All You Need is a Cupcake

September 23rd, 2009 by Giulia Taraszkiewicz

It’s probably not surprising to anyone that there are a lot of us at Wilton who enjoy baking. For example, I LOVE to make desserts over the weekend to bring to work on Monday. It’s a great way to start the work week and it makes everybody smile. I thought I would share with you the inspiration for what I brought in this past Monday – Decorating TIPS free of charge!

fall leaves and flowersFall is lovely. I went for a stroll to the arboretum this past weekend to enjoy the autumn weather and find color. It’s here and it’s lovely. The air is fresh; it smells like leaves, like earth. For me, it is also time for cupcakes and cookies!

I decided to turn my fall inspiration into pretty cupcakes. The plan: chocolate cupcakes, topped with buttercream icing, then decorated with fall cookies! YUM !!


Yes, I cheated, I used a mix. What I really like to do is doctor-up a mix to add flavor. This time I added cocoa powder to the acorn shaped cookies, honey to the yellow leaves and flowers, and maple syrup to the maple shaped leaves. Make sure you follow the directions for shaped cookies in the back of the package, or the cookies will not maintain their shape as they bake.

After the cookies are baked and cool, you can start decorating. To me this is the fun part. I chose purple, golden yellow, orange and brown Wilton icing colors to tint royal icing. (For those of you who are not familiar with adding color to icing, dip a toothpick in the jar of color, then swirl the tooth pick in the icing and mix. Always use a new toothpick if you need to add more color). For the crab apple, I just so happened to have Wilton red Cookie Icing, so I used that instead of the royal icing. Either way, outline the cookie first, then fill-in the rest of the icing. I used tip #2.

TIP! Make dots with the royal icing you have left. It will dry hard and you can keep it for your next decorating project. Dots are easy and fun on any cake. You can make any other shape you like, of course!

Sorry, no picture here for two reasons: first, I forgot to take pictures during this step. Second, I really only followed instructions from the mix, and added some additional cocoa powder to intensify the chocolate flavor. Make sure you only fill 2/3 of your baking cups with the cupcake mixture or they will overflow when they bake.


I used the Wilton Buttercream Mix, divided it into 2 batches, and added different colors to each one. I used tip 1M for the yellow swirl, and tip #12 for the beige swirl. …. And then….TA-DAAA!! I topped the cupcakes with the cookies! Sooo cute, and everybody LOVED them!!

One last word and TIP: Plan ahead!! I did this very spontaneously and ended up using colors and icing that I had available in my kitchen. For example, I could have saved some time by using other Cookie Icing colors, but I only had red, so I ended up mixing the royal icing and the colors. Mixing from scratch comes with its own benefit (you can customize to the exact color you want), but the Cookie Icing will save you some time and it’s delicious!

Another last word and TIP: I only thought about this when I was done, but it would have been just as adorable to use Candy Melts® shaped as leafs to top the cupcakes. If you want to go this route, use the Dessert Accent Mold.

As you see from the photos, sometimes all you need is a cupcake to bring a smile to someone’s face!

What I used for this project:

Mini Cookie Leaf Cutters from the Autumn Cookie Cutter Set
Medium Cookie Flower Cutter from the Fondant Cut-Out Set
Gold Foil Cups
Icing Colors
Buttercream Icing Mix
Red Cookie Icing
Disposable Decorating Bags
Decorating Tip #2 (to decorate the cookies)
Decorating Tip #12 (to decorate the cupcakes)
Decorating Tip 1M – #2110 (to decorate the cupcakes)

Giulia Taraszkiewicz Giulia is the Associate Product Manager for Gingerbread. Born a crafter, Giulia moved from Italy to the U.S. where she enthusiastically joined Wilton. She LOVES baking, decorating, crafting, cooking, family and friend gatherings, shopping, and pretty things.

12 Replies

  1. Chris Orewiler says:

    What a neat idea and one definately worth doing. The people I work with love treats and what a better way to usher in Autumn then with “Autumn” flavored cupcakes. Thanks so much for the wonderful ideas.

  2. I loved this recipes…it? very funny and beautiful, I will try to make some of this for my kids I know they’ll enjoy like me. I Brazil people are becoming to konw what is cupcake….the photos was very nice thanks for sharing…
    paula 😀

  3. Dana Calhoon says:

    The whole blog is such a great idea. I love the cupcakes. How wonderful to have all the tips. I, too, am often caught without exactly what I need to complete a late night project. This lets me continue. If only this had been available when I was baking for our daughters projects. Twice I had to send my very sleepy husband out to find a grocery store that was open all night so I could have the cupcakes ready to go in the AM. Keep up the great work Wilton. Cooks everywhere will continue to sing your praises.

  4. DANIELA says:

    Hi Giulia, it is amaizing to see what you have done with that cupcakes, they are beautifull and looks son delicious, i also want to tell you that i love baking and decorating and rigth now i am searching for a course that teach me to do that.

    Thank you for share your passion.

    • Giulia Taraszkiewicz says:

      Daniela, you are going to LOVE the decorating class !!

      I took my first Wilton class before I even started working for Wilton. Right after the class, I ran back home and started baking and decorating. I am still learning and enjoying it so much.

      It sounds like you were already looking for a class, but if you didn’t find it, here is help:

      Good luck to you, and think about posting your marvelous yummy creations on the Wilton discussion forum. It is so nice to share creativity with other cake decorators.



  5. Karen Montcalm says:

    Fabulous ideas – great for teenagers to do, have fun and share with friends – they’re at the age where they’re not ready to admit they are too old to trick or treat. This gave them something fun to do

  6. hazel says:

    wat we do at work is like so fab ,compared 2 these try stripin the bag or makin an animal on them

  7. Tami says:

    For the cookies, how much did you use for the different flavors? Did you have to add extra flour to account for the honey & the syrup? Can I assume you also used coloring? This is a cute idea.

    Also thanks for the tip about making dots out of leftover royal icing. I try to make flowers if I have time and otherwise end up just throwing it away.

    • Giulia Taraszkiewicz says:


      I added less than a tablespoon of each flavor. I did not add any flower to account for the additional liquid, but I did have to add additional flower as I was rolling the dough becuase it was much stickier than it should have been. I guess that made up for it, since they turned up fine, and the shape was well maintained during baking.

      Time is always a big deal to me, so dots are my favorites because the are easy and fast.

  8. amada queen says:

    I love the cupcakes and the wonderful tips. You make it look so easy. thanks.

  9. I really found a lot of helpful tips. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

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