Add Detail and Patterns with Embossing Rollers

April 21st, 2012 by Paula Ivancicts

The right tools can make all the difference! Whether you are a beginning decorator or an accomplished decorator, you will be able to add a beautiful dimensional look to your cakes using our new Detail Embosser and the Pattern Embosser.

Pattern Embosser

Pattern Embosser With most things, three is better than one! I found this to be true with the new Pattern Embosser. The embosser has three 4” wide seamless patterns on individual rollers. I LOVE the variety of patterns: dots, woven, and lace!

The patterned rollers are easy to attach with the push-button lock and release – and when they are not in use, they all fit neatly in the storage case. No more lost pieces!

In a matter of seconds, I was able to change the rollers. I know I will have lots of fondant and gum paste projects to use these in the future.

What will be your first project with the Pattern Embosser?

Detail Embosser

Detail Embosser The Detail Embosser is a great tool for adding texture and detail to your fondant pieces. The embosser has its own hard plastic storage case to hold the pieces in place. Other features include:

  • Larger, comfortable non-slip handle.
  • Two easy-to-remove wheels. Each wheel has three embossing designs (dash, bead, zigzag; and wavy, stitch, dot).

Using my rolling pin, I rolled out fondant, and then easily snapped in one of the wheels. With a quick snap on and off, I was able to create three different designs per wheel. With these designs, we can jazz up any project!

To see a demonstration of the new embossers, please watch our product roundtable:

Paula Ivancicts Paula is a Wilton Customer Service Key Account Rep and a Certified Wilton Method Instructor. She has been with Wilton since 2009. Her love of creating things and using Wilton products started in high school when she began making candy. Outside of Wilton, Paula enjoys family time with her husband and two daughters. She loves baking, decorating, and making candy for family, friends, and coworkers.

11 Replies

  1. They look like they would be grate for beginners like me .

  2. BEATA says:

    Hi …..
    I am of Polish, I would like to go shopping in your store but I am not sure with which it binds at all costs, and whether you send the goods to the Polish …… I already have several products from Wilton and I’m very happy, and I do not want to buy through intermediaries ….. because you signed up with, but sytem does not accept data from the Polish …..
    I greet Beata
    Beata Bednarska
    ul.Wróblewskiego 21B / 3
    66-400 Gorzów Wielkoposki


    I am from Bogota – Colombia
    I can buy Bogota – Colombia. Now
    I not speak english
    thank you

    • Paula Ivancicts says:

      Hi Gloria!

      Please click on the link above to find an International Distributor near you and contact them.

  4. Martha says:

    I appreciate these videos to introduce us to your new products, but it would be really nice if they showed the results. I watch the product being used, but have no idea what the fondant looks like after the application.

    This actually concerns me because it makes me think that possibly the result isn’t good enough to show, which means that I had better save my money or use it with a different manufacturer.

    • Laura says:

      I agree with Martha….:-(

    • Paula Ivancicts says:

      Hi Martha & Laura!
      Thank you for replying!

      I have used these new products and have gotten fantastic results! 🙂 I have the original versions and love the new ones better!!!

      There will probably be more blogs in the future using these products; this blog was showing the debut of some of the new products. I’m sorry we didn’t show the finished results.

  5. Audrey Haggerty says:

    can these rollers be used on regular decorator frosting not fondant?

  6. Jack Isbell says:

    Do you have a honey comb design roller embosser

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