Chocolate Pro Melting Pot

October 25th, 2010 by Cheryl Brown

We are definitely headed into party season and I have found that my best Wilton entertaining tool is my Chocolate Pro™ Melting Pot.

This makes my life much simpler and definitely puts smiles on all my quests faces as they indulge!!

Now anyone that has one of these already knows that this is wonderful for melting and keeping warm your candy melts® as you are molding candies or making elegant dipped desserts.

BUT what about a dip your own Chocolate Fondue Table??

This has always been a true success at any of my holiday parties (as well as a quick easy treat when a bunch of teenagers land on my doorstep!!).

Candy Melter Party

Whether for kids or for adults, they all love to indulge. I always fill platters of fresh fruit, pretzels, marshmallows, krispie treats, pound cake & cookies for dipping. Almost anything goes well with Chocolate! Right??

As a hint if your chocolate is too thick just add a little bit of shortening to the melting pot and this will thin down your candy and make it easier for dipping.

Chocolate Pro™ Electric Chocolate MelterFor dipping I always have on the side a cup with plenty of bamboo sticks which you can purchase at any of your local grocery stores.

What is great about the Chocolate Pro is that the base stays cool to the touch and has a removable, non stick, easy pour spout melting pot. This is so convenient as you can continually add additional candy melts to the pot as it disappears but also makes clean up quick and painless.

Also for parties I have used my melting pot as a fondue pot for cheese. You can prepare your cheese fondue following your recipe directions and then transfer it to your melting pot. This will keep it at a consistent warm temperature throughout the evening for all your guest to enjoy whether they come earlier or later. This is key for cheese fondue as if the cheese overheats it can burn or get very stringy.

Remember when doing a cheese fondue it is better to use a well-aged or moist grating cheese like Gruyere, Swiss or Cheddar (for a little kick I like to add Pepper Jack) so you get a smooth consistency. Again I fill platters with crusty French bread, veggies, pretzels and apples for all to enjoy at their leisure.

For my 14 year old daughter and I it is a given whenever we have friends over we get the chocolate pro melting pot out (whether it be chocolate of cheese) and then all of a sudden it is a party!!

Cheryl Brown Cheryl has been the decorating room supervisor at Wilton for 3 years and truly enjoys the fun and exciting projects that are produced daily in the room. Cheryl’s start in the cake decorating/ baking industry came young as her first job was in an in-store bakery helping the bakers and decorators. Since then she has had many roles in this industry from retail to management to sales and has loved every aspect of the business. Cheryl’s daughter is a decorator in the making and has taken a few courses at the Wilton School as well as decorating and baking at home with Mom. Cheryl also spends a lot of time as her daughter’s chauffeur. Between dance classes and riding and showing her horse, they still find time to visit Cheryl’s family and friends back in Canada.

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  1. Amy Symons says:

    Cheryl, Sydney could not stop talking about how much fun the fondue was. Thanks for hosting the “after homecoming party” !!!

  2. Sonya says:

    Can Toll House chocolate chips be melted in the Wilton Melting Pot to pour into a candy mold? If so, what is the recipe?
    I know you recommend your melting chips but I have a lot of chocolate chips that I want to use.

    Thank You

    • Cheryl Brown says:

      Hi Sonya…..yes you can melt the chocolate chips in the melting pot also. If they are a little thick for pouring into the mold just add a little bit of vegetable shortening to them to thin it out a bit.

      Have fun and happy baking

  3. Tania says:

    Hi Cheryl, do you know where in SA I can buy one of these Wilton’s chocolate pot?


    • Cheryl Brown says:

      Tania….sorry to say but unfortunately we do not sell the chocolate pot overseas due to the power cord and voltage differences.

      Happy Baking

  4. Lupe Kozuch says:

    Have you ever thought about writing an e-book or guest authoring on other websites? I have a blog based upon on the same ideas you discuss and would love to have you share some stories/information. I know my visitors would appreciate your work. If you are even remotely interested, feel free to shoot me an e-mail.

  5. Joy Hoskins says:

    I was wondering IF this would work for poured fondant to keep it warm while dipping ?

    • Cheryl Brown says:

      Hi Joy….sorry for the delay in my response I wanted our test kitchen to test….here are their results

      Both the traditional and chocolate fondant performed well during testing. Both stayed viscous when held on the warm setting of the melting pot.

      The fondant did have to be stirred every 15 minutes or so because the top would crust. But after stirring fondant was smooth and pourable. Fondant was the same consistency after 1 hour in the melting pot. No issues pouring the fondant onto cupcakes

      Both types of poured fondant were made according to directions on Poured fondants were then placed in melting pot on the warm setting for 1 hour; fondants were periodically mixed. After 1 hour, warm fondant was poured over cupcakes to check viscosity and performance.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  6. Phyllis Martindale says:

    I love the melting pot. I dip chocolates, mainly cherries. You first step is dipping fondant the cherries, then changing to dipping with chocolate takes a lot of time but having a separate pot with really speed up the process, do you sell them separately?

    • Cheryl Brown says:

      Hi Phyllis….both fondant & the chocolate are sold seperately…..they are two different mediums. Usually you would use the pot for dippong cherries etc in the chocolate but the pot can be used to keep fondant warm for pouring over cakes etc. Two different applications that the meltng pot can be used for. I hope this helps….Happy baking

  7. I have misplaced mt instructions and I do not remember which setting is melt and warm. I have the basic melting pot. The settings are not wrote out. It has circles with lines in them. In one of the circles it has a single line and in the other it has 2 lines. I don’t know which is which. Can you help me?

  8. I am looking for a chocolate melter that melts chocolate slowly, at 90 degrees. I do not want to temper my chocolate, so 90 to 95 degrees needs to be attainable on the machine. Can the Wilton machine go that low in temperature?
    Thank you sincerely,

  9. NWG says:

    Is it possible to melt marshmallows in Wilton’s melting pots?

  10. Sally Moore says:

    I do craft projects with members of my church. We have three yearly fairs and we own three of the older brown chocolate pot pros. All of them have broken handles. Is there a replacement part available. I was amazed at how many comments there were re: broken handles. We love these pots and really give them a work out. I have an 8 year old grandson who is proficient at dipping and has helped since he was 5. I fear someone will have an accident with a pot and get burned or chocolate covered. Love the ideas here on this page. Thank You, Sally

    • Desiree Smith says:

      Hi Sally,

      I’m sorry to hear about your Melting Pro pot handles. I can tell you the new melting pots have an easier-to-clean silicone pot and sturdy plastic handle – they are one of my favorite tools to use for decorating! You could contact customer service about possible replacement of the older melting pot at 1-888-373-4588.


  11. Katelyn Vaughn says:

    Is it possible to melt marshmallows in a chocolate pro pot?

  12. RITA TRUJILLO says:

    I purchased the Wilton Fondue Made Simple Fondue Set. So, I take it that I should first melt the Candy Melts first and then transfer to the Set for dipping? I can use regular chocolate syrup for marshmallows and apples? How about using Velveeta Cheese melted and then transferred to the Pot?

    I purchased this Set to use with my granddaughters 2/8 for fun times.

    • Desiree Smith says:

      Hi Rita,

      Yes, you should melt the Candy Melts first. The Wilton Test Kitchen has not tested the fondue pot with Velveeta or chocolate syrup, but we imagine both should work.

      Have fun!

  13. Wilma Crescente says:


    Can Wilton Pro chocolates be used for molds such as lollipops, and melted in the electric pot?


  14. Valinda Dudley says:

    Can you use the pot with butter and chips like a double boiler?

  15. Judy Nuznov says:

    I have read many great reviews of Chocolate Pro Melting Pot BUT unable to find this product……

    • Phyllis says:

      The company has discontinued this model. They now offer a new model, the Candy Melts Melting Pot, which has a removable silicone pot.

      If you want the older model which has a removavable non-stick pot, you may want to shop some auctions websites.

      I have the older model and I absolutely love it. I have not tried the new model.

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