Create Easter Sugar Eggs With Candy Melts® Candy

March 28th, 2012 by Paula Ivancicts

Have you seen Easter sugar eggs? These beautiful panoramic Easter crafts definitely looked beautiful, but I didn’t think they would taste so good. So, I created mine using delicious Candy Melts® candy.

I started by melting lavender Candy Melts® candy (in short intervals) in the microwave until smooth. Using a decorator brush, I painted the melted candy in the Mini Decorated Egg Pan. I followed the same steps using melted yellow candy.

After melting pink Candy Melts® candy, I used a pastry brush to cover a thin layer over the lavender and yellow candy area. You’ll want to be careful not to spread it around too much, or the lavender and yellow candy will melt from the heat and distort the design. (This happened with my flower-patterned eggs.) I then placed the pan in the fridge. After the candy set, I added another layer of melted pink candy and returned it to the fridge.

Painting Panoramic Eggs

To create the candy bunnies, I used the Bunny Whoopie Pie Pan and dark cocoa Candy Melts® candy. I poured the melted candy into the cavities and placed the pan in the refrigerator until set. Once set, they popped right out. I added a Candy Eyeball with a little melted candy and pressed it in place.

For the candy grass, I cut light green and bright green Sugar Sheets! edible decorating paper into small strips using scissors.

Once the eggs popped out of the pan, I pressed the halves against a cookie sheet that was warmed in the oven to smooth down the edges. For the egg with the circles and lines, I filled half with a cocoa bunny, jelly beans, pearl candy and the edible paper grass.

I took the other matching egg half, smoothed the edge and pressed it to the filled half to make a surprise filled egg. (Can’t you imagine children loving the aspect of getting to crack their own egg and then finding the sweet treats!)

Candy Panoramic Eggs

For another egg, I pressed the two waved eggs together. Using a paring knife, I cut the top off to create a cracked look. I filled my egg with a few store-bought marshmallow chicks that I stacked and added jelly beans, pearl candy and edible paper grass. Melted candy held everything in place on top.

For the last egg—the one with the flower—I attached the edible paper grass, jelly beans, pearl candy and the cocoa bunny with melted pink candy. Because the bunny filled the egg, I didn’t attach the other half. (If I filled it with a smaller bunny, such as Bunny Silhouette Icing Decorations, I could have easily added the other egg half and then cut out an opening for a diorama.)

Panoramic Easter Egg Basket

I was able to make a little basket for the eggs using the Picket Fence Cupcake Wrap. After creating the wrap, I cut a handle from another one and attached it to the wrap.

I’m sure I will use these eggs in baskets, for place settings and tasty decorations. I think I like the chick egg best! Which is your favorite egg?

Paula Ivancicts Paula is a Wilton Customer Service Key Account Rep and a Certified Wilton Method Instructor. She has been with Wilton since 2009. Her love of creating things and using Wilton products started in high school when she began making candy. Outside of Wilton, Paula enjoys family time with her husband and two daughters. She loves baking, decorating, and making candy for family, friends, and coworkers.

15 Replies

  1. mike g says:

    Happy Easter to Paula, she sure has the spirit and the talent to make Easter enjoyable for her loved ones! Thanks for Sharing.

  2. cmsmith says:

    You are forever pushing the envelope of creativity! This is awesome!

  3. Karlene says:

    Hi Paula. Thanks for sharing. These treats look wonderful!! My favourite is the chick egg.
    Thanks for sharing. I wish you and your family a very HAPPY, fun-filled Easter!!

    • Paula Ivancicts says:

      Hi Karlene!
      Thank you for replying! The chick is my favorite too. 🙂
      Happy Easter to you and your family!

  4. Susan J. Sias, WMI says:

    Wow Paula! These are super cute! I plan to share these with my students this weekend! Thank you so much!! Have a lovely Easter Holiday!

    • Paula Ivancicts says:

      Hi Susan!
      Thank you so much! I hope your students enjoyed my blog too!
      Happy Easter to you and your family.

  5. Vanessa says:


    can you inform how I can get thick enough to stick the eggs?
    I’ve been looking for in silicone molds, because it seems easier because it is stay more uniform, but I can not find who to send Portugal
    Can you help me?

  6. Linda Garrett says:

    Doesn’t anyone make the sugar Easter Eggs anymore? We have had several additions to our family that want one and trying to find decorations to put inside has really been a pain. Any suggestions? I know the royal icing can be piped to make chicks and such, but I am not proficient at decorating to do this. Thanks for any suggestions.

  7. Sue MacKenzie says:

    I am looking to replace a set of Easter sugar egg molds that you sold in a set of three. They were plastic, you mixed up the sugar mold recipe, unmolded them onto a parchment covered cookie sheet, waited 24 hours, then scooped out the sugar in the top and bottom halves of the mold. Decorated with royal icing, filled with candy or jelly beans. Do you still carry those molds? The set consisted of a large, medium, and small molds to make the size you wanted. Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you, Sue MacKenzie

    • Lisa Bolka says:

      I am also looking for the Sugar Egg molds that Wilton used to have. Please forward any information. thank you.

  8. Dale Amory says:

    In 1976 and ,77 I bought a Wilton magazine/catalog. I always had the baking bug but didn’t have the time or know how to get so creative with decorating. In that year I started with molasses cookie trees and made at least 6 gingerbread ‘churches’ with stained glass windows. For my daughters birthday I made Cinderella’s castle with the sugar mold , the coach was the cake, and mice pulling coach were 1/2 egg. Mickey Minnie. Pluto and Goofy were made of sugar and were dancing around the coach. For Easter each decorated egg had someone s name on it.
    I would like to find the plastic egg molds and try making a surprise for the Grandkids!

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