meanwhile i have cmc powder,when and how do i use it.

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      Are you using liquid colors which produce a softer color. Paste colors give you a more intense shade, also if you let the colored fondant sit for a while it may get deeper in color. If you want to stiffen fondant, add more confectioners sugar. If you want to make flowers and bows you can add about 1/2 to 1 teaspoons of Gum-Tex and this will harden the fondant like gum paste.

  101. Alicia Montoya says:

    I was wanting to slightly tint my white marshmallow fondant. Can I use vanilla extract to add tint?

  102. Brian says:

    If I wanted different shades of green fondant, could I start with a green fondant and add different gel colors to change the shade?

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      Yes, you can add more green gel/paste colors to deepen the shade. You can add white fondant to lighten the shade. You can add Lemon Yellow to make halloween green. Add Black for a deep forest green, lots of different ways to change the shades of all our fondant colors. Start out with a small amount of fondant first until you get to the shade you would like. otherwise you may have a lot of green that your not happy with. Have fun with fondant!

  103. Sarah says:

    Hello! I’m planning to make my son a pirate themed cake for his 1st birthday, and I’m totally new to the whole fondant thing! I want a light coloured brown (tan) sort of colour to make a treasure map. The pre-coloured brown fondant is too dark, so I’m guessing I need to tint the white fondant. Could I use brown vanilla extract to tint it? Or do I need to purchase some sort of cake dye to do so?

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  105. melinda says:

    Does fondant have to be flavored? Doing the baby rattle cake pops and using fondant for ball at end. Also, does it have to be icing coloring? Can I use the same coloring that I use for my candy? Oil based?

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      Fondant does not have to be flavored, the fondant does have a vanilla flavor. The buttercream under the fondant also gives the fondant a bit of flavor. Unless you are looking for a special flavor you can flavor the fondant and I am sure the oil based can be used but use very little, it is strong.

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  114. Manar says:

    Hi, I have my daughter’s 3rd birthday is coming up next week and I’ll be using ready to roll sugar paste for the first time on a chocolate moist sponge cake (2 tiers). My question: is that a good flavor combination? I felt that its going to be too sweet even before applying the icing prior to applying the paste. I’m also having the party in a park (travelling by car) so what’s the best filling and flavors to use and how advanced ahead can I prepare and store the cake?

    • Susan Matusiak says:

      Fondant (sugar paste) is sweet no matter what type of cake you would place it on. Usually the fondant does take on the flavor of the icing and some people will peel the fondant off. Try and roll out the fondant to about 1/16″ if possible. For your party in the park, make sure the filling does not need refrigeration of any type of filling. The flavor and filling is anything you and your can would like. You can prepare the cake a day in advance of the party and the fondant covered cake can sit out in a cool kitchen.

  115. Carolyn says:

    I’m making a 4 year old child’s birthday cake. I used the pearl dust mixed with the Wilton clear imitation vanilla extract to paint on some fondant. Is this safe for children since the extract contains alcohol?

  116. […] in flavors as widely reaching as cherry and root beer. How much should you use? As Wilton advises in this informative post, for 24 ounces of rolled fondant, you can use about 1 teaspoon to 1 ½ teaspoons of any extract […]

  117. Ally says:

    Can u colour fondant when right when ur gonna cover ur cupcakes with it?????

  118. melissa says:

    Hi, can I mix wilton white decorator icing and fondant to vary colours – will they knead together?

  119. elissa says:

    I’m making a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and want to cover the cake with fondant. Can I flavor the fondant with cream cheese flavor extract? If I leave the store bought fondant as is will it take away from the taste of the cake?

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