Deck the Walls with Sugar Sheets

December 15th, 2011 by Paula Ivancicts

Many fun, family memories are created while decorating the annual gingerbread house. Nothing brings out the giggles like icing and sprinkles!!! This year, I also used Sugar Sheets Edible Decorating Paper to decorate our gingerbread house.

I used the Preassembled Gingerbread House, which saved me the time of having to assemble the house and then wait to decorate it. If you’re using an unassembled kit, remember to assemble your walls and let them dry before attaching the roof panels. Allow enough drying time before decorating the house or, unfortunately, your house might collapse.

I started decorating by using the Border Punch Set with Scallop Border Cutting Insert. I dusted the punch plates with confectioner’s sugar and then I started punching out Red Sugar Sheets and Bright Green Sugar Sheets. I used the green pieces as the eaves of my house and I actually used the pieces that were remaining on the sheets and cut those out with scissors. I applied those to my gingerbread house with Piping Gel alternating the red and green colors.

Sugar Sheet Strips on Roof

To make stars, I used the Triple Star with the Single Punch Set with Bright Yellow Sugar Sheets and Black Sugar Sheets. I also cut out squares of yellow to use as windows, a black rectangle for the door, and a red diamond door knob. I put the yellow square windows and black star shutters on the sides of my house. The Black Alphabet Sugar Sheet letters worked out great! I was able to put “Candy Shop” on the back of the house.

Side View of Gingerbread House

After mixing the icing according to the instructions, I piped my roof icing and added the candy balls. The kit came with plenty of candy! I actually ended up covering the eaves with the white snow I created. I added icing and candy to my windows. To dress-up the entrance a bit more, I added my own candy canes next to the door and added snow on them too.

Completed Gingerbread House

The Gingerbread House Icing Decorations helped bring my house up a notch! I attached the elf and reindeer to the back of the house, the tree and wreath to the front, and the North Pole sign to one side. Santa looked great perched on the roof, but kept leaning, so I added a gum drop behind him to help support him while the icing dried. I used the gum drops around the bottom of my house.

I hope gingerbread house decorating becomes an annual holiday tradition with your family too!

For more gingerbread house decorating ideas, please check our website. We have dozens of decorating ideas to help your family create the ideal house centerpiece.

Paula Ivancicts Paula is a Wilton Customer Service Key Account Rep and a Certified Wilton Method Instructor. She has been with Wilton since 2009. Her love of creating things and using Wilton products started in high school when she began making candy. Outside of Wilton, Paula enjoys family time with her husband and two daughters. She loves baking, decorating, and making candy for family, friends, and coworkers.

6 Replies

  1. JOSETTE COOK says:

    YUMMMMMMMM!!! Looks easy!

  2. debbie pangan says:

    My adopted daughter from Scotland and I bought the gingerbread house to do some bonding together over. We were very disappointed in the gingerbread house. The gingerbread pieces were broken. There was nothing to say that you needed more candies than were shown on the box because there wasn’t enough to put on the house as the box shows. The decorator bag was missing. The whole of it ended up in the trash. Needless to say we won’t be buying any further products from winton.
    And to anyone out there thinking on building a gingerbread house with your children find another brand.

    • JB says:

      Did you try taking it back to the store for a replacement? Sounds like it was damaged during shipping..not sure you can blame Wilton for that.

    • Paula Ivancicts says:

      Hi Debbie!
      Congratulations on the adoption of your daughter!

      I apologize for the problem you encountered with the Gingerbread House. Please contact Customer Service and they can assist you in this issue.

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