Decorator Preferred Tool Caddy

April 9th, 2012 by Jeff Chiu

Every decorator has a repertoire of their favorite tools and supplies that are essential to their decorating process. But how do you keep your supplies organized while you decorate, and where do you store them afterwards?

The Wilton Design Team noticed decorators often struggled with spatial limitations in their kitchens while decorating as well as being able to transport, access, and consolidate their essential tools. Through our observation process, we felt that we could help decorators add some effective storage and organization elements to improve the complete experience.

Decorator Preferred Decorating Caddy

To address what we saw, the objective was to provide meaningful and practical innovation to the classic tool caddy. The new Decorator Preferred Tool Caddy is still great at holding everything the decorator needs and adds flexibility in how it can be used while decorating.

It can be separated into two trays allowing the decorator to configure their work area for optimal efficiency. A shallower tray holds tips, colors, flower nails, and other smaller items. The deeper tray holds spatulas, a practice board, and larger items; the lid also stacks under this tray to minimize clutter.

When you finish decorating, the Decorator Preferred Tool Caddy securely stacks and locks together into an easy to transport and store container until it is needed again. Thinking about all parts of the activity, we help the decorator organize their tools so they are exactly where they need them to be, and they can spend more time focused on being creative.

To see a demonstration of the new Decorator Preferred Tool Caddy, watch our product roundtable:

Complementing the new functionality is also a new brand language seen in all the new Wilton Decorate Smart products. Careful attention to detail has been taken to design functionally and aesthetically thoughtful product solutions that faithfully represent the Wilton brand, and we hope will resonate with new and experienced decorators alike.

Jeff Chiu Jeff is an Industrial Designer. He brings ideas and insights to life through the product development process by connecting functional needs with sharp aesthetic sensitivity, and understanding the context in which products exist. His prior experience spans creating successful product experiences in the consumer, fashion, and medical industries for market-leading companies.

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  1. Remy says:

    What are the dimensions on this product and, size-wise, how does it compare to the tackle-caddy?

  2. Merrill Gordon says:

    Sirs: I have the Wilton Decorator Preferred Tool Caddy and love it. But, one of the purple snap handles on the side has broken. Where can I get a replacement purple snap handle?

    Thank you.

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