The Customizable Cake Stand That Matches Your Unique Party

May 1st, 2015 by Desiree Smith

The Display Your Way Cake Stand is just the serveware to match every party, season and occasion, freeing you from the clutter of multiple cake stands that take up valuable storage space. The white base, customizable center compartment, sides and stand make it fun and easy to match your party from top to bottom.

3 Ways to Personalize it for Your Party

cake standTop

  • Make a big impact with a small change to the customizable center compartment, protected by a glass scratch-proof cutting surface made for 12-inch decorative cake boards. Simply switch decorative cake boards as needed to fit the occasion.
  • Or, unleash your DIY side and highlight unique party elements using postcards, scrapbook paper, burlap, photos and other creative materials.


  • Tie it all together using matching ribbon, lace or decorative craft paper using the detachable plastic rim to safely and securely display your matching trim.


  • Add the finishing touch with thin ribbon, craft tape, fabric strips or tulle tied to the bottom of the stand.

8 Ways to Personalize

  1. Ribbon
  2. Comic strips
  3. Mini pennants
  4. Circle cutouts
  5. Family photos
  6. Bows
  7. Sprinkles
  8. Decorative cake plates

How will you personalize the Display Your Way cake stand? Tell us in the comments below.

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  2. oscarthemouse says:

    This might be fun for some people, but I think it might look too plastic-like and take away from the beauty of the cake.

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