What Do Your Favorite Sprinkles Say About You?

January 13th, 2017 by Melissa Conner and Sheila Ondrachek

Sprinkle-TypesWhich of these would be the perfect finishing touch to any dessert? Find out what your sprinkle style says about you, and shop your sprinkle style here!

The Nonpareilist

It’s all about attention to detail for you, especially when it comes to decorating. When you add a few dashes of these colorful nonpareils, it makes your baked creations even more beautiful. You take pride in your work and love being complimented on a job well done. Being a little bit of a perfectionist is what makes you so good at whatever you do. 

“Shimmy Me with Jimmies!”

Be it rainbow or traditional chocolate sprinkles, if jimmies are your favorite, chances are you’re a creature of comfort.  You don’t like fussing around with a bunch of tools and ingredients…a simple cake with a dash of sprinkles will do just fine!  For you, decorating should be easy, breezy, lemon squeezy! 

The Sanding Sugar Sweetie

You believe the more sparkle, the better. You love adding shimmer to cookies and cupcakes with sanding sugars because it’s so you. There’s a hint of dazzle in everything you do, including decorating treats that you share when celebrating with family and friends. You’re definitely a go glam or go home kind of gal or guy.

The Sprinkalicious Party Planner

Stars, hearts, pumpkins, trees, moons, bunnies, flowers…if you love shaped sprinkles that double as seasonal decorations, you’re a party-loving decorator!  Whether it’s a Christmas dinner or a simple gathering with friends, chances are your cakes, cupcakes or cookies will bear some snowflake-shaped sprinkles.  For you, any reason is a chance to celebrate, and you’re always ready with treats on hand no matter what the occasion!



Melissa Conner and Sheila Ondrachek Melissa Conner is a copy writer for Wilton, focusing on digital and print copy. Before joining Wilton, Melissa fine-tuned her copy skills as a content manager for a digital cooking and crafting publication and worked as a senior acquisitions editor for a small book publishing house in Chicago. A lover of all things creative, Melissa tries to make every day at Wilton just a little sweeter than the last…and firmly believes that every day is a good day for cake! Sheila Ondrachek is a Creative Copywriter for Wilton with a focus on digital, print and packaging. Sheila got her start as a copywriter for a major fashion and accessories retailer, then moved on to write copy for one of the top beauty retailers in the country before joining Wilton. She is a creative through and through, having worked as a makeup artist before taking the plunge and becoming a writer. Sheila truly believes in the power of a cupcake, a cookie, and the written word.

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    I love The Sprinkalicious Party Planner!!

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    me interesan los sprinkles

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