Candy Buffets – Towers of Sweet Treats for Any Celebration

April 26th, 2010 by Jenny Oberwise

Personalizing your wedding and making the day unique is a huge trend in the bridal market. A hot new idea in favors and reception fun is the candy buffet or sweet bar. I think this is a great way to let your guests go home with a fun treat, or for those who can’t wait till they get home, something to snack on while at the reception.

These new and modern treat tables are also a colorful way to add a spice of color to your reception. This trend allows each bride and groom to show off their style to their guests whether it’s fun and whimsy, or classic and elegant. These touches and special details can be added throughout the day up until the end of the evening when each guest leaves with their special token of “thanks” from the bride and groom.

The candy buffet concept is not limited to weddings, it is also a great idea for kids parties and other celebrations. I can just image the bright eyes and smiling faces of children when at the end of their friend’s birthday party, they get to fill up a small bag of their favorite candies. Your party is sure to be a hit!

Candy Buffet

The element of color is usually achieved by using clear containers of all different shapes and sizes. There are literally thousands of possibilities. Some people stick with a color theme and only use specific colors in each container. Another great idea is to include small baked goods such as cupcakes, cookies, mini cupcake pops (cupcakes on a stick) and brownies to name a few. For easy reference, many baked goods recipes are on our website. It really is a great way to let your guests see your personal style and taste.

At Wilton, we currently have two different style containers in our line. The Clear Candy Buffet Container Kits are clear plastic with silver, broad appeal designs that would fit just perfectly at a wedding or party. Our Candy Buffet Container Kit is a white pearlized paper with silver designs. Each package of containers contains 3 sizes, one small, medium and large.

Usually the containers of candy are topped off with a ribbon and cute tag with the names of the candy on them or messages like “Sweet treats” or “Grab a bag” for the final touch. Any creative saying you like is yet another way to personalize your celebration.

At Wilton, we offer a really great Candy Buffet Décor Kit for your candy buffet. In it you receive some picks to stick in the tops of the containers where you can write your message, tags to label your items and a banner that displays the message “The Sweet Bar” to be hung over your table. We also offer 2 different types of take home containers: a Candy Buffet Favor Box Kit and Candy Buffet Favor Bag Kit featuring cone shaped clear bags.

Nowadays, with so many people working so hard, yet still trying to maintain a certain style at their celebrations, I think the candy buffet idea does “double duty” if you will. A candy buffet of any size adds an element of décor to your event, along with a note of thanks and a favor for your guests to leave with. At my daughter’s upcoming birthday this summer, we have already decided her friends will be surprised with a sweet table that includes items to describe her creative, upbeat and girly girl personality. She can’t wait.

Have you ever been to an event with a sweet bar? Do you have any cool unique ideas that can be added to this new trend? I’d love to hear them.

Jenny Oberwise Jenny is a product manager at Wilton for the wedding team. She loves creating trend right ideas at a great value for the customer. Now more than ever, she believes people want the most for their money, and being able to say you made something yourself is an extra value. Wilton products are just perfect for that. Jenny is married and has two small children. Adding just the right personal touches to any occasion she hosts is one of the most important details to her. Whether it is holidays, birthday parties or her daughter’s school events, she is up for the creative challenge. Life is about celebrations, let’s make them special!

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  1. I LOVE candy and dessert buffet tables! It is my favorite trend for not only weddings, but all kinds of parties and showers! Here is the one I created for my daughter’s Fairy Garden party last month:

    • Jenny Oberwise says:

      Your sweet table/ dessert bar was just beautiful. They are such a great way to really add an extra “something” to any event.

  2. Sandra says:

    I love this idea for baby showers too!

  3. TomPier says:

    great post as usual!

  4. Anita Miskell says:

    I went to an outside wedding that was in the late summer. Everything was decorated with sunflowers, bales of straw, wooden barrels, ect. The wedding cake was two tiered in the style of a watermelon. Sounds odd I know but it was actually very pretty. Anyway the highlight was an old farm wagon that had apple baskets full of different types of treats with bag to fill up. Needles to say the kids loved it (along with many adults). I thought it was a great idea and it looked great too.

  5. Hey everyone!
    I love candy buffets. They’re the cutest thing to hit the wedding industry. I love it cause it fits your theme and it let’s your guest customize their own party favor. I had a candy buffet at my wedding and girls were complimenting me for months after I got married!

  6. Sandra says:

    I love candy buffets! You can also set one up for birthday parties and baby showers.

  7. Spencer says:

    What a fantastic looking candy buffet! The lollies look so appealing.

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