Easy Ideas to Add Personality to the Party

May 21st, 2012 by Yvonne Busdeker

At Wilton we like to party with personality! For each celebration we first consider the occasion and the person we are celebrating. Jenny, one of our product managers, is a girl with style, elegance and does not shy away from bling. Our Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme was inspired by our new party products, and it fit Jenny’s personality!

We began the night before by decorating Jenny’s cube with items from our favor line: Blue Square Box Favor Kit and Bling Rings. Other decorations used were silver balloons, white curling ribbon and black curling ribbon. To hang the decorations from the ceiling we grouped together one silver balloon, one blue box and one bling ring on the end of white and black ribbons. Each item was tied to and hanging on its own ribbon so we could stagger the heights of the objects. We then curled the loose ribbon. The final touch on the cube was to tie a nice big bow around her chair and attach a blue box and bling ring.

Party Decorations

The cube decoration is only a small part leading up to the food table, which is always the highlight of the celebration! We decorated the table with a damask pattern that went well with the teal touches that we had in the boxes and stand. The majority of the foods were breakfast themed sprinkled with the necessary sweets. The new damask doilies were added under the parfait cups and other foods as accents. Next to each food item there was a silver frame with the name of the treat.

Party Decorations

Edible bling was added to the cake stand by the way of sugar pearls and pearlized sugar. White treat cups and silver foil baking cups were used for a majority of the sweet treats. These matched nicely with the damask treat stand. For the nut brownies we used damask Color Cups™. The great thing about color cups is that they hold their color through the baking process. The baking cup is as bright after you bake as it was before.

Party Desserts

This celebration was so fun to put together with all of the coordinating product. I liked this theme so much that I repeated it for a girlfriend’s wedding shower last month. As you can see, Wilton makes it easy so you can make it amazing.

Party Dessert Table

Yvonne Busdeker Yvonne is a Product Manager for Party. She is an artist who enjoys expressing her creativity through scrapbooking, card making, general crafting, and graphic design. She loves applying those talents to creating products for the Party team. Outside of work she enjoys time with her family and the outdoors, which fuels her creativity.

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  1. Susan J. Sias, WMI says:

    These favors and treats are super fun Yvonne! I am certain there are many women planning a pre-bridal or pre-baby party right now who can use all of your wonderful ideas! I am pinning this on my Wilton Board as well! Thank you! Sweetly, Susan J. Sias, Chocolatier & WMI.

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