Baking Cups! Now En Vogue

July 31st, 2013 by Steve Rocco

Cupcakes! Cupcakes! Cupcakes! Cupcakes are everywhere – and now baking cups are part of a wedding dress!

Why would Wilton do such a thing? Because it’s fun, exciting and DIFFERENT! When you look at one baking cup, it may look plain and simple by itself. But when you put them all together, they can create a number of interesting things such as this dress, a topiary, the bride’s headpiece, and even her bouquet!

Wilton's Baking Cup Wedding Bouquet

It is customary here at Wilton to create great new sweet treats, but I thought why not step outside the box and see what we can do with our product that could be eye-catching? I worked with several cake decorators at Wilton to create this dress. The upper bodice is a simple white shirt. The skirt is made of an underlining of material with over 3,000 white baking cups folded together to form the poufy skirt!

Val and Emily worked for hours putting the dress together and then aided by Renee and Tracey, the bride (Emily from our test kitchen) was fitted and ready for her photo session. Hair and make-up done by our own Caroline, headpiece fitted and bouquet placed in hand, we were ready to go.

Wilton's Baking Cup Wedding Dress

Who is that guy in the shot? He is a little trip back in time from our original wedding cake topper couple. We photographed and enlarged him to complement Emily. I think they make a great pair!

Steve Rocco Steve is the Senior Director of Cake and Visual Design for Wilton Products. He is responsible for designing all the projects for Wilton's publications and packaging. Steve works with a team of 17 cake decorators who create a 3-d work of edible art from his sketches. Steve has been with Wilton for 24 years and within that time he has been responsible for thousands of project ideas ranging from cookies, candies, and cakes. Steve is also responsible for art directing the photography for all of Wilton's publications, working with a team of photographers and prop stylists to create the mood and sets to showcase all the projects created by Wilton's cake decorators.

4 Replies

  1. Linda Hill says:

    I love these ideas and have seen the cups made into flowers, bonnets for baby cake pops and lollipops as well as for Christmas snow hanging balls. Great cross selling!

  2. James says:

    And this has WHAT to do with decorating a cake?????? Does Wilton actually pay someone to think this stuff up?

  3. Joanne says:

    fantastic job and what an imagination to come up with it!

  4. Theresa Kaufmann-Plishka says:

    As a wedding floral designer, I appreciate the work gone into the bridal dress, and I love the topiary!! It’s amazing how creative the design team can be!! Kudos to all of you!!

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