Decorate an Easter Cake with a French Twist

March 17th, 2013 by Ella Buitrago

If you’re looking for an Easter cake that’s inspired by French design, accented with gold detail, and topped with an ornately decorated egg – I have the cake for you. Yes, this cake is like poetry.

Easter Cake



Start two days before by molding the egg. Roll out two pieces of 4 or 5 ounces of yellow tinted gum paste 1/8 in thick.

Using the back of the non-stick mini decorated egg pan, place the rolled gum paste over the back of one of the eggs and mold it to get the egg shape. Repeat with the other piece of gum paste. Do not press hard because we don’t want the details of the pan on this egg. Cut the edges of the gum paste, turn the pan on to its back and place the egg shaped gum paste in two of the cavities.

Making Fondant Eggs
Drying the EggBefore the gum paste dries completely, cut the edges smoothly so that the egg can be assembled smoothly.

In this example I used one side white and one side yellow, but you want two of the same color. To attach both sides use gum paste adhesive and let dry completely holding the egg in one of the pan cavities.

Once both sides are dry you can fill the egg with chocolate cake pop mix or candies.

With the remaining gum paste, mold a small pearls strip and curve it to get a 2 inch diameter circle, attach the edges and let dry.

Adding the Accent Pieces

The next day, bake your cakes and cover one with white fondant. The second cake can be covered with aqua blue fondant (the color in the picture is a mix of sky blue and teal). Using the Baroque Fondant and Gum Paste Mold and fondant, mold accent pieces and decorate the sides of the lower cake.

Roll out the remaining white fondant, cut thin stripes and attach them to the top cake. Tint the remaining fondant in light rose; roll out and cut wider stripes than the white stripes and attach them to the top cake.

Adding the Stripes

Mix gold and bronze pearl dust and lemon extract and paint all the decorations. Paint the thin white stripes with the gold/bronze/lemon extract mix.

Painting the Accent Pieces

At this point your egg base should be dry and ready to paint with the pearl dust mix. Decorate the egg with the different designs of the baroque fondant mold and the sugar pearls, paint the small pieces with the same gold/bronze/lemon extract mix, let the egg dry and place on the cake.

Now you can say oh la la!!! Happy Easter!

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Ella Buitrago Ella is a former freelance cake decorator in Wilton's Decorating Room, and former Wilton Method Instructor. Originally from Colombia, Ella is pursuing her Master's in Information Technology at Harvard University. She loves to travel, dogs, photography, food and beautiful cakes.

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  1. Peggy Ebbett says:

    Hi. This is the most fantastic Easter cake I’ve ever seen. I love it. I’m hoping to get into cake decorating and move my way up to where I can make real money from it.

  2. Lee Mann says:

    Definitely a WOW! cake! Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Lyn says:

    Wow I love this idea. It’s beautiful.

  4. Lion says:

    I think this cake is beautiful please put the recipe and the ingredients

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