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April 16th, 2015 by Decorating Room - Geometric Cake

Our team, Tara-Rose Groberski, Valerie Pradhan and Andrea Nickels took an avante garde approach to celebrating women for the Cake of the Year challenge. Inspired by trends of denim, geometric patterns, and mixing a dark color (in our case the denim blue) with pastels and metallic sheen, our team collaborated to design a cake that would celebrate women in our own way.

Geometric CakeWe felt denim represented women — soft, yet strong. There are also many styles of jeans that a woman can express herself. We wanted to dress up our distressed denim pattern with some glamour by adding soft and medium tints of coral, soft blue, silver and copper. The triangles added an architectural feel as well.

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    We wanted to add a feminine touch with one single statement flower — we chose the peony.

The Statement Flower with a Statement to Make

The peony is beautiful and sweet, but for me represents the strength of the women in my family. My mom, sisters, and I have several peony bushes that go back at least four generations of women.

My great grandma had it in her garden and passed a portion of the bush to my grandmother, then my mom received a portion of that bush and eventually my sisters and I received our family heirloom. One peony bush has multiplied and has endured and survived relocating to new homes. The peony is strong, adaptable, and honors traditions just like the women in my life.

Decorating Room - Geometric Cake Valerie Pradhan is a Designer, Cake Decorator, and Craftsy instructor. Tara-Rose Groberski is a freelance Cake Decorator. Andrea Nickels is a freelance Cake Decorator. They share their artistic talents and decorating skills in the Wilton Decorating Room.

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    Very unique design…love it!

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