Draw Colorful Details on Candy Treats with New Candy Decorating Pens

April 26th, 2013 by Laura Hartnett

I love using Candy Melts® to mold candy or to decorate treats. They are so easy to use – simply melt and pour into your mold or dip your treat! To make adding details to any Candy Melts® surface quick and easy, we developed Candy Decorating Pens.

I admit, most times I take the simplest route when making candy. As much as I like the look of multi colored designs, added details and monograms, I don’t make the effort to layer my mold or to use multiple colors of Candy Melts® when decorating. And if you have tried to add color using our FoodWriter™ Edible Color Markers on candy, you are aware that although they are great for fondant, royal icing, and cookies, they do not work well with Candy Melts®.

Our Candy Decorating Pens have been specially formulated to work with Candy Melts®, allowing for quick personalization and decoration of your candy or coated treats. After your Candy Melts® have firmed up, simply use the Candy Decorating Pens just as you would a regular pen.

Candy Decorating Pens are available in primary colors and bright colors – the possibilities are endless!

Candy Decorating Pens

Laura Hartnett Laura is a Food Scientist and Director of Product Development of the food team at Wilton. She was brought on board to create all new products that allow our decorating community to express their sweet creativity and to ensure Wilton's food products continuously reflect the superior taste and functionality our consumers expect. Before joining the Wilton team, Laura was the Director of Technical Solutions for a dairy ingredient company. When she's not mixing up new formulas to create decorating magic, Laura enjoys entertaining and spending time with friends and family.

11 Replies

  1. Maryann Durocher says:

    I have made the effort to layer the colors to come up with the details needed to make the candies look “real” and varied, and it is quite the pain. These pens sound AMAZING! I can’t wait to try them!

  2. Carol says:

    Please I have used this pen before but it seems to spread on writing. How do I use it on fondant to write happy birthday. Thanks. Carol

  3. Sherrie Rhyno says:

    Just wonderi9ng if l can buy these decorating pens here in Dartmouth/Halifax Nova Scotia? If so please let me know what store and where thank you so much

  4. Liz says:

    Do these really work? I have used several different types of color writers before. The best I have found were Americolor Gourmet pens.

  5. Are these available in the Buffalo, New York area? If so, which stores?

  6. christia yiannopoulou says:

    Are these available in Cyprus ? I want to buy it.

  7. Kris m Massena says:

    Don’t waste your money…I tried them on the candy melts, they dont work. The tip bleeds and very faint.

  8. Jenn P says:

    These are CRAP! Don’t waste your money on them! I can’t believe Wilton, as big as they are, would even advertise that these can be used on candy melts because they CAN’T! They’re no better than their regular edible writing pens, which do not write on candy melts. The candy melt ‘wax’ gums up the tip of the pen so it no longer writes! My first cake pop looks great and the rest of them I can’t even get a very faint line of ink on them! WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY! I’m so frustrated because now most of my cake pops won’t have a mouth drawn on them!!!

  9. Billy T says:

    Bought the Wilton Candy decorating pens and will not do so again! I was decorating cookies covered with Wilton Candy Melt and was unable to complete my project due to the inability of these pens to work as advertised!. I bought a 2 pack of black ink pens and the first one quit writing/coloring with any sort of black tint not even halfway through a batch of 20 oreo sized cookies. Tried the 2nd pen and it was terrible right out of the pack. I would say to steer clear of these because they do not work!! This was money poorly spent on what should have been a good product with the Wilton name on it!

  10. may says:

    Waste of time going to walmart, michaels and bake a cake, the pens just do not work! Just ordered americolor online….I figured that maybe the pen was dried but it writes on paper..not only cookie!!!! Forget wiltons pens!!!!! So much running around looking for a edible pen, not worth the hassle…

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