Celebrating our Anniversary with Cake Styles that Span the Decades

February 28th, 2014 by Steve Rocco

Wilton85Anniversary_1920Happy anniversary to us! We’re celebrating Wilton’s 85th anniversary of making it easier for you to decorate! How does a company that’s been helping you celebrate special occasions since the 1920s celebrate a special occasion of our own? With cake, of course! But not just ANY cake and not just one! Through the coming months, we’ll be creating cakes that capture iconic imagery of each decade since our founding, starting with the ’20s cake. We’ll also be asking for your input on the remaining designs—more on that below. But first, let’s talk about the kickoff cake in our Decades of Cake series!

When the Decades of Cake concept was brought to me and the talented cake decorators here at Wilton, we wanted to kick it off with an inspiring cake that captured the flair and pizzazz, glitz and glamour of the Roaring Twenties. It was the era of the flapper, of jazz and speakeasies. Women were bobbing their hair, rebelling against the Victorian way of life, and people were celebrating the changing world with a joie-de-vivre attitude. As far as representing all of that with a cake, we knew we needed to push the envelope. That’s what the decade was all about, after all! It was the era of Art Deco, of streamlined designs, of smooth and sleek. And metallics were everywhere!

To create the iconic ’20s cake, Mark Malak, one of our cake decorators, started with a classic black fondant three-layer cake, tall and smooth, much like the sleek lines of a flapper dress. He created dramatic red gum-paste feathers and made them shine with pearl dust. For the classic 1920s pearls and headband medallion trimming the cake, he used the baroque fondant mold, incorporating bronze and white pearl dust on fondant trim to make it look metallic. Sleek black fondant rope trim forms the amazing fringe at the bottom. Put it all together and you get the fabulous Feathers and Fringe Roaring ’20s Cake.

Now, to bring you into our anniversary celebration! Leave a comment below that answers this simple question: What iconic images pop into your head when you think about the 1930s? You never know, your feedback might just inspire my sketches for the 1930s Cake. So chime in soon! We’ll be releasing the 1930s cake in just a few weeks!

Steve Rocco Steve is the Senior Director of Cake and Visual Design for Wilton Products. He is responsible for designing all the projects for Wilton's publications and packaging. Steve works with a team of 17 cake decorators who create a 3-d work of edible art from his sketches. Steve has been with Wilton for 24 years and within that time he has been responsible for thousands of project ideas ranging from cookies, candies, and cakes. Steve is also responsible for art directing the photography for all of Wilton's publications, working with a team of photographers and prop stylists to create the mood and sets to showcase all the projects created by Wilton's cake decorators.

3 Replies

  1. Kathy Reitlo says:

    wavey hair, lace and fur, and the great Depression.

  2. Tracy Kokonas says:

    OH OH OH! I know…stay with the fun stuff! – Even though the 30’s were of the hard times with war and the Great Depression; American people still found ways to keep their spirits up! Cake is FUN so create one that coincides with helping people forget about the troubles of back then! I would think dance, theater, or I know-RADIO programs! A big radio would be cool with like a family sitting around it! Oh this sounds fun with so many options!! Hope this helps! :0)

  3. Jimsie Menna says:

    1930’s, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Shirley Temple, all the singing, dancing, musical movies to add sunshine to the lives of those living out the great depression. I absolutely love the dresses Ginger Rogers wore, feathers sparkles, free flowing.

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