Add Texture to Your Fondant With Wilton Pattern Embosser Set and Pattern Rollers

April 26th, 2014 by Emily Tatak

Thumbnail-Wilton Pattern Embosser setAdding texture to your fondant is easier than ever, thanks to the new Wilton Pattern Embosser Set and interchangeable Pattern Rollers. While the dot pattern that comes with the handle in the two-piece set  is perfect for many occasions, I’m thrilled that I have so many other options. I can make a fun and funky cake using the leopard pattern roller. The burlap pattern roller lets me add a rough-hewn fabric texture to my fondant designs. The diamond pattern on the quilt pattern roller makes it easy to add the trendy quilted design. The sophisticated geometric pattern roller provides a subtle design for an elegant cake.

Watch how easy it is to emboss your fondant AND how easy it is to change the roller!

The ease of working with fondant is that you can use it for ribbons or border, or cover a whole cake with it. Also, you can easily add color with Color Mist food color spray or Pearl Dust edible accents. I bet you’re already thinking of ideas of what to do with these rollers — we’d love for you to share your thoughts with us. Just leave a comment below.

Emily Tatak Emily is an Assistant Culinary Specialist in the Wilton Test Kitchen and is a Certified Wilton Method® Instructor. Some of her responsibilities include evaluating new and innovative products before they go to market, quality control testing of current products and creating delicious recipes for packaging, public relations, and She has also appeared in numerous instructional videos for the Wilton YouTube channel and With all these responsibilities there is never a “normal day” in the Wilton Test Kitchen. When she isn’t baking in the test kitchen, she’s at home testing new recipes on her family and friends.

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  1. Luz Helena Molinares says:

    Day by day Wilton make our job more easy. Any new product have a lot of uses and we can develop our imagination.

  2. Luz Helena Molinares says:

    Day by day Wilton make our job more easy.
    Any new product have a lo of uses and we can develop our imagination

  3. oralis says:

    I bought the 40 piece alphabet and number fondant cutters and was very disappointed when I got home opened and I got two letter g’s and no letter h

  4. Emily Tatak says:

    I am sorry to hear some of the letters are missing out of your fondant cutter set. Please contact Wilton’s customer service line and they can help you.

    Call 1-888-373-4588

  5. Stephanie Beason says:

    I think this would be a very nice tool to have in designing Wedding Cakes, my question to you is: How would you roll this design on just the sides of the cake to get a detailed design? Or would we have to roll the fondant flat out then use the roller(s) Do you have a video on how this is done (if it can be done). Thanks

  6. Jennie Locasto says:

    I very recently saw a display board at Michael’s that showed a cake with a fondant ribbon around it that was textured with the burlap roller and then lace shapes on top of and bordering the burlap. My hope is that you were the decorator for this because my future daughter-in-law would like me to approximate this look on her wedding cake. I’ve looked through the Wilton cakes on-line but am not able to find this one. Can I get some direction on how the lace pattern was done? I can send a picture of the display board if needed.

  7. suny says:

    Hi, thanks for showing us how to do this. Today I used the pattern roller for the first time and I found that, when I pressed my pattern on the fondant and picked it up to wrap around my cake the pattern kind of disappeared . How do you wrap the fondant around the cake without this happening? Thank you.

  8. Chuck says:

    Hey SUNY, I used the imprint roller a couple weeks ago for my daughters cake and opted to roll the impression directly onto the cake after it was wrapped with the fondant. There were no good videos and nowhere does wilton really say how they do it for best results. I took a chance and it paid off brilliantly. I was worried that the pattern would change if I tried to roll the pattern and then transfer the fondant to the cake, also the pattern orientation would be off. Btw, I used both the quilted and the dot pattern and I was very happy with the impression left.

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