New Cupcake Tower: Display It Your Way with Color and Style

May 6th, 2015 by Desiree Smith

Cupcakes continue to be a staple when it comes to the dessert table. With an endless assortment of flavors, colors and decorating styles, it’s easy to see why they remain a favorite treat. Plus, they seem to be just the right serving size to satisfy that sweet tooth craving!

The Display Your Way™ Cupcake Tower is the customizable cupcake stand that matches every celebration. The clear cupcake tower helps make baking cups stand out to highlight your unique party theme, and the see-through core allows you to add customized details. Fill the center with matching candy or non-food décor like confetti, crinkled colored paper or ribbon.

There are 6 different display levels that allow you to serve up to 25 cupcakes. The tower stands nearly 19 inches tall when completed, and collapses to a compact 9 inches to take up less space. It’s the perfect way to show off all the details of your cupcakes for any celebration.


DYW Cupcake Tower

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  2. I cannot find the price of the “Display Your Way Cupcake Tower” or the add to cart option. says:

    I would like to order the “Display Your Way Cupcake Tower” or a similar display for cupcakes.

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