Christmas Around the World: Spain

December 15th, 2016 by Nardy Montesdeoca

Christmas Around the World: Spain | Wilton Cake DecoratingWe’re celebrating Christmas with our Wilton friends all over the globe! In our Christmas Around the World Series, a guest contributor will share their favorite Christmas recipe and story with you. Today’s story comes from Nardy Montesdeoca in Spain.

Macarons…their origin is French, but for me they are always a reminder that Christmas is coming.

When I was little, my dad would travel to France for work in the month of December, and he always brought back a box of macarons. They tasted heavenly! I loved the taste but have to admit that what I liked most was the detailed packaging, with elegant pink tissue paper and box separators in gold colors! Each year, the box was nicer than the year before.

After so many years, life has put macarons back my way. To honor my memories, I created a beautiful tower of macarons, ideal for sharing on Christmas Eve. You can make your own macarons following this recipe from Wilton and fill them with buttercream. For this tower, I used ivory, teal and royal blue icing color. I used a 16 cm polystyrene cone covered in fondant and Dab-N-Hold Edible Adhesive to attach the macarons. You can also brush the macarons with Pearl Dust for added shimmer.




Nardy Montesdeoca Nardy lives in Spain and comes from the Canary Islands, with Welsh ancestry. Nardy loves everything to do with creative baking; making beautiful sweets, delicious cupcakes and reinventing old desserts. Baking, which started as a hobby for her, became her real passion, and then her work. She is a certified Wilton Method Instructor and teaches at La Cocinita Cupcakes. She keeps learning from the best and has recently finished the Basic Baking diploma at Le Cordon Bleu.

4 Replies

  1. Angeles Aliaga Ros says:

    Elegante y majestuosa

  2. Marga says:

    I feel dissapointed this has nothing to do with how Christmas is celebrated in Spain! I suggest you enter this page under “macaroons” and write about a real dessert eaten in Spain. Very missleading. Pity.

    • Desiree Smith says:

      Hi Marga,

      Thank you for your feedback, and I am sorry you were not happy with the story. The intent of this series was not so much showcasing a traditional dessert for that country, but for a representative of each country to share a favorite Christmas dessert and what it means to them. Since the author’s father traveled to France every December, the macarons he brought back to her in Spain are a personal memory for her when it comes to Christmas.


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