Easy, Edible Valentines Gifts

February 11th, 2013 by Emily Masini

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Choosing the right valentines gift to share with family and friends can be tough. This year I decided to focus on something I could make that was time effective, budget friendly and would allow me to be as creative as I want. I decided on cupcakes!

Valentine Cupcakes

I selected a handful of Valentine’s Day products from Wilton’s online Valentine’s Day Shop:

Valentine Cupcake Decorating Kit
Heart CandyPick Mold
Red Candy Melts® Candy
Pink Candy Melts® Candy
Limited Edition Dark Cocoa Raspberry Candy Melts® Candy
Chocolate Hearts Sprinkles
Jumbo Hearts Sprinkles
White Ready-To-Use Decorator Icing
Pink Icing Color

Using these nine products and inspiration and techniques from Wilton’s new “Cupcakes!” book, I was able to come up with several creative ideas. It took me about two hours to mix, bake and decorate 24 cupcakes (which is what you are able to make from one box of store-bought cake mix). Below are four of my favorite designs.

Love Bug

Valentine Cupcakes

This is the end product of using the Valentine Cupcake Decorating Kit. The kit includes enough heart picks, candy eyeballs and baking cups to make 12 cupcakes. After I baked and cooled the cupcakes, I placed a coupler and decorating star tip 18 on a 12” disposable decorating bag and filled it with with pink icing that I mixed from White Ready-to-Use Decorator Icing and just a touch of Pink Icing Color. Using the pull-out star technique, I was able to create this cupcake creature!

Queen of Hearts

Valentine Cupcakes

Since I only wanted to use one Valentine Cupcake Decorating Kit, I had to figure out how I wanted to decorate the remaining 12 cupcakes. I used the Heart Candy Pick Mold and Red Candy Melts Candy to make the topper (instructions on bag of candy). I then used the same tip 18 and decorator bag as I used for the Love Bug to cover the top of this cupcake with small rosettes. Finally, I placed red jumbo heart sprinkles on each rosette and I was done. I didn’t even want to eat these they looked so good!

Chocolate Lovers

Valentine Cupcakes

I created the pick using the Heart Candy Pick Mold and the new Limited Edition Dark Cocoa Raspberry Candy Melts (these taste fabulous…get your hands on a bag before they are gone). Then using another 12” disposable decorating bag, I fit a decorating tip 1M (no coupler) and filled bag with White Ready-to-Use Decorator Icing. Using the 1M swirl technique, I covered the top of the cupcake and added the candy pick and Chocolate Heart Sprinkles. It turned out so nice my husband thought I bought these from a bakery! He also LOVED the taste of the Dark Cocoa Raspberry Candy Melts. I had to buy a couple additional bags just to have on hand for future projects.

Simple Hearts

Valentine Cupcakes

This design was the easiest of them all! I used the same decorating bag and tip 1M from the Chocolate Lovers cupcake and simply reversed my 1M swirl (start from the middle of cupcake and continue swirl to the left until top of cupcake is covered). The technique gives you a swirl that looks like a rose. I completed the cupcake by topping it with Jumbo Heart Sprinkles.

Cupcakes are a great treat to give for Valentine’s Day! Not only are they budget friendly (one box of cake mix and you get 24 cupcakes) and time effective (24 cupcakes took 2 hours to mix, bake and decorate); they also have endless possibilities when it comes to decorating. My family and friends loved them and can’t wait to see what I will come up with next year. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Don’t forget to visit our Valentine’s Day web page for more sweet ideas!

Emily Masini Emily Masini is the Consumer Affairs Coordinator for Wilton Brands Inc. Before coming to Wilton, she worked in advertising as an Account Executive. In her free time, Emily enjoys spending time with friends and family, renovating and decorating her home and baking sweet treats for everyone to enjoy.

2 Replies

  1. Helena Heinlein says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your Valentine cupcake ideas. I love them. I have a cupcake baking question. Are there any tips or tricks you can provide to make your cupcakes bake evenly? I baked 6 jumbo cupcakes last night for the first time and they all baked lopsided. I measured the batter evenly, got all the air bubbles out and my oven is level. They all came out looking like a ski jump. I tried it twice and both times the same thing. This has never happened to me before. I know for a cake you either put a wet towel under the pan or the wet Wilton strips around the pan but what do you do for cupcake pans? Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

  2. Emily Masini says:

    Hi Helena,
    Glad you like the cupcake ideas! I spoke with our test kitchen and they thought you may have a hotspot in your oven, causing the cake to rise toward the hotspot. A quick resolution would be to rotate your cupcake pan halfway through the bake time. This will allow both sides to get an even amount of heat. I hope this helps!

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