FAQ’s: How to Make Spritz Cookies

December 19th, 2016 by Desiree Smith

How to Make Spritz CookiesDecember is, without a doubt, cookie season! If you’re baking big batches, one of the easiest ways to bake a bunch of cute and delicious cookies at once is with a cookie press.

The newly designed Preferred Press comes with 12 metal discs, including a Christmas tree, wreath and snowman which are perfect for the holidays. There are plenty of other designs to use throughout the year, too: pumpkin, turkey, dot pattern, doily, pinwheel, heart, starburst, sunburst and biscuit.

I’ve rounded up some of your frequently asked questions on how to make spritz cookies.

Q: Can I use refrigerated cookie dough?
A: You cannot use refrigerated cookie dough with the cookie press. Refrigerated dough will not come out of the press properly and the cookies will lose their shape when baking. Our Classic Spritz Cookie recipe has been specially formulated to work with the press – for best results, stick to the recipe!

Q: Can I flavor my cookies?
A: Yes! You’ll just want to follow a recipe designed for the cookie press, such as our Chocolate Spritz recipe or this savory Salt & Vinegar Potato Chip Spritz recipe You can also create your own flavor combinations by using the Treatology Flavor Kit.

Q: Should I chill my dough before putting it in the cookie press?
A: No! Ideally, you should use your dough as soon as you’ve made it. When the dough is freshly made, it is the perfect temperature for using with your press. If the dough is too cold, it will be hard and will not come out of the press. If it is too warm, the butter in the dough gets too soft and it will cling together rather than release from the press.  If your dough gets too soft and won’t separate from the press, try refrigerating the dough for just 3-4 minutes to firm it up slightly.

Q: What kind of pan should I use?
A: Spritz dough will not stick to a pan if it has a nonstick coating. Use an aluminum pan so the cookie dough can “grip” the pan and stay down rather than sticking to the press as you lift it up.

Q: Should I use parchment paper?
A: You should not use parchment paper with spritz cookies because the dough needs something to grab on to, and parchment paper will prevent this.

Q: How can I change the look of my spritz?
A: You can color your dough for more bright and bold cookies, like these Christmas Tree Spritz and Snowflake Spritz. Add a drizzle of melted candy with any color or flavor of Candy Melts you’d like.

Q: Should I let my cookies cool on the pan?
A: Spritz cookies should be removed from the cookie sheet while they are still very warm, otherwise they may stick to the pan.


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  1. This sounds like lots of fun. I keep researching ways to invigorate cookie dough fundraising programs so I’m going to forward this to my sales manager,.

  2. Cindy Klodt says:

    Help! I am trying to use my new Cookie Pro Ultra II and am having some problems. First, the disks doesn’t seem to securely stay when using. Also, I am not able to unscrew the top…with trigger.
    I will admit, I am used to the old type of cookie press, but have read the instructions several times. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  3. Kate says:

    Where can I find the discs that are pictured? Like the reindeer, the “joy” word, the bow, the holly, the candy cane, and the snowflake. I tried searching in the website shop but could only find the ones that came with the press.

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