Beautiful Results with Wilton’s Stainless Steel Multi-Purpose Modeling Tool Set

April 29th, 2013 by Christina Dittmer

Decorating with fondant and gum paste is one of my favorite things to do. For years, I have been cutting out shapes and creating flowers with the Deluxe Gum Paste Tool Set, which has all the tools you need to cut, shape and position delicate decorations. This has always been my go-to set – until I discovered Wilton’s 8 Piece Modeling Tool Set.

8 Pc. Modeling Tool SetThe set comes in a convenient organizer tray, which helps me keep the tools all in one place, and makes for easy use when I am working on a new decorating project. While the tools were initially developed for 3-D modeling, I find that their seamless, stainless steel design helps the tools glide effortlessly over fondant and gum paste. Because each tool has two heads, I can also easily work with all different sizes of decorations.

8 Pc. Modeling Tool SetWhen I am making flowers, I like to start with the Ball Tool to create the curls of petals. I really enjoy using this tool and all the tools in the kit because they have a nice weight to them, and fit comfortably in my hand. What’s even better, because the ball ends are stainless steel, they don’t leave seams like the traditional plastic ball tool. Now I can glide over fondant or gum paste without worrying that I might be creating indentations that make my flowers look odd.

8 Pc. Modeling Tool SetNext, I use the Pick Tool to create the veining in my flowers or leaves. This tool is probably one of my favorites for creating the fine detail needed for making flowers and leaves look truly realistic.

When it is time to create indentations in the center of a flower, where the bud is located, I like to use the Dog Bone tool. The two different rounded, square-like ends make it easy to apply just the right amount of pressure to create the look I am going for, without sticking to the fondant or gum paste.

8 Pc. Modeling Tool Set
The set also comes with a Smile Tool, which you may think can only be used for modeling, but I also like to use it for blending colors or pastes together. So, instead of having to go grab additional tools, I have just what I need right in front of me. Another great tool in this kit is the Lifter & Knife Tool. Not only does it help lift the dough or paste when it gets stuck, it is also great for transferring my work from the countertop to the cake, cookie or cupcake I might be decorating. What’s even better is that I can also use the knife side of the tool to create indentations or scoring, such as crosshatching.

Finally, this tool set also comes with a handy pair of scissors, which make trimming or cutting off excess or straggly pieces of dough or paste a breeze. Because the new design is easy to grip, the decorating process seems to go a lot smoother. It really is nice to have a tool set at my disposal that can be used for so many different decorating needs. I can’t wait to see what I come up with next.

Christina Dittmer Christina Dittmer, Web Designer, has been with the company almost 3 years. She grew up in a family of creative people; both parents were florists for over 30 years. With a grandmother who was a professional baker it was no surprise that Christina would develop a love for baking. Since working at Wilton, she has developed a love for decorating too.

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  1. Maureen Giles says:

    these look great to use and slide nicely over fondant etc. when and where will they be available in Britain please. love your site so full of ideas..
    Thank you
    <3 Mo x

  2. great design, love the scissors and the little spatula!

  3. Donna Pease says:

    Can’t wait to start working with these babies! Wonderful

  4. Nick Mahler says:

    I plan on buying this kit as well but had to wait since I have a dining room table full of Wilton tools already. In the meantime I got some automotive wet dry sandpaper and sanded smoother all of the plastic tools including the original green ones. This makes a huge difference when working with fondant and gumpaste as well as dusting with the cornstarch/sugar powder bag.

  5. leslie says:

    I super love this new stainless modeling tool set. I also bought one for my flowers because my plastic ones a old ans most of the time sticking to my gumpaste/ fondant. I agree a lot with your review on the set. I love the feel and the weight of the tools. My fave so far is the ball tool. I use this for ruffling all my petals. I totally love the results!

  6. ameena says:

    I want to order some stuff but I see u only ship to ny

  7. Maya says:

    Do you ship to Manila?

  8. Heather brooking says:

    Where can I buy this set? I cannot find it anywhere.


  9. kerry-ann henderson-lindsay says:

    Question. So simce this person is saying the plastic ball point leaves marks does this means I should return mine that I ordered and get tje stainless steel?

  10. Hanna Peeples says:


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