Creating Bold & Beautiful Fondant Cakes is Easy!

April 7th, 2012 by Debbie Dodero

If you’ve ever colored fondant you know what a painstaking task it can be! Kneading concentrated gel color into white fondant can be a messy and frustrating process. Mixing to achieve rich, deep hues like red or black results in stained hands and countertops and fondant with a less than desirable flavor and texture.

Red and Black Fondant
Wilton’s brand promise, “We make it easy…You make it Amazing” along with consumer feedback guided development of our pre-colored fondant. This year we have added ready-to-use “Vibrant Red” fondant and “True Black” fondant to eliminate the mess and hassle of coloring your fondant. These colors are specially formulated for rich color and great flavor while maintaining the functionality needed for full cake coverage. Now you can skip the mess and get right to creating your masterpiece!

I recently took a class offered by our Decorating Room and learned a decorating technique called “Brush Embroidery”. With Wilton Ready-to-Use Black Fondant as my base, I knew the result would be amazing!

To begin, I covered a cake board with parchment paper and rested it on a Trim ‘n Turn® PLUS Cake Turntable. Then, assembled two cake layers and applied a thin, even coat of icing over the entire cake using Wilton Creamy Decorator Icing. Then, I dusted the countertop surface with powdered sugar to knead and roll one package of Wilton Ready-to-Use Black Fondant to 1/8” thickness. Wilton fondant is robust and easy to handle so transferring the sheet of fondant onto the cake was no problem.

Starting at the top of the cake and using the Easy-Glide Fondant Smoother, I applied gentle pressure in a circular motion to create a flat, even surface. Working my way down the cake, I smoothed the draped fondant to the sides and trimmed away the excess fondant along the bottom edge. The cake looked perfect with a smooth, soft, satin finish – the perfect base for my brush embroidery decorations!

Black and Red Fondant


Brush Embroidery can be done with either soft Buttercream or Royal Icing. I choose royal icing for the shiny, crisp, bright white contrast it would create against the deep black color of the fondant.

First, I prepared the 1 cup of the Thinned Royal Icing Recipe and added 1 teaspoon of piping gel to it. Adding the piping gel allows the icing to dispense well through the small tip and hold its shape but still brush out well to create the proper effect before drying. I filled a 12” Disposable Decorating Bag with a #3 tip and icing and was ready to decorate! For this technique, I used the square tip brush from the 3PC Brush Set along with a small bowl of water and clean, damp cloth to use for wiping the tip and brush while decorating.

I started by piping a single heart shape with the point of the heart pointing towards the center of the cake. Then I dipped the decorating brush in water and dabbed it on the clean cloth ensured it was damp and free of residue. I gently brushed out the icing along the inside of the heart shape 1/8” to ¼” and towards the point of the heart. In a clover-like design, I repeated the heart shapes and this brushing technique. As the clover was complete, I layered on progressively larger heart petals and a solid dot border to create a beautiful freeform flower design. (NOTE: It’s important to pipe and brush one shape at a time to prevent the icing from setting up before you have added texture to the design. You will also need to dampen and wipe your brush clean often to remove any dried icing residue.) What I love best about this method is that the design builds as you go and is always unique. In just 20 minutes, the icing design on top of my cake was complete and looked beautiful!

Next, to add a sparkly pearl finish to match my serving platter, I created a liquid mixture of White Pearl Dust and Pure Lemon Extract. Using the same square tip brush, I brushed liquid pearl over the white icing brush strokes. To finish the top of the cake I placed Black Sugar Pearls in the center of the flower.

Step 2

Next, I transferred the cake to my pearl serving platter to add the final border design. Using the same royal icing bag and tip, I piped larger round beads of icing and added single Black Sugar Pearls to create the final border design. The final cake was simply elegant!

Step 3

I brought this cake over to my parents’ house to serve for dessert and it they all said it was too beautiful to cut. Of course, this didn’t stop them! The black fondant showcased my decorations beautifully and how quick and easy this was to create will remain my little secret!Step 4

Debbie Dodero Debbie is the Product Manager for Fondant & Gum Paste Decorating Products on the Wilton Food Team. Creating birthday cakes and treats for her family is her specialty. This fun family tradition begins with perusing the latest Wilton Yearbook to combine their interests with a fun birthday theme. The cakes she creates sets the stage for great celebrations and memories for years to come! In addition to cake decorating, she enjoys music/singing, board games, movies and spending time with family and friends.

13 Replies

  1. This cake is gorgeous…I love the white on black and the whole brushing out the iding idea is cool…I am so going to try this.

  2. jewell says:

    gorgeous..very classy
    I’m going to be doing a couple of wedding cakes and am using this technique.. good job

  3. Linda Lyman says:

    Thanks for sharing this simple technique trick-it helps make us all look good 🙂

  4. Debbie Dodero says:

    Thanks for your feedback! It’s so much fun to spend time decorating/being creative without so much prep work for the fondant. I look forward to seeing the creations you post using this new product and technique!!!

  5. Did they change the flavor of the fondant? I am not too keen on the taste of their regular fondant.

    • Debbie Dodero says:

      Wilton fondant has a light vanilla flavor. When decorating with fondant, use a layer of your favorite buttercream or try flavored fillings to complment the taste of your cake.

  6. Chelsie says:

    Will “True Black” and “Vibrant Red” be sold in store? or online only?

  7. Renee says:

    It is lovely I am looking to make like this but instead if it being black, I would like it to be pink. What colors to buy? I am a first timer and would love to make my daughter her first tier cake.

  8. Debbie Dodero says:

    Hi Renee: You can purchase Wilton Bright Pink fondant that is pre-colored or choose from the assortment of gel icing colors. If you use icing colors with white fondant be sure to keep the cake covered from light until the party to prevent fading. Wilton precolored fondant is more resistant to fading and can easily be lightened by blending small amounts of the precolored with white fondant for just the right shade. Happy Decorating!

  9. Tosin says:

    apart from the beauty… it’s my favorite color. simple and lovely.

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