Dipped. Drizzled. Decorated. Make 30 Easy Treats With Wilton Candy Melts® Candy

March 31st, 2014 by Desiree Smith

What delicious treats can you make with Candy Melts candy? It’s easier to say what can’t you make, because there are so many options! I’ve collected my favorite Candy Melt candy projects from Wilton.com. No matter what your skill level or needs are, you’ll find a sweet treat or two (or 15, if you’re like me) that will satisfy your candy craving.

Sweet Candy Embrace Chocolate CakeMake your cake special by incorporating candy accents Make a cake spectacular using Candy Melts candy to decorate it. Wrap it in a thin layer of melted light cocoa candy for an elegant raspberry cake. Or, use Wilton Candy Molds to create spiraling shapes to cover the cake with candy details. You can also make individual candy accents by piping melted candy in shapes on parchment paper, as we did in the Candy Lace Points Cake.

Candy Carriage Shower Cake

Top your cake with an edible candy ornament. Make celebrations sweeter when you top your cake with Candy Melts candy. Use heart-shaped cookie cutters to shape a candy topper for a wedding, anniversary or shower. Or, create a candy carriage for a baby shower cake with pastel candy treats. Bring extra decadence to dessert with the Truffle-Topped Cake — cover the cake top with a layer of melted candy, then top with candy-dipped truffles.

Two-Tone Candy Clay Ribbon Flower CupcakeMix up some candy clay Combine melted Candy Melts candy with corn syrup to create a pliable, easy-to-shape candy clay. Swirl strips into colorful flowers for Two-Tone Candy Clay Ribbon Flower Cupcakes, perfect for a spring party. Roll and cut out fun shapes that easily conform to curved surfaces, like the side of a cake or cupcake. Make an impact with ruffled strips for desserts that “Wow.”

Chevron Charm CupcakesAdd candy decorations to cupcakes Top your cupcakes with candy and multiply the sweet by two! Create simple decorations to add to your cupcake, like the two-color candy petals on the Precious Candy Petal Cupcakes. Pipe a delicate lattice candy dome in soft colors to cover an iced Lattice Candy Shell Cupcake. Make a cupcake topper in a chevron-inspired pattern using our easy dragged candy technique.

Ombre Candy-Dipped CookiesDecorate cookies for easy treats
Whether you decorate store-bought cookies or use your favorite cookie recipe to whip up a batch, you can dress them up with Candy Melts candy. Dip and sprinkle them with chopped goodies to make Trail Mix Snickerdoodle Cookies. Double-dip simple sugar wafer cookies in white and light cocoa candy and drizzle for a special treat. Add an ombré look to cookies by blending Candy Melts colors and candy colors to achieve three gradated shades.

Appealing Apples Candy-Coated TreatsDip and decorate fruit for a flavorful snacks Make fruit fabulous by dipping, drizzling and decorating. Classic dipped strawberries turn into Dramatically Drizzled Candy Strawberries with the addition of some white Candy Melts candy drizzles. Apple slices are fun to share when they’re dipped in melted candy and decorated with dots, drizzles and nuts.  Assemble an easy fruit and candy pizza with banana chips, candy cherries, nuts and marshmallows on a base of light cocoa Candy Melts candy.

Polka Dot Candy BarkCandy bark and wafer treats– easy sweets to make Make colorful candy barks — it’s perfect for any celebration. Bright polka-dot candy bark is easy to make — just scatter Candy Melts candy wafers in various colors on a baking sheet and warm to soften, then cover with a layer of melted candy and crumbled cereal treats.  Or, soften the wafers on a pan, add nuts, fruit or other crushed snacks, and make simple one-bite Candy Treats. For a show-stopping sweet treat, pipe melted candy in designs, like we did with the Cherry Blossom Pattern Candy Bark, and then cover with two layers of melted candy.

Birthday Cake Pop ConesCake pops and marshmallow pops bring fun to the party Cake pops are tastier and marshmallows are sweeter when you dip them in Candy Melts candy. And who doesn’t love an easy-to serve treat on a stick? Dip and sprinkle marshmallows for sweet treats, like the Dazzling Sprinkled Marshmallow Pops — perfect for kids or adults. Make petals on cake pops using a simple tilted dipping technique for beautiful cake pops. Even cake pops without a stick can make a summertime party more fun, like Birthday Cake Pop Cone — the inside of the cone is coated with candy, then topped with a cake ball coated with more candy.

Quick and Colorful Drizzled PretzelsMix sweet and salty — dip, drizzle or decorate salty snacks The sweet and salty, smooth and crunchy combination that’s achieved when mixing sweet Candy Melts candy with salty snacks is unmatchable. Top a puddle of melted light cocoa candy with salty or cheddar popcorn. Use melted candy to coat and drizzle pretzel rods for colorful candy-coated pretzels — they’re the perfect snacks to give as gifts. Dip chips in pretty pastel melted candy — delish for a spring party.

Fudgy Red Velvet BrowniesStir in the sweetness — flavor desserts with Candy Melts candy Use flavored limited edition Candy Melts candy to infuse buttercream icing and other treats with extraordinary flavor. Fudgy Red Velvet Brownies incorporate Candy Melts candy into each layer of this decadent treat. Mix Candy Melts candy into the icing and ganache of the Bourbon Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes for a delectable treat. Or, coat crisped rice cereal squares with Candy Melts candy for a sweet and easy version of Puppy Chow snack mix.

Now tell me, what will you make using Candy Melts candy? Are you going to make one of these sweet creations, or are you heading to Wilton.com to find even more ideas? Leave me a comment and let me know — I’ll be in the kitchen whipping up the Cherry Blossom Bark!


Desiree Smith Desiree is the Public Relations Manager at Wilton. She spends her days monitoring media opportunities, working with newspaper, magazine and television contacts, collaborating with bloggers and handling a variety of other odds and ends. Desiree has a degree in journalism and experience writing for newspapers and television. Outside of Wilton, she enjoys running and planning outings with friends.

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  1. Maribel Martínez Hernández says:

    Me parece muy interesantes las propuestas diferentes de los póster son decorados que no vemos siempre . ESpero poder hacerlos gracias

  2. Ana says:

    Me gustan mucho las tortas que muestran gracias

  3. Lena Wagers says:

    I was very disappointed in my green Dalton candy melts. I heated them on 50percent power in 30 to 20 second intervals . I almost never got them soft and had to add butter to make it liquid consistency . Then it didn’t work right on the puffcorn . looks like ill be buying treats instead!!

    • Jessie says:

      Hello Lena,

      Instead of adding the butter, please try Crisco Shortening in the can. It works every time for me. When melting your Dalton Melts in the microwave; use 30 second intervals and stir it each time. After about three intervals, it should be melted down. If you don’t use all of your chocolate, you can save it and reuse it. Just follow the same step to melt it.

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