New Cupcake Tote Bag Makes Transporting Treats Easy

August 17th, 2015 by Megan Ehrhardt

When people hear I work in product development at Wilton, I often get asked what inspires me and how we come up with product ideas. Truth be told, inspiration and creativity can come from anywhere. Our super cute cupcake tote bag with cupcake boxes is a perfect example.

Cupcake Tote Bag

Eryn, a friend of Wilton Product Manager Megan Ehrhardt, uses the Wilton Cupcake Tote to carry her decorated treats to and from work on the subway.

I was talking with my old college friend, Eryn, and she told me all about how she loves Wilton and uses all of our products. Eryn went to culinary school and now works in a marketing office in downtown Chicago. Whenever her office is celebrating a birthday, work event or pot luck she is the designated cupcake maker. She loves to bake and eagerly makes cupcake after cupcake.

The only problem is that Eryn takes the subway and a bus to work, so transporting these treats is a bit of a challenge. She used paper shopping bags to hold her cupcake boxes and these bags would often rip as she got on and off the crowded subways and buses.

Eryn’s perfectly iced cupcakes would end up looking not so perfect after that rush hour commute. That sparked an idea – let’s make a reusable tote that comes with disposable cupcake boxes! The tote is perfectly sized to hold your cupcake boxes securely and tall enough to fit up to five 6-cavity cupcake boxes. It makes a great gift for anyone who loves to bake and share cupcakes.

I never would have guessed a casual work conversation would have sparked such a fun product idea! It just goes to show that inspiration really can come from anywhere or anyone. Thank you, Eryn!

Tell us – what are some of your challenges when it comes to transporting your decorated treats?

Megan Ehrhardt Megan works in Product Development at Wilton. Creating exciting new Wilton products and seeing them come to life is her favorite part of her job. Outside of work, Megan enjoys skiing, yoga, running and traveling.

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