Gifts from the Heart (and Kitchen)

December 6th, 2011 by Cassie Dietrich

The first food gift I ever made was a batch of brownies for our neighbor’s anniversary. I felt very grown up since this was the first time I was unsupervised in the kitchen. After the brownies cooled, I cut them into squares and dusted them with a liberal amount of powdered sugar. After wrapping them in foil, I finished off the delicious gift with yarn I found in my mom’s sewing supplies and walked them proudly next door.

I will never forget the smile on our neighbor’s face when I delivered fresh from the oven brownies. This was my first experience of how gifts of food are always appreciated and well received.

Presentation is an important part of food gifting. With a little extra effort, your homemade treats can turn into an extra special gift. In my family, it is not the holidays unless Aunt Cassie’s chocolate cookie truffles are on the dessert table. My nephews especially enjoy these rich chocolaty treats. Since they are a family tradition, I am always looking for new ways to gift them each season.


Enter the Homemade for the Holidays collection. The Holiday Parchment Sheets will be perfect to line my platter. After the truffles have set, I will nest them in my favorite white mini baking cups.

To personalize these truffles and finish off the presentation, I am using one of my new favorite items – Gift Tag Royal Icing Decorations. With the included food-safe marker, it is a snap to personalize food gifts.

Holiday Table Setting

The Homemade for the Holidays Tree Treat Box will be making an appearance as part of my holiday table scape. They are a great food gifting item since not only can they be used as part of your holiday décor, these festive treat boxes are easily filled with cookies or candy for your guests to take home.

For last minute party invites, I keep a couple Homemade for the Holiday Loaf Gift Kits on hand. If I don’t have time to whip up delicious Confetti Pound Cake, this kit is perfect for dressing up store bought dessert breads to give as hostess gifts.

Cassie Dietrich Cassie is an Associate Product Manager for Party. A self-professed foodie, Cassie has been collecting cookbooks since she was young. Her most treasured one was passed down from her mother’s 1957 bridal shower. Known for making delectable homemade truffles and marshmallows, family and friends know to put their Holiday requests in early! Besides spending time with her nieces and nephews, Cassie is an avid football fan (Go Bears!) and yoga enthusiast (Namaste).

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