Boozy Baking with an American Vodka

October 9th, 2014 by Desiree Smith


Hard Apple Cider Tart

Hard Apple Cider Tart

At first glance, it might seem a bit odd that Wilton has partnered with a vodka company. Cake decorating? Vodka? How do those two pair together?

Boozy baking – baked goods that feature alcohol in the recipe – is popular because it strikes the senses as unique and exotic. The Wilton Test Kitchen created a number of alcohol-infused recipes for Treatology over the past year. This fall, we wanted to explore incorporating alcohol into a variety of desserts using a highly popular and flexible liquor: vodka.

Vodka can be added to desserts in a number of different ways, such as mixed into a mousse, added to fruit or stirred into a glaze. Since quality is always important to us, we decided we needed to partner with a high-quality vodka brand. Tito’s Handmade Vodka was an easy choice.

We reached out to the folks at Tito’s and less than an hour passed before we received an enthusiastic response from them. We learned that they are big fans of Wilton and their relationship manager has even taken some local Wilton Method of Cake Decorating classes. It was the perfect opportunity for Wilton’s Test Kitchen to try out new recipes that would pair with the intriguing beverages developed by the Tito’s team.

Fall gives us plenty of reasons to celebrate. Check out the Tito’s blog and Instagram every Monday and Wilton’s social media and blog every Thursday throughout October for some delightful spirits and vodka inspired sweet treats.

Desiree Smith Desiree is the Public Relations Manager at Wilton. She spends her days monitoring media opportunities, working with newspaper, magazine and television contacts, collaborating with bloggers and handling a variety of other odds and ends. Desiree has a degree in journalism and experience writing for newspapers and television. Outside of Wilton, she enjoys running and planning outings with friends.

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  2. […] post Boozy Baking with an American Vodka appeared first on Wilton Blog – Ideas from […]

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