Gingerbread Around the World: Germany

December 11th, 2017 by Karin Gross-Bergrath

Gingerbread Around the World | GermanyWilton works with distributors all over the world. This year, we invited our international distributors to join in our holiday celebrations by decorating a gingerbread house for the holidays! Today, please enjoy this house from Wilton Method Instructor Karin Groß-Bergrath of the baking supply store Mein Zuckerstübchen in Germany.

Hello, my name is Karin and I am a Wilton Method Instructor in Germany. I am excited to be part of Wilton’s Gingerbread Around the World and want to share how I decorated my gingerbread house.

It is typical in Germany to see a truss as part of a house structure, so we have worked this feature onto the side panels as well as the front and back of the house by putting fondant in narrow strips with a wood pattern. We then painted the dry truss parts with brown colored edible paint.

Gingerbread Around the World - Germany | Wilton Cake Decorating

The windows are leaded windows, the door is modeled on a heavy wooden door. The roof is also made of fondant and has a shingle structure that was colored with a mix of Brown Color Dust and lemon extract. All parts have been glued to the gingerbread panels with royal icing. All free surfaces on the front and back, as well as the sides of the house, have been coated with royal icing glaze. The glaze was left to dry for 24 hours.

Gingerbread Around the World - Germany | Wilton Cake Decorating

After drying, we again used the mix of Brown Color Dust and lemon extract as a paint to color the white surfaces and make the house look older. After that was completely dry, we glued the individual parts together with royal icing. It is recommended to support both the inside and outside of the house until the splices are dry. You can see here we used boxes of the 8 Icing Colors Set to support the inside of the house. You could use any similar supporting materials.

Gingerbread Around the World - Germany | Wilton Cake Decorating

While the glued parts of the house dried, we prepared the roof. We used royal icing, which we diluted with a little water to imitate melting snow. In order for the royal icing glaze to make these “running noses” of melted snow, we angled the roof surface while applying the royal icing and then allowed the roof tiles to dry completely.

Gingerbread Around the World - Germany | Wilton Cake Decorating

After the gables and side parts were firmly connected, we put the roof on top and fixed it royal icing. We supported the roof surface so that it would not slip off while the connecting surfaces dried.

Gingerbread Around the World - Germany | Wilton Cake Decorating

We used a thick roll of fondant to lay along the top of the house, and a Wilton Tip 12 to make icicles on the eaves of the roof.

Gingerbread Around the World - Germany | Wilton Cake Decorating

We then used the royal icing to cover the gingerbread house with plenty of snow, then finished with a dusting of powdered sugar. In Germany, we call these gingerbread houses “witch houses”. Winter is here, Advent and Christmas can come.

Gingerbread Around the World - Germany | Wilton Cake Decorating

Karin Gross-Bergrath Karin Gross-Bergrath has been decorating for many years. In September 2016, she opened a cake decorating shop in Frechen, Germany about 15 km away from the city of Cologne. In July 2016 she became a Wilton Method Instructor. She is married with two grown children.

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