Decorate a Spring Cake with Easy Fondant Cut-Outs

March 27th, 2013 by Beth Veltman

I am on “Team Buttercream” when it comes to the buttercream/fondant debate. Fondant looks pretty and makes for beautiful cakes, but I prefer to bite into a creamy buttercream iced cake. I do, however, love to decorate with fondant.

Wilton makes it super easy to use fondant with pre-colored Ready-To-Use Rolled Fondant. They offer a variety of colors that can easily be customized by adding a bit of icing color to make a perfect color match for your needs. Here is an example and explanation of how I used fondant to decorate a buttercream cake for spring.

Butterfly Cake

I started with a smooth buttercream cake iced in a springy yellow and set on my Ultimate Trim-N-Turn Caddy. I chose a sweet butterfly cutter from Wilton’s Easter assortment of mini cookie cutters and noted that the height of the cake compared to the height of the cutter would fit three rows of butterflies.

I used the neon orange from Wilton’s Neon Colors Multi-pack and a bit of White to create an ombre effect for the three rows of butterfly cutouts that I would be applying to the cake. I used full strength neon orange for the darkest bottom row, 1/4 white – 3/4 neon orange for the medium strength middle row, and 1/2 – 1/2 for the lightest color top row. After coating my hands lightly with shortening, I kneaded each color until they were blended and soft.

Butterfly CakeButterfly Cake

Using a rolling pin and a smooth surface lightly dusted with powdered sugar – I rolled the darkest color until it was approximately 1/8 inch thin. I cut out each butterfly and placed them under the plastic barrier of my practice board to keep them from drying too fast (if you don’t have a practice board, you could use a cookie sheet and plastic wrap). I needed 20 cutouts to go around the cake once. The first row was a guess at how many I’d need, but then I knew for each row after.

Moving over to my cake, I applied the butterflies by lightly brushing the back with water and gently placing it onto the buttercream. I used a brush from the Wilton Brush Set to apply the water, but you could also use a light fingertip. I continued around the cake until I met the first butterfly. You may need to adjust the spacing slightly as you go so that the last two end up similarly spaced. I repeated the process with the next two colors of fondant.

Finally, I wanted to add a little movement to the cake, so I cut out a few extra butterflies and left them overnight to dry in the corner of my cake lifter. Just before serving, I added them to the cake, again using a light touch of water to apply them to the buttercream. If I had added them too soon before, the fondant would have absorbed the moisture and the butterflies would have fallen flat and lost their “fluttering” look.

Butterfly CakeButterfly Cake

Voilà! A spring cake made easy with Wilton’s Ready-To-Use Rolled Fondant!

For more spring cake inspiration, please visit our website.

Beth Veltman Beth Veltman is a Demand Planner for Wilton’s Forecasting team. She attended the Illinois Institute of Art & the College of DuPage where she earned two degrees in Retail Merchandising & Marketing, and Fashion Design. Outside of work, Beth enjoys family time with her son Garrett, crafting or sewing, and baking. After taking the Wilton Method classes, Beth developed a passion for creating delicious and gorgeous cupcakes – challenging herself to experiment with flavors and decorating mediums!

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  1. Katie says:

    You amaze again! You make cake decorating sound so easy… All you need is some key items and the right product. I know where to go for help with my next special cake.

  2. Betty Veltman says:

    Nice job Beth, This cake looks wonderful and I can imagine how good the butter cream frosting tastes!! Nice tip for making the the butterflies in motion. Now if we can just get Spring to finally arrive!

  3. says:

    beautiful I love the cut outs

  4. JP says:

    What a great idea!! And the tips you give for using fondant are very helpful for a newcomer like myself!…:)JP

  5. LC says:

    i feel the same why about fully covered fondant cakes! I need to make an under the sea themed birthday cake in buttercream. and the decorations in fondant. will the the fondant decorations droop or fall flat if i let them dry overnight and then place on the buttercream cake?

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