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April 16th, 2015 by Decorating Room - Chalkboard Cake

We look forward to The Cake of the Year reveal for months, and when they announced that this year’s theme, a “celebration of women,” we couldn’t be happier. Our team, Emily Easterly, Tracey Wurzinger and Diane Knowlton , started by compiling a storyboard of inspiration.

Chalkboard Cake

    2015 Trend Alert

    The edible chalkboard cake trend stood out to all of us, and that’s where our concept came to life. We compiled a list of words that described the qualities of women we admire and got to work. Words like “strong,” “equal,” “beautiful,” and “fabulous” resonated with us.

A New Take on the Chalkboard Cake

We started out with a chalkboard design based on “celebrating women” and used descriptive words from our list to honor the women we look up to and aspire to be like. From there, we looked at all the things we loved on the trend lists. We all loved the floral cakes with all the beautifully amazing gum paste flowers.

Fragrant Success: The New Floral

The new Gum Paste Cutter Set made it so easy to re-create some our favorite lifelike flowers. The spider mum, in particular, was a new flower that we haven’t been able to make with gum paste yet. We searched flower arrangements with spider mums.

And, we found a colorful arrangement using lime green mums, bright pink roses and purple carnations. We loved the bright, bold colors of this arrangement and thought it would pair well with the strength aspect we had in our chalkboard design. After adding hydrangeas and smaller petal flowers to our original floral arrangement, we designed the next layer.

Shades of Grey

Grey is the new neutral and we’ve introduced it to the ever-trending ombré effect. This graduated grey coloring got an updated look using a high-fashion pleated fondant technique. Fondant pleats popped up during our trend research and we knew it would balance our cake and tie the whole look together.

Because each of the women we chose to honor with our design are unique, we wanted to embrace individuality. Incorporating diverse trends was important to us, and we loved how the gum paste floral arrangements contrasted with the dark chalkboard and neutral grey palette.

We made flowers like crazy, carefully painted the chalkboard design words, and added lots of fondant pleats. It all came together to be a big beautiful reflection of us and the strength of all the women that influenced our lives.

Decorating Room - Chalkboard Cake Diane Knowlton is a Cake Decorator and Team Lead. Emily Easterly is a Cake Decorator, Team Lead, and Instructor at The Wilton School of Cake Decorating and Confectionery Art. Tracey Wurzinger is a freelance Cake Decorator. They share their artistic talents and decorating skills in the Wilton Decorating Room.

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