Gingerbread Around the World: Italy

December 14th, 2017 by Valentina Fabbri and Salvatore Addamo

Gingerbread Around the World - Italy | Wilton Cake DecoratingWilton works with distributors all over the world. This year, we invited our international distributors to join in our holiday celebrations by decorating a gingerbread house for the holidays! Today, please enjoy this house from Valentina Fabbri and Salvatore Addamo in Italy. 

Our Gingerbread House, in its simplicity, expresses what we are. A pretty house with a heart at the entrance door because in our home love will never be missing. Two gingerbread men at the entrance, simple and scented decorations because sometimes simplicity is forgotten. The scent of the star anise on the roof and the cinnamon close to the door remind us of the atmosphere of Christmas and the magic of small things.

We used Wilton’s Built It Yourself Gingerbread Kit. We chose to decorate each piece of our gingerbread house before putting the entire house together.

Gingerbread Around the World - Italy | Wilton Cake Decorating

We added the star anise along the top of the roof for a natural and beautiful decoration.

Gingerbread Around the World - Italy | Wilton Cake Decorating


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Valentina Fabbri and Salvatore Addamo Valentina and Salvatore author the blog She comes from Bologna, with the typical "s" characterizing her accent. He's from Sicily, of a numerous family. She loves baking cakes, he creates main and second courses even when the refrigerator is almost empty. They love travelling, nature and its thousand colours, they love music and walking in the city centre and are crazy in love with their grandchildren. Passionate for cooking, when they have dinner in restaurants they seem two culinary critics, they make culinary tests and do not hesitate to dirty their hands with any kind of dough.

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