Cakes that Span the Decades — Let Our Big Band Fondant Cake Take You On a Sentimental Journey to the 1940s

May 8th, 2014 by Steve Rocco

In the mid-40s, the war ended and a new era of celebration began: The Big Band Era!

Gone were the daily headlines of brutal battles overseas and the strict rationing of food and fuel at home. Now it was time to let loose and enjoy. It was a time to dance and dream to the sweet sound of big bands and crooners. From the hard-driving rhythms of Benny Goodman to the warm sophistication of Duke Ellington, the big bands led the tempo of the times.

1940s-Decade-Cake--Strike-Up-The-BandAfter the tumult of the war years, people were ready for their night on the town. They flocked to nightclubs like Ciro’s in Los Angeles and hotel ballrooms like The Versailles Room in New York City for dinner, drinks and dancing. The champagne was sparkling and so were the décor and fashion.

If you couldn’t be there in person, the nightclub came to you. Many hotels hosted broadcasts featuring the live big band shows. With a turn of the radio dial, you could dance to the big hits of the day in your living room. And with vinyl readily available after the war, you could hear your favorite songs on records any time.

All of these influences come together on our Strike Up The Band cake. Wilton cake decorator Emily Easterly achieved a fun and jazzy look on this fondant design. The cake top musicians are the stars of the show. Emily created the detailed instruments and players using Shape-N-Amaze edible decorating dough and modeling tools.

A shiny fondant record, painted with black Sparkle Gel, tops the cake. Sparkling musical notes and stars, brushed with Pearl Dust edible accents, dance on the sides. You can almost hear the music!

50s-iconsWe’re having a lot of fun creating cakes that define the decades. We want you to share the fun too. Help us get ready to create our salute to the 1950s! Leave a comment below telling us some of the images that pop into your head when you think about the 1950s. Who knows—your feedback might spark our design ideas for the 1950s Cake. So leave us a comment! We’ll be releasing the 1950s Cake in just a few weeks.

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Steve Rocco Steve is the Senior Director of Cake and Visual Design for Wilton Products. He is responsible for designing all the projects for Wilton's publications and packaging. Steve works with a team of 17 cake decorators who create a 3-d work of edible art from his sketches. Steve has been with Wilton for 24 years and within that time he has been responsible for thousands of project ideas ranging from cookies, candies, and cakes. Steve is also responsible for art directing the photography for all of Wilton's publications, working with a team of photographers and prop stylists to create the mood and sets to showcase all the projects created by Wilton's cake decorators.

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    The 50’s mom. Gussied up and looks perfect with her lace apron! Or Diner is 50’s.

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