Create the Halloween Mini Cakes of your Screams!

October 17th, 2011 by Stephanie Michel

The leaves are changing, children are settled in their school routine, and Halloween is in TWO weeks! Knowing that I needed to scare-up some treats for a Halloween party, I decided to experiment with our coffin dessert shell pan.

Mini Coffin Cakes Making these mini cakes was easy and surprisingly fast. One chocolate cake mix yielded about 12 coffins. I started by spraying each cavity with Bake Easy™ then filling 2/3 full of batter. My cake mix suggested cooking cupcakes at 350 degrees for 20 minutes, so I put these in at 350 degrees for only 15 minutes. Came out perfect!

Filling Mini Coffin Cakes After the cakes had cooled, I used a #12 decorating tip to pipe on the icing. This made it easy to keep the icing in the indented cavity on the coffin and also gave a mud look to the grave.

I used the tombstone candy mold as well as the skeleton candy mold. The skeleton bones candy mold is one of my favorites and can be used in many Halloween treat ideas. (If you read the Wilton blog often, you probably recognize it!)

Skeleton Mini Coffin Cakes Don’t be afraid to add some color to your spooky treats! I used purple and orange Candy Melts® on the tombstone, as well as black and green.

The Bug Sprinkles were a quick way to add some creepy crawlers to my candy skeleton’s grave while the Silver Metallic Jimmies added some shine. Also, I had to use the Black Color Mist™! Color Mist is one of the most fun decorating tools. I added a small amount to give it a gray look.

And there it is. Adorable – I mean scary adorable – mini cakes for any Halloween party! No tricks to these, just treats!

Decorated Mini Coffin Cakes

Stephanie Michel Stephanie is an Assistant Culinary Specialist in the Wilton Test Kitchen and is a Certified Wilton Method® Instructor. Her love for baking began at an early age and she has enjoyed learning more about baking and cake decorating since she started working at Wilton in 2010. When she is not baking for her friends and family, she spends her free time with her dog, Checkers.

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  1. Brandie says:

    These are so cute! Thanks for sharing! I have a question that I can’t seem to find an answer to. I know Wilton makes cake boards specifically labeled grease resistant. But, I just purchased a 6 ct. package of 14×20 white sheet cake boards. I haven’t bought any in a while. These feel like they are wax coated and not the regular white cardboard I’m used to. But, I don’t see anything on the packaging. Can you tell me if Wilton has started making these wax coated? I’m doing a cake for this weekend, and if I don’t need to cover this board, I’m not going to. I prefer the white for this cake. Thank you!

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