Christmas Cookie Smackdown!

November 3rd, 2010 by Emily Carlson

When the weather turns cold, the competition at Wilton heats up! As a member of the food team and an avid baker, I was looking for a fun way to get our team in the Holiday spirit that involved some delicious treats. Fueled by this desire, last year I launched our 1st ever Christmas Cookie Smackdown! — A friendly competition to test the baking and decorating skills of my co-workers (some self-proclaimed foodies). Like any good competition, there were rules, judges, and prizes.

The rules, though limited, lend an element of seriousness to the competition and can be fun to write, tailoring them to your specific competition. Here are a few of ours:

Christmas Cookie Smackdown Poster

    • Entrant must submit 4 decorated sugar cookies, using the following cookie cutters: snowflake, tree, gingerbread man, and a mystery shape to be determined by the entrant (backup cookies for tasting should also be included).


    • The cookie dough and icing can be family recipes, published recipes or store bought, however each contestant is required to bake their own dough and ice their own cookies (no third party assistance here—ie your Professional Chef neighbor is off limits ?).



Next came the judges or should I say, lucky co-workers. We selected tasters from various departments and even included a distinguished taster from our Test Kitchen.

With the rules in place and judges selected, we set off to our respective kitchens, and returned the next day with our creations. The competition began with some oohing and aahing over the creative approaches taken by the team members.

Giulia's Chocolate Cookies

Keeping with her Italian heritage, Giulia kept things simple and only decorated with dark chocolate.

Emily's Royal Cookies

I honed my pastry background and used royal icing to create some gravity defying details.

Lisa's Leg Lamp Cookie

But the real surprise came from our youngest contestant, Lisa, who made us all laugh with her mystery shape…the Leg Lamp (which she cut by hand) from the classic movie “A Christmas Story.”

Debbie's Best Tasting Cookies

After several rounds of sampling (okay, too many rounds!) we picked winners and awarded fun prizes for the Best Tasting Cookies,

Katie's Best Looking Cookies

Best Looking Cookies

Emily's Best Overall Cookies

and Best Overall Cookies.

When it was all said and done, we realized the real winners were our judges (the lucky tasters), but we all left with full bellies, big smiles, and some fun ideas for the 2010 competition…perhaps a Gingerbread house decorating contest…

Emily Carlson Emily is the Product Manager for Candy at Wilton and a Certified Pastry Chef. She joined Wilton nearly 3 years ago in an effort to combine her marketing and pastry background with her love for sweets. A baker from birth, she grew up decorating sugar cookies with her sisters and spilling sprinkles on the floor whenever possible.

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  1. Sallie Dutton says:

    Great ideas and delicious looking cookies. I’ll be anxious to hear about this year’s competition.

  2. Krásné perní?ky!WILTON má hodn? krásných a výborných pom?cek pro cukrá?e a všechny,kdo mají rádi pe?ení.Hodn? úsp?ch?!

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