DIY Father’s Day Gifts from Rosanna Pansino

June 15th, 2015 by Desiree Smith

Need some DIY inspiration for a gift for dear old dad? Rosanna Pansino’s latest video is full of fun ideas.

Up first are these adorable grill themed cupcakes baked in Ro’s favorite nonstick muffin pan. Whether your dad is a grill master or just a BBQ lover, he’s sure to be a fan of these homemade grill-themed cupcakes.

Ro Father's Day Cupcakes

After Ro shows you how to make custom gift tags and a “Dad’s , she’ll walk you through how to make bacon cookies. Although you won’t find any real bacon in these sugar cookies, they’re sure to be delicious!

Ro used nonstick bakeware for these cupcake and cookie projects, but she’s always baking in a variety of bakeware. If you’ve ever wondered what type of bakeware bakes the most evenly, what kind needs to be greased or what type is dishwasher safe, Ro explains it all in a little over three minutes:

Start building your bakeware collection to make treats for Father’s Day or any occasion!

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