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February 23rd, 2010 by Desiree Smith

I am not sure how many of you know that Wilton sponsors a decorating show, Bake Decorate Celebrate! Knowing how to make foods look lovely is so gratifying and I want to share that with people. The show hit the airwaves on PBS in February 2006 and I am in the process of planning our 8th season. During this 13 weeks of programming, we will air our 100th show…a big deal in the TV world. The show is geared to a casual or novice decorator so we try to focus on easier, quicker projects involving cake decorating, cupcakes, candy and cookie making plus the basics of baking and decorating.

Bake Decorate CelebrateI serve as host and co-executive producer of Bake Decorate Celebrate! while Gretchen Homan, Test Kitchen Manager, runs the green room, determines product needed prior and during taping, handles the web projects, listens to and edits my sometimes “crazy” ideas for projects/recipes, standardizes a recipe when I say something like “I want a non-chocolate veggie cake please,” and a whole lot more. Diana Rodriguez, PR Manager, organizes all of us with season notebooks which include our projects, recipes, photos; processes all the paper work, orders, bills; takes care of our project and show images, plus, plus, plus. There are others who also contribute, but the heavy responsibilities rest on our shoulders. I will also mention that we do this in addition to our “real” jobs. It’s very interesting and rewarding, but a whole lot of work!

Before I started doing the show, I was used to doing five TV segments at a time, but the first season I think we did about 120 projects in seven days….my memory has faded. We tape from 8-13 segments per day in the studio, so we may be doing a cake and then switch to candy. We tape three days at the end of one week, handle a few details over the weekend and try to REST. We then tape 2-3 days of the next week. We hit the studio around 7 a.m. and are usually gone by 7 p.m. We tape all 13 shows at one time.

Some statistics on the show: In 2009 we had about 12,000 shows on 355 stations in 44 states for 88% of US coverage and a potential audience of 257 million. Since the initial show airing (2/6/06 through 12/31/09) we’ve had 48,500 shows on 571 stations in 46 states for 89% US coverage and a potential audience of 260 million people. Also in Latin America between April 1 and June 30, 2009 we had over 13.5 million shows air.

Bake Decorate Celebrate! may or may not be in your “hood” (neighborhood) since programming is up to individual station and program managers. It’s not like a major network where they deem a show to be on every Monday at 8 p.m. Check with your local Public Television station to see when it airs in your area. If it’s not currently available, you can ask your local Public Television station to air it. The feed is provided by NETA and is in the lifestyle, cooking and crafting categories.

We also have a companion website for Bake Decorate Celebrate! that has all of the recipes, projects, and techniques featured in the show. We just added the 7th season projects and recipes since that is hitting the airwaves right now. In case you missed past shows, seasons 1, 2, and 3 are available on DVD plus the Cake Decorating Basics DVD which came from the show.

I could go on and on about Bake Decorate Celebrate! but thought I would open this to any questions you might have.

Desiree Smith Desiree is the Public Relations Manager at Wilton. She spends her days monitoring media opportunities, working with newspaper, magazine and television contacts, collaborating with bloggers and handling a variety of other odds and ends. Desiree has a degree in journalism and experience writing for newspapers and television. Outside of Wilton, she enjoys running and planning outings with friends.

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  1. Mandi says:

    I lost bake, decorate, celebrate when the TV switched to digital, I miss it so much. Nancy, you are so talented! That show has taught me so much. I love you words of encouragement and easy explanations, it made me try new things, and even succeed. I just wanted to say thank you, keep up the good work, good luck and congratulations on 100 episodes! You’re awesome!
    P.S. Is Beth Madland still there or is Melanie Glasscock back or are you doing it by yourself these days?

    • Nancy Siler says:

      I am sorry to hear that you can’t see Bake Decorate Celebrate! anymore. You can call your local Public Television station and request they pick it up again. You are very kind with your comments. Thank you. Do check out for all of the projects and recipes from each season. Melanie and Beth are alternating with me when we tape the show. We also had Sandy Folsom from The Wilton School showing how to make a lot of flowers one season. We do post different videos that are show segments on the BDC website and the website. Watch for those in the future.

  2. Zaynab says:

    Dear Nancy Siler.

    I have been following you on you tube, i learn a lot from you everyday. Thank you very much for sharing you ideas with us.

    Could you please show us how to do Ruffle border and Ruffle garland on you tube please.

    I have taken classes two years ago in Aucland. i live now in Welington whcih is they dont have classe there, its very hard to Auckland to take the classes again to memorise myself again. So chould you please make a ruffle border and ruffle garland before monday please. I am doing my brother wedding cake and i need to put on of these ruffle on the cake

    Kind reagrds

  3. karen says:

    I was wondering if you had made rest of the seasons on dvd. I had already bought seasons 1-3 on dvd, and I loved the format. I have your shows on timers, protected so nobody can delete them, to record; but sometimes the shows get interupted somehow. Examlpe, today they had a tornado awareness testing and messed up the recording. I love your show, LOVE is an understatement. I would like to buy the other seasons on dvd if you have them. If not, maybe a little birdy will drop a message in your ear to make dvds of the remaining seasons. Please let me know if you have them or not. One will never know when they will stop airing the shows. I travel a lot out of the country, therefore I would love to take the dvds with me to watch while having to travel 40 long hours on the road.

  4. karen says:

    I have been searching high and low trying to find these 4-7 seasons dvds. Please e-mail me the answer @

  5. Anita Pigati says:

    Dear Nancy:today I saw you at Casa Club TV program making almond coconut cookies half covered with dark chocolate and striped with white chocolate. Please help me to find this recipe because I want to try it for my catering bussines.Y learn a lot from you;congratulations.Thank you so much.Anita Pigati

  6. jessica says:

    i have a question i have a 32cm(9in) pan (im baking a cake)and the recipe calls for a 22cm(9in) what is the difference ,why are they diffrent sizes ,and can i still use mine???????????????

  7. I really appreciate all your tips in baking. You inspire me to enjoy baking. Thanks.

  8. lois says:

    Nancy: I LOVE BDC! I’ve recently found it on my pbs (I have to tape it as it’s on at 4:30am – ouch!). I’ve taken all the Wilton cake decorating courses (2009) at my local A.C. Moore – and love that this show continues to build my skillset. I want to purchase all your dvd’s but amazon only has Series 1 & 3. Wilton only reflects Series 1. can you pls give me additional details? I love your creativity – and after seeing your show, I challenge myself to make your creations (it helps that I’ve got 4 grandkids)………. Tnx

    • Nancy Siler says:

      You are very kind. Thank you for watching.

      Bake Decorate Celebrate! Season 2 and 3 DVDs were available but have been discontinued so they are out of stock and won’t be brought back. Be sure to check out other season projects and recipes at We do post some of the show projects and recipes online at this website.


  9. Ruby says:

    Hola,Sra Nancy, desde Panamà; viendo sus programas me ha inspirado a tomar cursos de reposteria. Como puedo obtener los dvd de la serie? no se si aqui en mi paìs lo consiga me encanta su programa, hace poco lo sintonizè me fascina el arte que tiene para trabajar. Usted tiene libros de receta que se puedan conseguir en la
    pagina de celebrate, como conseguir la làmina de medida para cor-tar foudant, le agradesco leer mi comentario, puede conestarme a mi e- mail, bendiciones. Bye

    • Nancy Siler says:

      Hola Ruby,

      Muchas gracias por sus amables palabras. Me alegro de que vea y que le guste el programa. En un tiempo ofrecíamos en inglés los primeros 45 episodios que grabamos, sin embargo ya no se venden.

      Por favor siga viendo el programa y visite para nuevos proyectos y recetas. Una nueva serie de inglés comenzará este mes de septiembre y los proyectos de ese programa se publicarán en nuestro sitio Web.

      Tenemos unas locaciones en Panama donde puede obtener productos de Wilton. Por favor de comunicarse con ellos para más información. Gracias.

      Graphic Shop
      Via Porras Edif. #125
      Panama, Panama
      TEL: +(507).270.1790
      FAX: +507-226.8510
      EMAIL: &

      Via Brasil Edif. 14
      Centro Comercial, Local 3ª
      Panama City, Panama
      TEL: +507-223-2947/ + 507-214-8544
      FAX: +507-223-2950

  10. vicki says:

    I saw ur show today for the first time amazing loved it. I would like to know on show 903 i believe u had a mold to make chocolate bowls so cute. Where do i buy this mold?

  11. Diane says:

    Is their a 3rd season of Bake Decorate Celebrate? If not do you have other dvd?

  12. Lori says:

    Wondering if there is going to be a new season coming soon?

  13. adyguevara says:

    Hola sra Nancy que feliz me siento de poder encontrar donde dejar mi mnsj. soy seguidora de su programa los e visto una y otra vez debo confesarle que es mi inspiración dulce!! e aprendido mucho de usted y ya estoy montando mi negocio de tortas decoradas no e hecho curso pero mis creaciones me quedan muy bellas. gracias por compartir sus conocimientos.

  14. adyguevara says:

    E aprendido mucho de usted me Gustaria saber sí va hacer nuevos programas aunque nunca dejó de verlos Por cia se me pasa algo o se me olvida quiero aprender más esto es mi pasión y mi fuente de ingreso me Gustaria saber sí leyó mi mnsj por fa soy de Venezuela.

  15. 1604 says:

    SUPER item, WONDERFUL seller…thanks so much!!

  16. Enid Albizu says:

    Hola, veo tu programa y hago Bizcochos, galletas y me encantaria q. La compañía wilton diera en P.R.. Un taller de como usar bien, bien todos sus productos. Suerte y salud.

    Enid Albizu
    San Juan
    Puerto Rico

  17. Enid Albizu says:

    Cuando quieras un tours en P. R. Me avisas o te llevo a todas las tiendas q. Venden cosas de Bizcochos.

  18. Kathie says:

    I miss Bake Decorate Celebrate!!! When will you be bringing back our favorite show…will there be any new seasons???

  19. Roy St George says:

    My mother taught Wilton classes in the ’70s. I was her first “student” and have been decorating for 40 years. I am appalled at your lack of perfection and sheer sloppiness as a “professional” decorator. At age ten, I could decorate better than you. Certainly you can improve. Or not.

  20. Martha says:

    It is excellent I used to watch this program I am glad I can watch it again thank you.

  21. Martha says:

    very good

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