Bake Something Special for Your Mom!

May 1st, 2012 by Stephanie Michel

When I was younger and Mother’s Day and Father’s Day would roll around, I would ask my parents “when is Kid’s Day?” They would reply “every day.” As a kid, I was not amused. Now, I realize the truth behind their reply. Parents care and work for their children every day and are given one official day of appreciation. Why not show that appreciation with a homemade treat?

I wanted to make my mom something Spring inspired so I chose bright colors and lots of flowers. I started by rolling out some Ready-to-Use Fondant. I used the Flower Cut-Outs™ to cut several medium sized flowers, some small flowers, and a few leaves. I allowed several hours for the flowers to dry in flower forming cups so they had a curved shape.

While they dried, I baked a cake using the Dimensions® Giant Cupcake Pan. Three cups of cake batter in the bottom portion of the giant cupcake pan and two cups in the top. I used a cookie sheet underneath for stability. With the oven at 350°, the top was done in 30 minutes and the bottom was done in 35 minutes.

Decorating a Giant Mother’s Day Cupcake Cake

After the cake had cooled, I began to decorate. I tinted the Ready-to-Use Decorator Icing with pink and yellow icing color. Using tip 47, I made pink lines on the bottom half of the giant cupcake. I used tip 362 to fill in yellow icing between the pink lines and tip 5 to add yellow dots on the pink strips.

Once I was done piping the decoration to the bottom half, I iced the top of it and carefully placed the top of the cupcake. I iced the top half with white Ready-To-Use Decorator icing and placed the flowers and leaves. To add color to the flower, I piped a yellow star in the center with tip 18.

Giant Mother’s Day Cupcake Cake

To be sure my mom knew this cake was just for her, I made a sign using Sugar Sheets Edible Decorating Paper. I cut a small square of a white Sugar Sheet, a large square of the pink for a border, and then used piping gel to attach the two together. I wrote “For Mom” using a FoodWriter™ Edible Color Marker and attached the sign to a lollipop stick.

For all they do for us, we should really make our moms a cake every day, but that would probably be a little difficult to keep up with. So make her Mother’s Day treat one she won’t forget. Need more ideas? Our Mother’s Day section provides plenty of inspiration!

Stephanie Michel Stephanie is an Assistant Culinary Specialist in the Wilton Test Kitchen and is a Certified Wilton Method® Instructor. Her love for baking began at an early age and she has enjoyed learning more about baking and cake decorating since she started working at Wilton in 2010. When she is not baking for her friends and family, she spends her free time with her dog, Checkers.

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  1. mike g says:

    very nice, also touching, but what about us dads….

  2. Sally says:

    Steph, as always you amaze me with your talent and creations!

  3. anonymous says:

    Steph, that is a very well decorated cake, or giant cupcake, and whoever that would receive that should be happy

  4. emma says:

    how do i save this to my recipe box?

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