Add Impressive Fondant Ribbons to Your Cake — Wilton Ready-To-Use Fondant Ribbon Makes It Easy

April 16th, 2014 by Debbie Dodero

Are you intrigued by cakes wrapped with bands of beautifully embossed fondant ribbon? We sure are, and we bet you are, too! But we know what you’re thinking: Making embossed fondant ribbon takes time and tools for cutting and embossing or crazy decorating skills.

Or, does it? Not if you’re using the new beautifully patterned fondant ribbon from Wilton.

The flexible 1 in. wide Wilton Fondant Ribbon is easy to apply in minutes — just unroll, cut, separate and apply with a damp brush. Not only is it easy to wrap around a cake, it’s also easy to form into loops for a bow with an amazing design. Let Emily Tatak, Assistant Culinary Specialist in the Wilton Test Kitchen, show you how easy it is to make a looped bow using the fondant ribbon.

Isn’t it great that you can roll out the ribbon to make the circle for the bow base and thin out a bit of ribbon to make the adhesive? It’s so convenient that the ribbon can be used to make the whole bow and you don’t need to open a package of fondant just for that use!

This ribbon looks great wrapped around the center of a cake layer, or wrapped at the base to add some visual interest and balance a design. You can also place the strips next to each other to make a wider design or cover the whole side of a cake! For a modern design, arrange it in rows over a square cake. No matter how you choose to use this ribbon, the ease of being able to apply it straight from the package saves you time, and who doesn’t love that?!

But there’s more to this fondant ribbon than flexibility. It’s not just easy to use, it’s also easy to color! You can color ribbon pieces in a rainbow of colors by simply brushing with Color Dust edible accents or spraying with Color Mist food color spray.

If you’re looking for a pearl effect, you can dust the ribbon with Pearl Dust edible accents for a subtle sheen. Or, paint just the raised details or all of the ribbon using lemon extract and Pearl Dust edible accents for a shimmering finish or Color Dust edible accents for a matte color effect. Even FoodWriter edible color markers can be used to color detail accents on the ribbon.

With two 50 in. pieces of 1 in. wide ribbon per package, you’ve got enough ribbon to wrap three 9 in. round cakes, two 14 in. round cakes or a three-tiered cake with an 8 in., a 10 in. and a 12 in. round tier. With three patterns to choose from — scrolls, pearls and Cornelli lace —Wilton Fondant Ribbon will be perfect for your next cake!

Debbie Dodero Debbie is the Product Manager for Fondant & Gum Paste Decorating Products on the Wilton Food Team. Creating birthday cakes and treats for her family is her specialty. This fun family tradition begins with perusing the latest Wilton Yearbook to combine their interests with a fun birthday theme. The cakes she creates sets the stage for great celebrations and memories for years to come! In addition to cake decorating, she enjoys music/singing, board games, movies and spending time with family and friends.

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  1. olasunbo Edward says:

    Iwould like to take a class in making fondant cake decorations. pls send me in formations as to where your class location are in Atlanta Georgia.

  2. Patricia Zacarías says:

    I would like to know if you give classes on line. To have a class with you is my dream, but in live in Chile. Hope you can offer it.



  3. brianne says:

    The wilton pre made ribbon fondant looked easy and a simple way out for a cake I needed to make on a very short notice. I found this and thought to myself, this will be perfect to make a large bow for the top of a cake. I formed all of my ribbon pieces, let them sit out all day, all night and the next morning I put my bow together. While I was piecing it all together the fondant did not seem stiff enough that it was going to stay put. I figured almost 24 hours air drying that would have been good. That was not the case, it all flopped together, a big ball of waste including the can of silver spray I used to color it and the hours of time I spent. What a dissapointment. So, if you plan to use this for ribbon making, don’t waste your time.

  4. wendy matthews says:

    I live in australia and want to know where can o buy the ready rolled fondant ribbon

    Regards wendy

  5. Anne says:

    where can I find ready to use fondant ribbon on a roll to use on my cake?

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