Building a Holiday Favorite – Gingerbread Houses

October 25th, 2011 by Victoria Japlon

Fall may have just started, but for the Wilton Gingerbread Product Development team, Christmas is in full swing. We are busy planning and producing our Christmas Gingerbread kits so they will be ready in time for the holiday season. We will make over 2 million kits for the 2011 holiday season which takes plenty of advance planning.

The Wilton team recently took a site visit to the factory and we wanted to give you a glimpse of how we bring the decorating fun to you.

Thousands of cookies and houses are baked each season. Here you can see cookies coming hot out of the oven.

Freshly-Baked Gingerbread Cookies

Houses are assembled by white-gloved bakers who put special care into each house!

Gingerbread Houses Assembly

The houses are allowed to dry before they are wrapped and packed with candy and icing.

Assembled Gingerbread Houses

Icing decorations are also made by hand to add all the special details.

Piping Gingerbread Icing Decorations

We include lots of candy; here is a hopper of Spearmint Leaves that will be pouched and packed in kits.

Spearmint Leaves

There are lots more surprises in store this holiday season. We have new designs that include great components like flavored fondant and new types of candy that are sure to add thrills to your holiday decorating fun.

Many of our retail partners have exclusive houses and the design for each Gingerbread House is exclusive to that retailer. Those houses are sketched and designed months in advance. No spoiler alert needed for this blog post – you’ll have to wait until they reach the marketplace!

Make sure you shop and at all of our retail partners to see all of the Wilton Cottages that will delight and fill you with holiday joy. Be sure to share a link to your completed houses on this page, or on our Facebook page. Nothing makes our jobs more rewarding than seeing your holiday memories come to life.

Victoria Japlon Victoria Japlon is the Product Manager for Gingerbread Kits and has worked at Wilton for 3 years. Victoria is a trained Chef with a background in Supply Chain Management. She enjoys helping others celebrate all of life’s moments and is happy to participate in creating your family holiday memories.

4 Replies

  1. Rita Tomas says:

    I love baking gingerbread cookies with my grandchildren. If you like I can send you some pictures of our original creations.
    I love Wilton and everything they make. I am definitely a Wilton fan.



  2. Margo Osti says:

    I love making anything out of gingerbread. I can trace this obsession with the cookie directly to Wilton. Before I discovered Wilton, I made the traditional gingerbread people. I attempted to build a house only to fail because of the recipe (the cookie recipe) I used. Then I discovered Wilton’s “Celebrate! Christmas.” Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Wilton for this book. It became my all things gingerbread handbook. It opened such a door for me. I have now made a house, a sled, an apartment house, a haunted house, an Easter egg, a turkey and a valentine’s heart box. Your recipes are perfect and your written instructions are easy to read and complete. You even include the time saver and ease of construction hints. You’re the best Wilton! I know the book is out of print. For the sake of future bakers, please print the book again. It really is the best book for learning to work with gingerbread.

  3. mary ann cain says:

    I have a wilton cookie cutter set for a gingerbread house. I used the recipe for the mold pan couldn’t find any other. It did not turn out. My aunt said it was for a mold pan and that’s why. do you have a recipe. I hate to waste this set. #7089681096.

  4. We are getting Bookings for Gingerbread houses parties already- when are the house kits available?

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