Basic Bakeware for your Kitchen

December 7th, 2009 by Desiree Smith

There are some bakeware pans that are a basic and every kitchen should have them. Not that the back of a cake mix box is the authority, but you’ll find them listing 8” rounds, 9” rounds, 13” X 9”, a decorative cast aluminum/tube (metal piece in the center of the pan) like the Tulip, muffin pans, 8” square, 9” square and a loaf pan. Of course, they don’t mention the “gotta have” cookie sheets/pans, cooling grids or pizza pans.

A 13 X 9 X 2 oblong cake pan is a must for “sheet” cakes. These are always a quick alternative to a stacked cake and just need some confectioners’ sugar dusting or a quick spread of a good icing on top. It’s easy to take to an event and serve everyone the cut squares.
Bakeware Essentials
You have to have, at a minimum, a set of 8” rounds or 9” rounds. These are perfect for stacking one on top of the other with yummy icing in between the layers. I personally like to have three of each so I can have three layers to impress people and not have to tort two 9” layers. But you need at least two rounds. Having both 8” and 9” gives you some options. I actually like a 6” round too because of its size….works well for smaller groups but most recipes are not sized for a 6” round. You can use a scratch recipe or a cake mix but remember to just fill the pans 2/3 full so you get good baking results.

A cake baked in a decorative cast aluminum pan can make a huge impact. I love to use the Dimensions® Cascade Pan for my signature dessert. I usually make a decadent chocolate cake glazed with dark chocolate ganache (just whipping cream and Candy Melts® melted together and poured over) surrounded by strawberries or raspberries (whichever is less expensive) and served on a footed cake plate. I always get WOWs.

A set of square pans is great so you have a different shape for your layer cakes. A square is a must for brownies, lemon bars, coffee cakes and some quick breads.

Of course you need some muffin pans. I like a 12 cup muffin pan so I can bake more at one time. You could also use two 6 cup muffin pans. These are great for the muffins, cupcakes and some savory appetizers. Since cake mix yields are for 24 cupcakes, get two so you don’t have to wait for one to cool before you bake the second batch.

Got to have a loaf pan usually 9.25” X 5.25” X 2.75”. Perfect for quick breads and yeast breads. You can use it for meatloaf too.
Cookie Sheets
Cookie Sheets and Cookie Pans have to be in every kitchen. I have both. The difference is that a cookie pan has all four sides which are about a half an inch high while a cookie sheet has just one half inch side. I like the pan for bar cookies and the sheets for cut-out cookies because I can roll out the dough right on the pan or on top of some parchment paper. Cookie pans can also be used for jelly rolls which are easier to make than you might think and always impress. Pizza pans are nice to have whether making your own dough or using a frozen pizza.

For novelty, have a few shaped pans such as the Teddy Bear pan. You can dress this up as a boy, girl, sports bear, use for a hobbyist or a baby shower. A flower pan like the Dancing Daisy or the Sunflower is another good choice because they bake well and are so easy to decorate whether star tipping, spatula icing or using the Sugar Shaker to dust confectioners’ sugar or colored sugars on the cake. Both look great with some chocolate jimmies in the middle as the seeds. The Star Pan and #1 Pan can be used for sports, theater, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day or any type of recognition celebration.

If you like to make cheesecakes, you need a springform pan. A 9” is probably the most common size and you’ll find a lot of great recipes that will delight your friends and family.

Don’t forget a couple of cooling grids. Perfect for cookies and cakes, plus I use mine for pouring ganache or thinned icing over mini cakes. Put parchment on your cookie pan and then the cooling grid on top of that. Makes for a quick clean-up.

Desiree Smith Desiree is the Public Relations Manager at Wilton. She spends her days monitoring media opportunities, working with newspaper, magazine and television contacts, collaborating with bloggers and handling a variety of other odds and ends. Desiree has a degree in journalism and experience writing for newspapers and television. Outside of Wilton, she enjoys running and planning outings with friends.

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  1. angie says:

    what a great list I am sure that a lot of baking could be done in a kitchen like you suggest

  2. I love Wilton Products and since I’m a WMI I have been use to only using Wilton Products and they are the best as I have tried other products and they have broken or the pans discolor very fast. I have never had a cake look better in a wilton pan, I have over 30 different Wilton pan and over 75 products for my business.

    Thanks Wilton, I’m always happy baking with your products

  3. moji ariyo says:

    what a wonderful sets of kitchen wares for baking,so amazing. how i wish all my baking and decorating things are wiltson’s only but now you can bet it, i gonna make sure i have all the wiltson’s bakeware because the little in my kitchen,i’ve been using them for awhile and my cake always come out of it beautiful. Wiltson you are the best. Rock on.

    • I do a lot of cakes and pies for my Business and all my pans,tips,bags,color and every thing else I use is Wilton. Please take a look at my web site and let me know what you think of it. It needs to be up dated but I think it will just take time to get established. Wilton is the best of every thing.-Thanks Nancy’s Kitchen-

      • Nancy Siler says:

        I am thrilled that you’re such a Wilton fan. Thank you.
        Love the red background on your website. Your photo is warm and inviting. My favorite of your cakes were the purple paisley wedding cake and the red Christmas one. The latter looks like it took a lot of time. Good luck to you!

  4. I bake in an electric pan. So far, so good. My stove oven died on me. Please, send me recipes for cookies baked only on one side (and maybe flip over). Thank you.

    • Nancy Siler says:

      Whoa….I’venever known anyone to bake in an electric skillet. You are dedicated!
      Your regular cookie recipes should work on the oven temperature stated in the recipe so set your pan for that. If it is a dark nonstick eletric skillet you may have to lower the temperature by 25 F. With the lid on you shouldn’t have to flip them over unless they’re really thick cookies. If the first batch browns too much on bottom, reduce your temperature by 25 degrees. You might want to bake just one first as a test for the correct temperature. If still overbrowning, consider lining the pan with foil to redirect the heat a bit.
      Hope this helps and good luck. Maybe Santa will come and repair your oven.

  5. Ann Arlen says:

    I wish there was available the LARGE MUFFIN PAN made like these are!

  6. I wish your products can come to Africa. I for one need them so much. please, make provisions for us.

  7. Oseni Jane says:

    Thank you for helping me locate some wilton products shops in my area. But still, i cant find some products and ingredients like, candies, marshmallows, meringue powder, jelkies, cake release spay, most novelty cake pans, etc, which are important and essential for a decorator.

    • Nancy Siler says:

      Consider asking your local cake decorating supply store to order some of the items you want along with their regular Wilton order.

  8. Oseni Jane says:

    I like all d bake wares including d wilton new goldpan, i wish i could just lay hands on them all. But, we have limited supplies here in Ghana. I have d “wilton BEATIFUL GUM PASTE FLOWERS” Book & Accessories, but could not lay hands on some of d ingredients recommended in d book. How can you help, wanna practice?

  9. Evelyn Guthmiller says:

    Do you know what the new :icing” they are using. It looks like buttercream put through a round decorating unit. The gals in “Co-Op” bake center say it is not as sweet as icing. I could not purchase any from them. So what do you think it is? Its just I like to make things for our ladies group ( mostly seniors) and they cannot have sweet sweet things. I’m open to suggestion. But a nicely decorated cupcake go over verywell. Large cakes …just too much cake for them. They are good at our “Teas” also. Open to all suggestions

  10. Dina Alvarez says:

    lindas decoraciones , vivo encantada con los productos Wilton,son muy buenos ,a mi me toca un poco difícil de conseguirlos tengo que pedirlos a Bogotá ,yo vivo en Pasto al sur de Colombia,y también hago tortas muy ricas y lindas, gracias a los productos Wilton, ahora veo los programas con Nancy muy interesantes, sigo aprendiendo,ya estoy pensando en dictar cursos por estas tierras retiradas pero muy lindas, así que los felicito

  11. tim says:

    A 9” pan is the most utilize in our kitchen. We refer to it as our savior in baking. Always ready like a cash advance online.

  12. Cindy Boor says:

    I recently purchase a 8 and 10 inch cake pan for a baby shower. I also purchase the cake pan strips . I don’t know if the strips was the problem or the pans but my cake took longer and crack also I had a mound on top. My cake pan directions said for the 8 inch add 4 cups of batter and the 10 inch add 6 cups. This didn’t seem right but I baked it and I was not to happy. What did I do wrong ? Please let me know. Thanks .

  13. Mary T says:

    I have been all over the Wilton Web site and can not find any of the sheet cake pans. Does any one know how they are listed. I mean the 1/4 sheet pan, 1/2 sheet pan and the full sheet pan, HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to locate these pans. Mary

  14. Ajeet Kumar says:

    Healthy Cookware and Bakeware, we look for natural materials like glass, ceramic, cast iron and stainless steel the healthiest cooking tools while ensuring that zero chemicals are leached into the food that is being made.

  15. Sandy says:

    I was on the Amazon site and saw a Wilton Meat Loaf pan. It is self draining and comes highly rated by may customers. I want to know what it is made of? It is frustrating to not find important details about a Wilton purchase. Hope to hear from you soon.


  16. Sandy Ogborn says:

    Wilton please help me.

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